Dil ya dimag…. Love story of a rockstar(ep 2)


Hello frndz…. Today i will reveal the pairs. It may break the hearts of many people but i am sorry. It is……. Read the episode if u want to know ?? no bak bak lets start.
She was completing the formalities. She met her frndz and they were sad that she had to go. She goes to her house. Everyone were sad coz their beloved daughter had to go. She went to the temple in her house. “Kanhaji…. Maine aap se kabhi kuch nahi pucha. Aaj sirf ek cheez mangungi. Maine 10 yrs uske aane ki ummed me bitaye. Ab main mangti hoon ki meri mulakat rockstar se kabhi na ho. Mereliye jo sahi hai vahi hoga. Mujhe ap par pura bharosa hai.” She spends some emotional moments with her parents. Next day she goes to mumbai.

Sanky was in his room. He opened a locker. He took out a paper which was very old. There were some lyrics. He closed his eyes. A flashback is shown.
Fb:(10 yrs back.)
Sanskar comes to the temple where a couple is getting married. The girl comes and gives the lyrics. They talk for sometime. They both go near ap. They ask why do people marry? Ap says if a girl and boy want to live together forever they get married. They be together in this birth after death snd also in the next birth. Sanskar asks really? Ap says if they love each other and fulfil the duties and promises properly then they will never get separated. Sanskar asks then whom will i marry? Ap says gld decided something good for you. Everything will happen as per his wish. Sanskar smiles. Ap goes from there. Sanskar says to the girl “i want to be with you forever. In this birth after death and the next birth. She says then we have to get married. Sanskar ru s towards ap. He asks mom….. When should i marry? She says when u become big. Sanskar says i want to marry now. Ap says it is not possible beta…. Why do u eant to marry now? You are just 11 yrs. Acha tell me whom do u want to marry? Sanskar points tkwards that girl. Ap says SWARA? Sanskar nods yes. Ap says ok beta. When u become big then she will marry you. Sanskar is very happy. Our heroine is none other than swara. Sanskar goes towards swara and says my mom said we will marry when we become big. Will u marry me? She says yes. I will marry you. But want my if u forget me when u become a big rockstar? He says i will never forget u. She smiles. Ap sees this and thinks pairs are made by god. Maybe they are made for each other….she smiles.
Fb ends.

But what made sanskar leave? Why does swara hate him? Why is sanskar regretting? What is going to happen? Who is going to win? Dil ya dimag?
I am sorry ragsan fans this is swasan ff. Some feel that ragini is suitable but when the story proceeds it will be difficult to imagine ragini. I am thinking of raglak as supporting cast to make ragini fans happy. Should i add raglak?

Credit to: Purva

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