Dil ya dimag…. Love story of a rockstar (intro)


Hello frndz…. I am purva solanki. This is my first ff. Pairs will be revealed after some episodes. My story is completely based on sanskar.
A girl of 9 yrs is writing some lyrics on paper. After some time she turned towards the wall clock of her room. It was 3 am. She leaned on che chair and was yawning. She saysi have to give this lyrics to rockstar. He will sing this song. She goes to sleep. Next day she goes to the temple where her sis is getting married. Everyone were busy. Her eyes were searching for someone. There comes a boy of 11 yrs. She runs towards him. She takes the lyrics and gives to him. She says rockstar…… Will u sing this song when you become a very big rockstar? He nods yes.
After 1 month

The girl is watering plants. She turned towards her left side. He lives next to her house. She is shocked coz his family is going to Mumbai forever. She feels hurt. She goes to her room and cries badly. He is in the car. He thinks i am going to mumbai. I will fulfil my dream of being a rockstar. He thinks we should always listen to our mind. Heart is an emotional fool.
She is crying in her room. She thinks i feel that he will come to me for sure. I know he…. Anyways we should always listen to heart. My heart says he will come to me. Mind is very arrogant.
This is the promo of dil ya dimag. Our hero has belief in his mind but heroine believes her heart. Here starts the story DIL YA DIMAG LOVE STORY OF A ROCKSTAR. What do you all feel? Who is going to win dil ya dimag? Dont ask for raglak or swalak coz lead is sanskar. Swasan or ragsan. Plz do comment

Chappals…. Rotten tomatoes….. Claps….. All are accepted.

Credit to: Purva

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  2. Pls let it be swasan pls i am really a grt fan of swasan pls let it be a swasan ff and i like the intro its awesome.

  3. Ragsan and only ragsan

  4. Swasan

  5. Nice please continue

  6. Nice please continue
    It should be rags an

  7. dimag will win cause dil is an emotional fool
    anyway nice going
    but in the end dil will win right
    but i will always say dimag

  8. Ragsan please….story ll suit ragini more but if u want more comments opt for swasan…

  9. Very , very nice , like no words , looking forward to ur next update and ofc Dil will win over dimag.

  10. obv real couple swasan …I don’t like ragsan

  11. RagSan <3 <3

  12. Definitely swasan. Nice story.

  13. Ragsan plz love your concept

  14. Swasan plzzzz

  15. Nice ….please make it ragsan

  16. Pairs will be revealed soon……

  17. Swasan. And nice idea ….pls continue

  18. swasan..dats wat we all can imagine easily…its damn difficult to imagine ragsan

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