Dil Vil Pyar Vyar – Ragsan (part 9)

Three weeks passes
As days passes by Ragini and muskaan felt more comfortable with their bosses. Ragini was back to her herself. She argued with Sanskar more than ever. Sanskar had to eventually agree with her as he had no other choice or he need to face the silent treatment of his secretory. On the other hand Laksh and muskaan had become more of a best friends .Laksh would join her whenever Ragini was out with Sanskar for meetings. He made up a habit of gifting her favorite chocolates now and then .
It was one such day, Ragini and Sanskar went for meeting and after meeting Sanskar took Muskaan out for lunch. After ordering lunch in the restaurant ,
Sanskar: Ragini , may I ask you something ?
Ragini : yea go ahead .
Sanskar : how did you, Reet, Shaan and muskaan became friends ?
Ragini : hmmmm’it’s been since out childhood . We met in out 1stgrade .
Sanskar: 1st grade? How come you are in touch till now ?
Ragini : yea , it was a very funny incident and I remember it very well . we’ll laugh like anything whenever we remember it .
Sanskar : am too waiting to hear the story .
Ragini :ok ..it was in our first day of our 1st grade. I was in the first bench and Muskaan next to her. While Shaan and reet at our back. Muskaan brought sandwich as lunch . Shaan snatched it from her and made her cry. Me and Reet being the super women punched him .
Sanskar was laughing like anything : oh my god !! you punched him ?? seriously ‘ you are not any kind of superwoman ‘..
Ragini : you need to hear the remaining part also .
Sanskar (still laughing ): I’ll die crying if I hear more ..
Ragini (smiling ): I can assure you . it will not happen. The next day he bought sandwich for all the four of us and asked sorry . from that day onwards we became friends and decided that we’ll never ever separate . we made it a point that we study in the same class. Took the same group in 11th and joined the same college and same stream .
Sanskar : anyways you’ll get separated after marriage na ?
Ragini : we have a plan for that also .
Sanskar : huh ..????
Ragini looked around her and said : promise you won’t say this anyone . it’s a big secret .
Sanskar : ok promise .
Ragini: Reet and Shaan will get married to each other.
Sanskar : married to each other…
Ragini: Shaan loves Reet and I feel that Reet also have feelings for him.. and if our parents wants to get meand Muskaan married we will marry only brothers . we even decided how many childrens we will have . Me and Muskaan will have a boy and a girl. while Shaan and reet will have twins ‘a boy and a girl. how is it ?
Sanskar : seriously you are impossible .
Ragini : I know it . We’ll get them married so that we aren’t separated for ever .
Sanskar : what if your husbands doesn’t agree to it ?
Ragini : who gonna ask those idiots ?
Sanskar : idiots ?
Ragini: if they come in our way, they sure are.
Sanskar( selftalk ) : Sanskar beta she is calling you idiot on your face what will happen after marriage, see how your fate had become? Wait dude what are you thinking marriage with this Miss. Musibat. Are u gone mad dude? She calls me criminal, kamina, rakshash, idiot and you are planning to do get married to her? Oh God why me ? I should better behave with her properly or else my best married life would become a worse night mare. Help me god!!!
Ragini : hello..sir??What happened ? Are you there ?
Sanskar : haan .. am ok .
Ragini :sir lunch came . let’s have .
The waiter served it and left the place. They enjoyed their lunch but Sanskar wasn’t able to come out of the shock yet .
Sanskar: tell me this is a dream .
Ragini : no its not .
Sanskar : how am I going to manage you in my future?
Ragini: what ? Why should you ?
Sanskar :ummm..nothing I meant how your husband gonna tolerate you .
Ragini : that’s his problem.
Sanskar : yea .
Sanskar paid the bill and left for office . he was in deep thought that how he gonna propose her and make her accept for marriage . He asked her to ban all the calls for one hour as wants sometime alone . he thought ” oh my god ! what the hell ? if I want my marriage to happen , it means I have to patch up Muskaan and Laksh. (poor guy doesn’t know that Laksh is already in love with muskaan) I am gonna do more of a uncle’s job than that of the partner of the company.”

Ragini was attending the meeting with Sanskar. the meeting went smoothly and it was time for them to leave . They got the khanna’s project and the clients were extremely happy with her presentation and so was Sanskar.
Mr.Khanna : Miss.Ragini am really impressed with your hardwork .
Ragini : thank you sir . I must say all the thanks goes to Sanskar sir . he guided me in every sir .
Mr. Khanna : wow Mr Mehra, I must say you have a very beautiful and intelligent associate .
Sanskar : yea I agree . he looked at Ragini and they had a short eye lock .
Mr. khanna : ok Mr.Sanskar we will be back with the further information tomorrow . I’ll introduce our C.E.O Mr. Sahil then.
Sanskar: thank you Mr.Khanna .
Ragini: thank you sir .
With that Ragsan left for office . Ragsan started to develop feelings for each other but they something stopped them to accept it from inside . Sanskar asked Ragini to make all the required arrangements for the next day’s meeting. Ragini finishes all her work and left home with Muskaan .

Next day , everyone was busy in the office with their respective works . Ragini, muskaan and nikhil was flying with the blue prints and the other documents while kavya assisting them . the meeting was scheduled at 5:30 evening . the day was extremely busy for both . Ragini was preparing the last minute changes while muskaan drafted the necessary documents and mailing to her both bosses. It’s time for the meeting.

Sanskar : welcome Mr.Khanna .
Mr.Khannna : hello Mr. Mehra I am very happy to see both of the brothers here .
Laksh : hello Mr.Khanna .
Mr.Khanna : nice to meet you guys .
Sanskar: please take you seat.
Laksh : this is Muskaan my secretory .
Muskaan : hello sir .
Mr.khanna : hello . seems both the brothers got very smart associates .
Neither of them know how to respond . so they decided to keep quite .
Sanskar : Ragini will give the presentation and you let us know if u wanna do some changes .
Mr.Khanna : ofcourse Mr.Sanskar my company C.E.O will join us in some time .
The presentation went very well and the client was impressed all over again. Just then his company C.E.O Sahil entered .
Mr.Khuranna : there you come Sahil.
Sahil : sorry sir , the meeting got delayed .
Mr.Khuranna : its ok . Meet Miss Ragini and Miss Maskaan, Sanskar and Laksh Mehra’s secretorys .
Ragini and Muskaan turned towards them and stood rooted. They gave him a most annoyed look which was evident to both Sanklak. Sahil stood there watching them with a smirk and forwarded his hand for a handshake . Both did not want to shake their hand .so they refused by folding hands and said”namasate”. They both made excuse to bring some files and left the conference room. Sensing the situation to be odd Sanskar somehow ended the meeting and send off the clients . By that it was nearly 7:30pm . After sending off the clients Sanskar was so angry that he would burst of any moment .
Sanskar : what the hell is wrong with those girls? Miss musibat always ready to create some scene or I should say miss gadbad..
Laksh: am also quite shocked bro . I have never seen them behave so.
Sanskar : ok let’s see what they were upto .
Laksh :haan bahi
Both the brothers made their way to their cabin and stopped on their way when they both girls busy cursing Sahil
Ragini : stupid , idiot ,fool, gadha. I never thought I would meet him here. Sabhi faltu lok mujhe hi kio milte hain first that criminal and now that idiot sahil..
Muskaan : why can’t some lightning struck his head ?
Laksh was about to laugh when he saw his brother giving him a stern look . Both understood there something between them and Sahil and they decided to find out .
Ragini : kutthe , kaminey I pray the corporation should not close the drainage on the road and he should fall in that .
Muskaan : I wish you should be left along with a gorilla .
Hearing this the two brothers burst out into laughing . They were not able to control their laugher. Ragini and muskaan stood their shocked . they did not know what to do . it took 10mins for the two brothers to stop their laughing while the Ragini and muskaan stood admiring them . Sanskar for the first time had laughed so happily in his life time that he completely forgot about his surroundings . somehow sanlak composed themselves and started their conversation .
Sanskar : who is this Sahil?
Laksh : how did you guys know him ?
ragini : wo wo ‘
Muskaan : ummm’ oh
Sanskar : come on , give me the answer .
ragini & muskaan signaled something within themselves and counted 1,2,3 and started running towards the exit with their handbags . luckily there was no one in the office except them . Sanlak didn’t know what’s happening there but they understood one thing they are cheated.
Sanskar : why are they running like this ?
Laksh : I have no idea … these girls will drive us nuts .
Sanskar: I will not leave them now . they owe me an explanation .
Sanskar started running behind Ragini. Laksh did not what to do so he also ran behind muskaan. The two girls ran in the speed of lightening . they took the steps while sanlak were on lift. Ragini and muskaan reached the ground floor at the same time as sanlak . they began chasing one another like small school childrens. Ragini quickly hid behind a car while muskaan underneath the steps . which did not go unnoticed by either of them . Sanskar quietly went behind Ragini and tapped her shoulder .
Ragini : shhhh’chup muskaan
Again Sanskar tapped her shoulder .
Ragini: arey yaar am saying na otherwise that criminal will notice . I don’t know what he will do if he catches me. agar usne hamar murder kar diya toh.
Sanskar got angry on Ragini for calling him with names but got an idea and smirked . he swiftly lifted her .
Ragini was shocked and was about to shout. Sanskar quickly gave a deathly glare which made her shut up instantly. he took her to his cabin . on the other hand , Laksh too located Muskaan who was hiding under the steps . he went near her
laksh : are you waiting for someone ?
Muskaan : yea , am waiting for that idiot to leave the place .
Laksh (shocked ) : which idiot ?
Muskaan (Still dint look at his face ) : who else my boss . he is chasing me . thank god he dint see me yet .
Laksh : don’t thank god so soon because he saw you now and also heard you scolding him .
Muskaan : ooh who ar’? With that she turned and faced him . the only which came out from her mouth is”aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’.”
He immediately shut her mouth with his hand .
Laksh : shut up .
muskaan :mmmm ‘. Mmmmm’mmmmmm ..
Laksh : what ?
Muskaan: mmm’mmm..mmm..trying to take his hand .
Laksh understood what she meant . he dragged her to office .
at office ,
Sanskar : why you guys are running as if u had seen a ghost ?
Ragini : actually he was our friend’s friend .
Muskaan : it was a birthday party and we met him .
Laksh : for that you are running ?
Ragini : no actually , we mistook him to be a thief and poured paint on him and locked him in a room .
Muskaan : when we informed the people below , they said he is not a thief but indeed the birthday boy .
Ragini : on that day he told when we meet the next time , he would make it memorable like we did for him .
Muskaan : but we did not meet him after that . but when we met him today , we thought he’ll do something and that’s why we didn’t shake hands with him .
Sanskar : what exactly is the reason to run a marathon and that too round the office ?
Ragini : I thought he would have told something to you . moreover we saw both of you in the pantry , so I guessed you’ll pour something .
Muskaan : that’s the reason .
Laksh : maybe he is not doing anything . but I gonna do something for making me run behind you .
Muskaan : who asked you to run ?
Sanskar : and Ragini you too .
Ragini : well what is my fault ? if u run behind me ?
Laksh : no more interruptions , you two made us run and we are hungry , so make us something now .
Ragini and muskaan : what ???
Ragini: we r not going to cook anything for u guys. We are here to work not cook food for criminals.
Sanaksr: stop calling me criminal Miss: musibat. One more thing we are your bosses so u have to do what we will tell u. got it!!
Ragini: boss my foot..
Muskaan: ragini leave it na.. r u serious? Do u want to eat food made by us?
Laksh: haan any problem.. because I don’t know how to cook…
Sanskar: hold on Laksh. Do you guys know how to cook?
Ragini: sir don’t u watch T.V or read newspaper. Main to MasterChef main first aayi thi or muskaan 2nd she said sarcastically..
Sanskar: shut up!! If u don’t know how to make food then you can learn it from internet.. now stop your bakbak. Go and make food and one for thing don’t show your smartness here by adding more of salt or chilli powder because you’ll eat first .
Ragini : ugggg….
Muskaan: chal na ragini it’s okay we can see video at youtube
Ragini: muskaan r u out of your mind why I will cook
Muskaan: it’s okay and drags her.

Precap: Ragini ka mazaa aur Sanskar ki sazaa

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