Dil Vil Pyar Vyar – Ragsan (part 8)

Ragini : sir , may I come in ?
Sanskar : yes come in
Ragini : sir wo..
Sanskar : oh so madam , finally decided to come to my cabin .
Ragini : no sir it’s not me!! it’s my bhoot I came here to take revenge of my sweeto’s accident..
Sanskar: Miss Ragini this is my office not any drama company. So behave yourself
Ragini: Rakshah I think I should talk to dadi if this criminal is really her grandson
Sanskar :Ragini stop your bakbak!! I don’t like this kind of behavior
Ragini : sorry .
Sanskar: your cabin is next mine .

Ragini” okay sir
Sanskar : it’s the first day , so am giving you the minimal work . Get the choudary’s file and analyses their requirement . Submit the report by 4 .
Ragini : ok sir . may I ask one question ?
Sanskar : yea , go ahead .
Ragini : are they the same people who deal with kapoor industries ?
Sanskar : yes .

Ragini : ok sir . I’ll study and report it soon .
Sanskar: okay , you may leave now .
Ragini: Rakshash didn’t even welcomed me. How rude
With that Ragini exited the cabin feeling a bit relieved . Nikhil shows her the cabin . it was full of her taste . the colour she liked and the furnitures everything .. it was entirely different from that of Sanskar’s .
Ragini : Nikhil sir ?

Nikhil : haan
Ragini : my cabin is very beautiful . its exactly of my taste .
Nikhil: the room was renewed yesterday. Sanskar sir wanted to change somethings so himself arranged it . its peculiar of him
Ragini : ohhhh’
Nikhil: ok Ragini. all the best . He expects the work to be done perfectly .
Ragini : thank you sir . I hope I may cope up to his expectations.
Nikhil: okay I’ll leave .. if u need any help , don’t hesitate to bother me .
Ragini(smiled ) : ofcourse sir .
Sanskar silently watched her from his cabin and smiled .
@ the same time in Laksh’s cabin .
Laksh : take your seat Muskaan .

Muskaan: yes sir .
She was sought of tensed and worried. Since it was her first day , she felt the need to know about her surroundings first . laksh sort of understood her situation and started his conversation .
Laksh : muskaan , your cabin is next to mine .
Muskaan ok sir . with that she saw her room through the glass window .
Laksh : come lets go there .
Muskaan : hmmm’

@ her cabin .
Laksh : did you like the room?
Muskaan : I love it sir .
Laksh : hey no need to be formal here . call me laksh. Remember what Ragini said mujhe dekhkar boss wali feeling nahi aati
Muskkan: yes sir ‘no sir ‘ sorry sir .
Laksh (smiled seeing her tenseness ) : no need to get yaar.. feel free. Its necessary to work In this environment .

Muskaan (with little hesitation ): ok Laksh .
Laksh : since this is your first day , we don’t gonna work .
Muskaan : then what can we do ?
Laksh : we better know about each other taste .
Muskaan: am I searching a dulha?
Laksh (laughed ): not really. It will help you while drawing designs . you won’t be worried if I would like or not . so it’s better to each other preferences .
Muskaan: huh ‘. Yea .
Laksh : okay let’s start with me . you know I have a brother and a dadi . my parents dies a few years ago . I have finished my MBA and now currently here helping my bro . what about you ?

Muskaan : am the only daughter to my parents . my dad owns the verma group of industries .
Laksh: hmmm..interesting . then you could have joined the internship there . why did you prefer here?
Muskaan: if I were to join there , I would be treated as MD’s daughter rather than a mere intern . I want to complete my internship in a peaceful environment where people treat me for actually who I am not on the basis of my family .
Laksh was impressed with her thoughts : am impressed muskaan. I’m sure you will experience the environment you ask for here .
Muskaan : thanks.
Laksh: okay what are your likes ?

Muskaan: I love chocolates .
Laksh: here you go !!
He thanked god for providing him the situation to give her the chocolate .
Muskaan : wow !! hersheys?? I love it . how do you know I love this chocolate ?
Laksh just jumping in excitement as a small child dance after getting ice-cream . he smiled and said : hmm.. just a guess .

Ragnii was sincerely studying the project details . she was too engrossed in her study . Sanskar was passing by and he saw her too engrossed . he actually want to go to Laksh’s cabin . least did he knew that his brother was chatting with his angel . he watched her making notes and highlighting the important points . he smiled to himself and thought ” well am surprised Miss.Ragini Kapoor . wow ! this chatter box can also do some work . let’s see how your first assignment is.” With that he left to his cabin and started working on some blue prints . Later after some time, Ragini and muskaan left for lunch with kavya and nikhil. They had a nice time and discussed how their boss were.

It was nearly 3 when Sanskar came back from his meeting . he was really exhausted and asked the peon to bring a coffee for him . 10 mins passed. Ragini had finishes preparing the report . so she went towards Sanskar’s cabin while accidentally he collided with the peon and coffee was spilled on the floor . the peon was trembling with the fear that if his boss sees this he would be thrown out of the job moreover he was waiting to get scolded by Ragini .

Peon : sorry mam . I dint notice you . its my fault . I’ll clean it please don’t say to sir . mam please .

Ragini : hey hey hold on . it was not at all your fault . it was me who dint notice and dashed on to you . why are you asking sorry ?
Peon opened his mouth in surprise : wo wo ‘ mam please you go I’ll clean it up soon .
Ragini : okay , for whom you took coffee?
Peon : Sanskar sir . he was so tired and called me up for coffee .
Ragini: ok you clean this up soon . I’ll make the coffee .
Peon : no mam its ok . I’ll clean it up soon and bring him the coffee .
Ragini: its okay baiya . I’ll make it .. moreover am his secretory , it’s my duty too .
Peon was overwhelmed when she addressed him as baiya : jee mam .
Ragini: no need to call me mam . I am very younger to you . call me Ragini
Peon : jee wo wo ‘
Ragini: ok you go baiya . sir will be waiting .
With that she went to pantry first and made him a coffee. Sanskar watched the whole scene from his cabin . he thought “wow god ! you are making her to offer her hand made coffee. must be my lucky day ” she doesn’t know which flavor he would like . so she prepared black coffee with one cube sugar which she liked . Ragini made her way to his cabin .

Ragini: excuse me sir .
Sanskar : yea come in .
Ragini: sir your coffee .
Sanskar : I asked the peon to bring it . where is he ?
Ragini: actually sorry sir , I actually collided with him and the coffee was all over the floor . he is cleaning it up now . it wasn’t his mistake . I didn’t notice him.
Sanskar: okay . what else ?
Ragini : sir the report is finished .

Sanskar looked at the time .it was half an hour before the due . he took the file from her and went through . he was impressed with her work . she described even the difficult things in a much easier way so that even a non- business man could understand . Ragini was quite uneasy expecting his boss reaction .
Ragini(self talk ) : oh my god ! it seems that he is checking thorough a magnifying glass . What if he finds some mistake and shout at me ? I double checked but I can’t find anything . babaji madad karna pls ‘
Sanskar : hmmm..not bad miss kapoor. but you need to improve a lot .
Ragini (self talk ) : criminal, rakshash . can’t he praise me little on my first day ?
Sanskar : hmmmm..ok ‘ now arrange the meeting the next 2 weeks and forward me once it is done .
Ragini : ok sir .
Sanskar : ok .

With that Ragini left the cabin and started doing the work allotted .
Muskaan on the other hand was also preparing the project report of some other company . she finished it and forwarded it to Laksh . he went through .
Laksh : good work .
Muskaan: thanks .
laksh : ok let me know if u have any doubts .
muskaan : yea I do have some .
They had discussion till 7 . just then Laksh noticed the time and asked her to leave . Ragini also finished her work and forwarded the chart to Sanskar who in turn asked her to leave as it was getting late . Ragini and muskaan bed bye to their bosses made their way to down . Ragini dropped muskaan home. Reached home at 8 , had her dinner and fell asleep on her bed tired with the days work .

PRECAP : the chase (bhag milkha bhag)


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