Dil Vil Pyar Vyar – Ragsan (part 7)

Its Sunday morning . Muskaan , Reet and Shaan were present in the Ragini’s house . they were discussing about their transfer to Shekhar . he told them not to worry and assured them that everything would be fine . Ragini joined them few minutes later and it was decided that they would go for shopping to buy the essentials for Shaan and Reet.

Ragini: hey we can go for salwar sections .
Reet: yeah .
Muskaan and Shaan just followed them . they were discussing about the important documents to be taken along with them to mumbai .
Ragini saw a beautiful red salwar suit . it was simple yet beautiful . she decided to gift it for Reeyas she is a big salwar fonde.
Raginj : hey try this one .
Reet : I’ll take it .
Raginj : just go and try yaar.

Reet: okay . you be here. Don’t go anywhere.
Ragini: as if u ll allow me to go somewhere.
Reet: hmmmm..
As soon as Reet entered the trial room , Ragini texed Shaan to come to the shop immediately and asked him wait near the trial room 2. Shaan thought some thing will be wrong so he rushed with Muskaan meanwhile Ragini saw muskaan and signaled her leave the place . In some time , Shaan noticed muskaan missing but he decided to wait near the trial room . just then Reet came out wearing the suit ..she looked stunning . Shaan could not take his eyes of her . Reet too felt something but decided to shrug it off.
Reet: Shaan ?? Shaan, (he was staring her without blinking)
Reet : hello she snapped her fingers in front of him to get his attention but no use. OMG I just hate this idiot. Yeh Ragini and muskaan kahan chali gayi iss idiot ko chodkar

Reet: shaan… Shaan abbe mar geya kya? I don’t understand one thing why I did friendship with this idiot. Shaa….n she screamed in shaan’s ear.
Shaan: haan kya hua
Reet: r u deaf? Kitani time se main tumhe bula rahi hook
Shaan: felt embarrassed woh sorry
Reet: sorry.. why the way where is Ragini and muskaan
Shaan: I don’t know where they both disappeared. Reet I want to say u something
Reet: haan bolo
Shaan: wo.. t…u..m…I mean….

Reet: what r u trying to say? Please say it clearly… my mood is already off don’t spoil it more
Shaan (self talk) beta shaan I think it’s not right time to say anything
Reet: where r u lost? Tell me what u were saying
Shaan: wo… i was saying that u lo..ok…. beautiful in …this dress..!!!
Reet: kya bol rahe ho then she reliazed that he gave her compliment  (blushed ) : thank you . Yeh ragini kahan reh gai?

Shaan: haan woo’. By this time he sensed it was Ragini’s plan and looked hear and there searching her . he saw Ragini and muskaan standing in one corner showing thumb up to him . both of them came towards Shaan and Reet.
Ragini : Reet you look stunning yaar..
Muskaan: you are looking like an angel .
Reet : okay bus bus ,, I’ll take this one .
Ragini: why you don’t like it ?
Reet: I love it .
Ragini(smiled ) : okay change fast . we’ll go for other sections .
Reet left to the room to change.
Muskaan: so finally shaan gave signal to Reet that he likes her.
Shaan ( blushed) thanks yaar

Ragini thanks yaar imitates Shaan. By the way muskaan madam the way he was talking to Reet he was making her angry.
Wo… tu…reet.. idiot kahin ka. Can’t u tell her that u love her. Tell me one thing u are always ready to give lectures but yeh reet ke samne bhigi billi kio ban jaate ho
Ragini and Muskaan give hi-fi to each other.
Shaan: hahaha very funny…it’s not easy yaar. U know na she is Reet. Jhansi ki rani who is always ready to fight. I’m scared if I proposed her and she slapped me.
Ragini (puts her hand on shaan’s  shoulder) dekh beta Shaan u should think that before loving her. Tell her as soon as possible before someone else purpose her.
Shaan: I’ll kill that person who will even think about my Reet. She is my true love. Pyaar ka izhaar toon main abhi kar doon magar uski heels se chot bahut lagegi…
Muskaan: OMG…Shaan.. yaar Ragini if Reet’s marriage gets fixed with someone else what he’ll do..
Ragini: simple hain she doesn’t have brother so Shaan will fulfill responsibilities of a brother.

Shaan: Ragini r u my friend or enemy. Stop pulling my leg u both. I will purpose her in Mumbai. Over there we will get some privacy so I will tell her my feelings.
Ragini: so u mean we kabab mein haddiyan… how mean yaar. U hurt my feelings…
Shaan: stop your dramebaazi…
Muskaan: agar tum dono ek ho jaate ho to main aur Ragini will be happiest person.
Meantime Reet came after changing and they went to some other section.

Ragini purchased some suits , handbags while Muskaan clicked on some tops . Shaan was confused at which shirt he should choose while Reet silently watched him . she picked up the shirt other than the one he had in his hand and asked him to try . it was a formal shirt . he looked even more handsome in the attire. Ragini saw that and told muskaan that reet has some feelings for Shaan too. Ragini and Muskaan silently giggled at their slowly growing love tree. It was past afternoon . they had their lunch in the near by restaurant and headed towards home . Ragini helped reet in packing while muskaan with shaan .

At 6 pm
The four friends reached the airport . neither of them wanted to leave . they were so close from their childhood that even this mere separation was killing them . they double checked the documents they needed for the office .
Ragini : hey call me as soon as you land .
Reet: okay .
Muskaan : where you guys have planned to stay ?
Reet: I have booked a hotel room for a week. Within that I need to see for some apartment .
Shaan : no need for that . you are going to stay with me .
Reet: where?
Shaan: we have a apartment in Mumbai . double bedroom . no need to worry .
Reet : no its okay I ll manage .

Shaan(little angry ) : from when onwards you started saying this ?
Ragini : hey its safe if u stay with him .
Reer: But ..
Ragini : No but yet , you are staying there and its final .
Reet : okay meri maa I’ll stay there .
Shaan(bit relieved ) : thnx .
The four friends hugged each other . Ragini and muskaan bed good bye to them and headed towards each others home .
Ragini laid on her bed thinking how her future gonna be ! many things happened in that month . she sent a silent prayer for the peaceful environment for the coming days in the office . while muskaan in her room thought about the falling incident with Laksh . she blushed and slept with a smile .

Both had a peaceful sleep unware of what destiny had in store for them .


Sanskar as usual woke up early and got ready for his office . the day was routine except the fact that Ragini will be in office from today on . he started liking Ragini . he neither accepted it nor denied it . he liked the feeling . on the other hand , Laksh was also equally excited to go to office today . he wanted to be before his angel would arrive . dadi noticed the changes between her grandson . she understood that Sanskar started to like Ragini but she dosent know why Laksh was so equally excited .she decided to work on her CID brain . she came up with a small plan of hers .

The two grandsons joined her in the dining table . Sanskar started with reading papers while Laksh on some onsight calls . dadi observed these two and decided to execute her plan .
Dadi : Sanskar beta ?
Sanskar : haan dadima .
Dadi : Laksh you too .

Laksh : haan dadima .
Dadi : do you two have any important work today ?
Sanskar : haan dadi , today the new interns are joining . need to slot the work .
Laksh : haan dadi . is there anything important ?
Dadi : I don’t want you two to go office today .

Both were startled that they won’t be able to see their respective angels today .
Dadi was also equally startled to expect the same reaction from both of her grandsons especially Laksh .
Dadi : why two both are shouting like this ?

Sanskar : no dadima , I have a very important work today . there is a presentation today . so I need to be present personally . you can take Laksh if u want .
Laksh was shocked and doesn’t know how to react for some time . he some how managed to find his voice : dadima I have an important onsight call today .I  cant miss it . I need to be there in office today .
Dadi : if u two say like this , whom I’ll ask ? okay you both can go . I’ll manage . dadi expected both to stay after hearing her sympathy dialogue but Sanlak literally ran out of the house saying :sorry dadima .
Dadi was shocked beyond words . ” so my dear grandsons, you two are upto something . I knew Sanskar found Ragini. but what about Laksh? I need to keep an eye on both . I am very happy that you two atlast decided to make this old lady happy with your marriage . I’ll make it special . I am your dadi . I know how to bring the truth out from you both .”


Sanskar reached the office first and went towards his cabin. He was anxiously waiting for Ragini . he doesn’t know why but he was longing to see her by his side . Ragini was allotted the room near to Sanskar from where he could see her always . on the other hand Laksh wanted to buy something for muskaan . he somehow came to know that she liked chocolates a lot . so he bought a big Hershey’s bar. But did not have any idea of how he could give it to her.

Ragini took blessings from her parents and started for the office . she picked muskaan up on the way . both were kind of tensed as it was their first day . Ragini  was really worried that she doesn’t have a good relation with her boss. She felt helpless but at the same time anxious to work with him . both reached the office at 8:45 . they saw kavya and nikhil waiting for them in the lobby .

Kavya : hey girls.. .
Ragini : hi kavya
Muskaan: hi.
Nikhil : how you guys doing ?
Ragini: hi nikhil sir, I am really tensed yaar. I don’t know what really Sanskar sir is .
Kavya: what about you Muskaan ?
Muskaan: I don’t know yaar. Laksh sir seems to be nice but I have a doubt that he would change as a angry Dracula any time like his brother.
Just then Laksh entered and heard their conversation. he smiled to himself thinking about his description that Muskaan gave. he walked towards them pretended not to had heard anything . Muskaan was trembling with fear whether he heard what she said or not . fear was clearly visible in her face .
Laksh : hi Ragini and muskaan what happened to you Muskaan ? are you alright ?
Muskaan : yeah , I’m ok .

Laksh : ok come to my cabin now. And Ragini all the best .
Ragini : thanks Laksh I really need best wishes and blessings I don’t know I’ll work with that criminal.
Laksh: ragini..
Ragini: bus ho geya stop giving me that boss wali look. And one more thing I’m not going to call u sir I’ll call u Laksh. I mean u r such a cool guy. Aur tumhe dekhkar mujhe koi boss wali feeling bhi nahi aati.
Laksh: u can call me Laksh aur waise bhi we r friends na and smiles.
Ragini: Laksh now we r friends so can I ask u something. R u sure na that criminal is your brother.
Laksh: ragini kya bol rahi ho
Ragini: I mean u r very sweet like gulab jamun and he is bitter like karela. So I was just confused..
Laksh: ragini u can ask this question to Sanskar bhai. I’m sure he’ll clear all u confusions and winks.

Ragini: Laksh kya main tumhe thik thaak ghumti acchi nahi lagti woh criminal hai and he already tried to kill my sweetu what if he try to attack me. Laksh please mujhe bacha lena… she said dramatically
Laksh: ragini yaar u r too funny. Muskaan let’s go to my cabin I’ll explain u work. Bye Ragini I’ll see u..
Ragini: I’ll also leave to your khadoos bro’s cabin otherwise he will definitely kill me for coming late.
Ragini and muskaan hugged each other . Muskaan left to Laksh’s cabin while Ragini to Sanskar’s cabin.

OK so done with another part. Hope u guys liked it. From next part I will give more Ragsan and Laksh Muskaan scenes…

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