Dil Vil Pyar Vyar – Ragsan (part 15)

Its evening the party was about to begin. Sanskar came a bit early and was talking to Mr.Khanna. Laksh and Muskaan could not attend the party as they had to leave for London for a meeting with the board of directors at the last moment. so it was decided that only Ragsan will attend the Party. Here Sanskar was waiting for Ragini. He called her a couple of times and she stated that she would be there soon as she was stuck in the traffic. Sanskar had some talk with the other business men.

Suddenly he felt her presence around him. He turned towards the entrance and there he saw her with some coupe of other business men’s wife. Ragini was wearing a baby pink anarkali, with little makeup and matching earrings and bangles. She left her hair open with curls at the end. She was looking like a fairy who came from heaven and Sanskar was not able to take his eyes from her. She made her way towards Sanskar. He was totally off and he just stared at her. Mr.Khanna saw this and smiled to himself and thought ” oh Mr.Mehra !! it seems your love story had been started but there Is no director to lead to a right path ‘ don’t worry I’ll direct it from here”

Ragini came near Sanskar and he just stared at her. And didn’t even speak a single word and Ragini was confused with his behavior.
Ragini : sir ???
Sanskar came out of the trance and asked ” when did you come ?”
Ragini : sorry sir who actually I was stuck in traffic and here Mr.Khanna’s wife caught hold of me. I could not move from there .”
Sanskar : its ok Mr.Khanna was looking for you. So let’s go
Ragini : oh yea .

Ragsan met with Mr.Khanna. he introduced Ragini to other businessmen. Some of young business men stared at Ragini. she looked so beautiful that no one could remover their gaze .
Ragini just wandered and had a talk with some ladies. Her eyes just gazed at Sanskar. “Sanskar sir is looking so handsome” she thought. she started remembering her first meeting with him, thher fight, the pooja and office meetings she smiled. Mrs. Khanna noticed this and pointed to Mr.Khanna. both smiled at them and made a note to bring them together.
Mrs.Khanna : so Ragini, how is life going ?

Ragini : wonderful mam .
Mrs.Khanna : how is office ? I heard that Sanskar is so rude and arrogant. he never respects his staffs ‘.
Ragini felt like kicking her out but she had to remain calm for Sanskar’s sake ” no mam”. you had mistaken. he is so good to staff. he never yells at anyone and in fact help others when they are in problem . he is so understanding . some people who never have useful jobs spread rumors like this .”

Mrs .Khanna smiled at seeing her possessiveness over Sanskar . now she was confirmed that Ragini was in love with Sanskar but haven’t confessed it . on the other hand , Mr.Khanna came out with a plan .
Mr.Khanna : Mr.Mehra , what do you think of Ragini ?
Sanskar : huh ?

Mr.Khanna : I mean is she able to cope up with your office work ? behaving and all ?
Sanskar thought why is he asking so : not at all Mr. Khanna. she is really good at work and has her limits with others . may I know why you are enquiring about my staff ?
Mr.Khanna : nothing, I am seeking some alliance for my brother’s son. so I thought of Ragini. she is so perfect .

Sanskar was shocked : WHAT ?????? ummm.. oh ‘ I think Ragini has a boyfriend .
Mr.Khanna somehow controlled his laugher seeing Sanskar’s reaction. he thought he would confess his feeling for her but never expected this answer : well then I’ll ask her itself then .
Sanskar stood there speechless . he thought ” is this a business party or what ? is he turning this into a swayamvar? how dare he think of my Ragini with someone .. oh my god !! I need to talk to her now .”

Just then the dance floor was open and Sahil came out with an announcement . ” hello ladies and gentlemen !! I am very glad to announce you all that this project is a grand success . all the thanks goes to our company chairman Mr .Khanna and Mr. Mehra and his secretory Miss. Ragini . come on let’s celebrate this grand success .” he glared at Ragini with an evil smile and continues ” It would be nice to start with Ragini”. Ragini was so shocked. she doesn’t know what to do . she searched for Sanskar but could not find him . on the other hand Sanskar was searching her. meanwhile Sahil came to Ragini and extended his hand ” may I ?” she very well knew he’ll do something to embarrass her. just then Sanskar got on to the situation. he saw Ragini and Sahil on the dance floor. he could guess that they were there for may be a minute. he could clearly some uncomfortableness and tension on Ragini’s face. he walked towards Sahil and turned ” may I cut in ?” Sahil thought for a minute and said “sure”.

After Sahil left , Ragini let out a sign of relief . she said ” where were you Sanskar? I searched you ? I was so tensed .”
Sanskar was surprised that she dint call him sir this time. maybe she could have forgotten in this tension. he felt really nice to hear his name from her and he looked into her eyes and said ” I was just here. but you dint notice me.”

Both looked on to each other eyes for a long time. the song changed on to some romantic number.
Meri jaan tere vich vasdi
Jind kadd lai khirh khirh hasdi
Meri jaan tere vich vasdi
Jind kadd lai ni a hasdi
Rooh khirh jandi eh takk k tera munh, tera munh
Mere chalde ne jo saah, ehna di ikko wajah
Bas tu, bas tu, bas tu, bas tu

Mere chalde ne jo saah, ehna di ikko wajah
Bas tu, bas tu, bas tu, bas tu
(My life lives in you
You take my breath away when you laugh whole heartedly
My life lives in you
You take my breath away when you laugh whole heartedly
Soul gets happily content when i catch a glimpse of you

There is only one reason for me living and breathing
This is you, it is just you
There is only one reason for me living and breathing
This is you, it is just you)
Ragini gently rests her hand on Sanskar’s shoulders while Sanskar encircles his one hand around Ragini’s waist bringing her closer and with his other hand he entangled his fingers with hers and together they start swaying with the music.

Ohdo ban jai jaan te saadi
Jado beh jaani a russ ke
Tere lai chahat kini us Rab ton vekh lai puch k
Naa kar baithe aa tere khud nu khud nu
Mere chalde ne jo saah, ehna di ikko wajah
Bas tu, bas tu, bas tu, bas tu
Mere chalde ne jo saah, ehna di ikko wajah
Bas tu, bas tu, bas tu, bas tu

(It is matter of life or death
when you get mad at me
How much I love you, is a question that you should ask God
I have surrendered myself to you
There is only one reason for me living and breathing
This is you, it is just you
There is only one reason for me living and breathing
This is you, it is just you)

they were lost in each other. he could see the love in her eyes. she too was able to see some sort caring and love in his eyes. they did not care about the surroundings. the lights were dim. Mr and Mrs. Khanna watched the love birds. they were perfect for each other. on the other hand Sahil sulked that he could not take his revenge.

Ragsan were so lost in each other. Sanskar whispered in Ragini’s ear
Sanskar : Ragini do you know what Mr. Khanna asked me ?
Ragini : how will I know unless you tell me ?

Sanskar : he is seeking your hand for his brother’s son .
Ragini (smiled ) : his bad luck.. well am already booked.
Sanskar loosened his hold a bit in her waist : well who is that guy ?
Ragini smirked and got an idea and whispered in his ear : what will I do if I the guy himself is asking the question ?
Sanskar was so happy with her response : well does that mean that I got the license ?
Ragini : well I do think so ‘

Sanskar : I love you Ragini .
Ragini blushed and hid her face in his chest and blured ” I love you too Sanskar . Ragini was on cloud nine. she was so happy that he too loved her .. she could not describe her happiness at all. Sanskar on the other hand was very happy that she accepted her feelings .he promised himself that he’ll make her happy always.

They were brought out from their dream land when they heard the others clapping their hands. that is when they realized that they were only couple who were dancing in the floor. Ragini blushed and Sanskar pulled her closer. Mr & Mrs .Khanna came towards them and wished
Mr.Khanna : wow !! I must say the dance was so awesome Mr.Mehra.
Mrs.Khanna : you two look perfect. Stay happy always
Ragini : thank you Mrs. Khanna .
With that they left the party and came outside. Ragini was about to call her driver but Sanskar stopped her.

Sanskar : I’ll drop you home.
Ragini : it’s okay. I’ll call the driver.
Sanskar : kya yaar Ragini I want to spend some time with u and you are… and gets annoyed
Ragini : ok don’t shout . I’ll come mere majnu..
Sanskar gave a naughty smile and with that they got on to the car. Sanskar dropped her home and left for the his home.

They both were not getting sleep and thinking about each other. they thought how they became so close within a short period of time. Sanskar turned around restlessly while Ragini staring at the stars. he could not take any further and called her .
Ragini’s phone rang. she wondered who on the earth will call her this time .
Ragini picked up the cell and saw Sanskar’s name. she felt shy, nervous and what not ?? she answered the call but did not talk anything neither did Sanskar… they could hear each other’s heartbeat and that was enough for them to calm down… both slept hearing the other’s musical dhadkan..

Shocked… surprised??? Yeah I wasn’t busy so thought to write this. Hope u guys will like it and please do comments.. I can’t promise when I’ll update next part…

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you’re beautiful the way you are… be yourself!!!

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