Dil Vil Pyar Vyar – Ragsan (part 11)

Its been three and half weeks since Shaan and Reet reached Mumbai . they were well settled in the new office and the environment . Reet too kind of started liking Shaan. Shaan took extra care of her since they are staying together. Shaan and Reet both leave for office together and reach home together , they kind of having a good understanding among them . it was Reet’s birthday. The four friends wanted to spend some time together . but their hectic schedule did not permit them to take leave . so Ragini, Shaan and muskaan came up with a plan . it was decided that Shaan will plan a surprise party for Reet and propose her. Ragini and muskaan reached office and called her to wish .
Ragini sat in her cabin and made a conference call to Reet and muskaan.
Ragini: hi Reet. Happy birthday meri jaan.
Muskaan : happy birthday sweetheart .
Reet ( was in tears ) : thank you guys. I miss you badly .
Ragini:Aww!! I miss you too yaar. Reet please don’t be senti yaar.. it’s your birthday..
Muskaan: we had never been separated so far . I don’t know how I gonna spend time without you. when are you coming?

Sanlak reached their secretaries cabin @ the same time and were shocked to hear that they were missing someone other than them .
Sanskar (selftalk ) : miss you ? whom does she missing ? does she have some one else in her life ? but she had never mentioned about him ? I need to find this out .
Laksh ( selftalk ) : whom this might be ? had she found her idiot ? but I love her . what can I do now ? I better ask her .
Ragini(Reet ) : okay take care love u meri jaan .
Sanskar (self talk): jaan… who is this idiot whom she is calling jaan? She call me idiot, gadha, kamina and criminal.. and here take care meri jaan. Agar yeh jaan I mean loafer mere samne aa geya na toh main Ragini ki jaan ki sach mein jaan le lunga..
Muskaan : miss you. take care sweetie .
Laksh (self talk ) : sweetie ? had she called me so one day ? by the way how will she call when she is not mine ?
Ragini saw Sanskar standing near the door . he looked lost .
Ragini : ummmm” sirrr?
There was no response from Sanskar .
Ragini: ssssiiiirrrrr’..?????
He came out of the trance and looked at her blankly .
Ragini : sir , what happened ? do you need something ?
Sanskar: nothing . I came to get the blue prints of khannas project .
Ragini: sir woh sorry for last night prank..
Sanskar: it’s alright. He replied without thinking anything, he was lost thinking about with whom Ragini was talking.

Ragini : here it is sir. Handing him files.
Sanskar: ok..
Ragini: can I ask you something ?
Sanskar : haan..
Ragini : sir I need two hours leave today .
Sanskar: for what ?
Ragini: wo wo ‘actually I need to attend my friends birthday ..so (bit hesitantly ).
Sanskar( half heartedly ) : okay ..

Ragini was very happy: thank you so much sir . you made my day , I thought you won’t grant it .. but you are so sweet .
With that she left the cabin and marched towards muskaan’s cabin, Sanskar gave a sad smile and went to his cabin.

@ the same time in Muskaan’s cabin
Muskaan: Laksh, can I take two hours leave please ?
Laksu: may I know the reason ?
Muskaan: I need to attend my dearest birthday party .
Laksh noded and muskaan jumped in joy. just then Ragini entered the cabin .
Ragini : sorry I’ll come afterwards . it seems you guys are busy .
Laksh : no Ragini you carry on. I was leaving anyways .
Ragini : thank you .
after Laksh left , the two friends screamed on joy. thank god ..the cabin was sound proof or the people’s ear would have been bursted .
Ragini and muskaan ( in union ) ” I got the permission.

Their joy knew no bounds. they never missed each other’s birthday since they had become friends. They decided to go fot shopping at 4 and buy gifts . they booked flight tickets to mumbai on the way. the return tickets were books in the midnight time. how could they miss their friend who gonna be proposed in few hours time ?

@ 4 ,
Ragini and muskaan rushed out of their cabins with a smile plastered on their faces. Sanlak sat there like devdas and decided to leave the office missing their mishti’s presence. Ragini and muskaan  reached the mall and purchased some gifts for Reet and Shaan and made their way to the airport.

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