Dil Vil Pyar Vyar – Ragsan (part 10)

Ragini and muskaan went to cook something.

In the kitchen:
That criminal what does he think about himself. Am I his maid that i’ll cook food for him. And Muskaan what was the need to say yes said Ragini being irritated
Muskaan- Ragini he is our boss na so we should follow his orders

Ragini- whatever boss my foot and sits on the counter and starts playing with his phone.
Muskaan- ragini what should we make?
Ragini- u can make whatever u want
Muskaan- ragu what u mean by cook anything u want. U na very well that I don’t know cooking so u have to help me na
Ragini- muskaan main kon sa master chef ki winner reh chuki hoon I don’t even know names of species so don’t keep any hopes from me darling
Muskaan- ragu please help me na let me check what is available to cook and she starts looking the freeze and found eggs. Yeah i got it muskaan screams
Ragini- abbe idiot why r u screaming? what did u find?
Muskaan- ande (showing her eggs) now help me. Ragini teach me how to break eggs
Ragini- darling jakar yeh ande uss criminal ke sir pe fod de
muskaan- ragini yaar stop it! Sanskar sir is not that bad. He is so handsome

Ragini was boiling with anger after listening Sanskar’s praise.
Muskaan stop it! how could u forget that he tried to kill my sweetu he is a criminal so stop praising that idiot! ragini said in anger.

Muskaan- okay sorry what now help me she said while pouting
Ragini- okay fine I’ll help u now stop making these bechari type face and i don’t know how to make eggs so find something else which we could cook.

Muskaan- after looking here and there ragu yaar what about noodles
Ragini- yeah perfect
they both starts making noodles and after 10 minutes noodles were ready. They serve in four bowls and Muskaan were taking them out when ragini stops her.

Muskaan- what happened now why did u stop me?
Ragini- arre jaaneman abhi final touch to baki hai just a minute.
Ragini got some powder and mixed in one bowl and said now it’s ready
Muskaan- ragini what did u mixed in it? Did u mix poison? How could u do this?
Ragini- stop it muskaan. this is treat for mr. idiot from my side. usse bhi to pata chale ki Ragini se panga lena kitna bura ho sakta hain, Let’s go

Outside Sanlak were waiting.
Laksh- bhai why they r taking that long?
Sanskar- laksh they must be searching some recipe on internet. Kya miss. musibat o dekhkar lagta hain ki that she can cook something
Meanwhile ragini and muskaan came and Ragini said sir your food is ready.
Laksh- yaar finally I’m damn hungry. what did u make?
muskaan- noodles
Laksh- wow i can’t wait anymore and he picked one bowl and sanskar was about to pick bowl when Ragini stops
Ragini- sir this one is yours
Sanskar- looks suspiciously and asked why this one is for me
Ragini- woh sir nothing this one is less spicy so
Muskaan- but Ragini who said ki sir ko woh dusra bo..
Ragini- muskaan shut up i know u r hungry. have this one
Muskaan- but ragu.. before she could speak further ragini stuffed noodles in her mouth and sir taste it tell me how is it?
Sanskar- Miss.Ragini i can’t trust u main tumhare bowl se kha leta hoon and u can have mine
Ragini- but sir mine r spicy and u might to like it
Sanskar- I’ll manage

beta mazaa to abb ayega ragini said under her breath and smirks. They had their noodles while chit chatting and had some fun time. They were talking when suddenly Sanskar
feels growling in his stomach by catching his stomach runs to washroom.
Ragini- smiles and criminal now u r gone!

laksh and muskaan looked at her and ragini gave them what look? After few minutes Sanskar came back while holding his stomach
Ragini- holding her laugh sir what happen? R u feeling okay?
Sanskar- glared her and Miss. Musibat what u did? Did u mixed something in my Food
Laksh- but bhai woh bowl toh Ragini ka tha na
Raginj- Laksh tum mujhe acche se jaan nahi paye… It’s been awhile since I’m working with your bhai so itna toh jaan hi chuki hoon na
Laksh- what u mean?
Ragini puts her hand around Laksh’s shoulder (in friendly manner) I know it if I said him directly that sir this bowl is for u so might feel like that something is fishy. So I pretend like that.. Why the way kaisi lagi meri acting yaar? Don’t u think that I should try in movies..
Sanskar- Miss. ragini I’m not going to leave u.. Before he could say further suddenly he feels growling in his stomach by catching his stomach runs to washroom.
Ragini starts laughing loudly and Laksh was smiling thinking that his bhai got someone who can give him takkar

Sanskar yelled from washroom- Miss Musibat I’m not going to leave u. U r in a big trouble
Ragini- sir stop worrying about what u will do to me? Mujhe punish krne ke liye aapka thik hona jaroori hain but after looking at your condition I don’t think so that u will be able to come out. Sir ajj raat toh restroom main hi spend krni padegi
Sanskar- shut up Miss Ragini. Tumne mujhse panga lekar thik nahi kiya u have to pay for this
Ragini- sir this is called tit for tat. from now on think twice oh actually think hundred times before troubling me.

Muskaan- Ragini this is too much. there sir is in pain and here u r laughing
Ragini- muskaan stop your lecture
Muskaan- ragini it’s getting late. we should leave now
Laksh- haan muskaan is right. All right good night guys and take cake
Ragini- laksh kya tum bhi apne bhai ke saath office main rukne wale ho and winks
Laksh smiles- ragini tum bhi na
Ragini- (loudly) good night sir! have fun and I hope u got your lesson and they both left from their.

Finally sanskar was feeling better and Sanlak acme home. Sanskar’s anger was at peck. Dadi was waiting for them and Sanskar went to his room without talking to dadi. She felt weird because usually sanskar spent time with her after coming from office
Dadi to Laksh- beta did something happen in office?
Laksh- trying to control his laughter with much difficulty told everything to dadi
Dadi- kya, really ragini did that? shaadi ke baad kya hoga Agar bhi se yeh haal hai
Laksh- dadi roz damaal hoga and they both give hi-fi to each other.

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