Dil ullu ka pattha hai ~ A Raglak os

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Dil ullu ka pattha hai

I kept the files back on the table with a thud.

“This girl can’t be serious” I muttered under my breath

I scattered the files on my table and searched if I could find the one I needed right at the moment.
But disappointingly I was proved correct, my so called ‘assistant’ is worth to be fired.

She had given me the wrong file and made a fool out of me in the conference room. And this isn’t the first time .
Every single time she pulls out different stunts and in the end I need to pay.
Not an ideal assistant at all.

Muttering to myself I left the conference room and walked past the cubicles to enter my cabin and just like an innocent kid she followed me.
Once I was seated,
“This is the wrong file” I said pointing to the one on my table

Her eyes went wide and mouth formed an ‘O’
If I was in a good mood , I would have said cute but right now I was determined to fire her.

“I will get the right one boss” she said as if telling a kid that she would get his favorite candy.
And I hate kids

And before I could even object her, she ran out of the cabin. “Geez , she needs treatment” I declared

And within a minute she was back in my cabin giving me no personal space to calm myself down. ‘Seems like she is waiting to get fired’ I thought

“Here, boss” she forwarded the file.
And yay I hated it when she calls me ‘boss’
It sounds weird , as if she is talking to a kid.
Can’t she address me ‘Sir’ ?

Ahh..here comes the fact I hate kids and she acts like one . So basically I hate her.
No complications at all.
She makes it so easy for me to hate her.

“Ms Ragini , you can’t be screwing up my meetings every now and then because of your irresponsibility and carelessness. This kind of behavior is not excepted here” I scoffed looking dead into her eyes

My cold behavior would make anyone in the office stutter but this girl is out of such bounds. She definitely is a kid but not even once I saw that fear in her.

This plainly meant –
My anger doesn’t matter even a damn little bit to her. And that’s another reason why she deserves to be fired!

“Boss the files…” I cut her off

“I dont care about your excuses Ms Ragini”
And there she makes me tear my own hair. She smiles when I scolds her!
That isn’t funny to me.

Ahh wait , does kids knows the difference between scolding and praising? I doubt

“Off my cabin, right now” I screeched
“Yes boss” she said and marched out

What the hell? I didn’t honor her with a badge and give orders.
I said her to get lost from my damn cabin and that girl did it with all honors
Geez kids are confusing!

Not a tinge of guilt whatsoever on her face and precisely that’s why she is in my ‘dislike’ list.
And as much as I can tell you ,the whole of that list is filled with her doings. Great right?

Except one spot, my brother !

As I knocked on my home door ,the helper let me in . And what I see, my brother and my assistant chatting over some stupid awful thing.
Yay that’s what they do all the time. Or b*t*h about me!

Sanskar on spotting me , waved from his seat, his mouth stuffed with popcorn. Kid!
I smiled at him and nodded my head in disapproval at Ragini , with long strides I reached my room.

The only place of escape from chatter box, Miss Ragini . Cute name but horrible kid

My fate.
A month ago due to my house renovation I got into this house for rent since this house was at the end of the same lane I lived before.

Once I and sanskar shifted here, the first two days went pretty normal, only to find on the third day the owner of this house who lives on the next floor has a kid. Who goes with the name Ragini and unfortunately she is my assistant.
My bad!

Sanskar is still in pre- university and on his limited visits to the office he has grown found of Rags (yay thats what he calls her)
No wonder kids are found of each other.

This meant I need to bear her all the time. Starting at office then at home during her frequent visits when her mom sends me ladoos because she is found of me and the rest of the time Sanskar admiring her.

She really gets on my nerves even when she isn’t there in front of me.
She has followers! My brother is one to name.


The jug in my room is empty , that’s the only job Sanskar is supposed to do. But he didnt
How will he? Probably he’s busy with his friend.

Shaking my head at the thought of brother’s Carelessness I walked towards the door towards the door to get water and as I opened it , Ragini fell on me , her slender waist in my arms.

I carefully lifted her towards me, removing the front locks that covered her face.
She looked back at me with puppy eyes , I couldn’t control but smile.

Distancing myself ” From did you fall into my arms?” I asked looking straight into her eyes.

“Sanky pushed me” she pouted

“You guys aren’t kids” I reminded

“I know we aren’t ” she defended

Great! She has realized it now. Finally

“Yay right , but you guys still act the same. Grow up” I said to her and yelled for Sanskar.

He came showing me his twinkling teeth.
Not interested!

“You pushed her into my room?” I asked him

Sanskar instead of answering my question came and stood beside me and put an arm around my shoulder ,
“Bro just chill. Grow up , dont be complaining like a little kid. I was chasing her so I gave her a push but how did she land up in your arms?
I certainly have no idea” he said and then he burst out laughing along with Ragini

I stomped my feet annoyed and stormed out of my OWN room.


The watch on my wrist silently declared its 4 in the evening. As the sun shone less brightly , still an hour for it to go down beyond the hills.
The view from my balcony is beautiful.

“Its beautiful, isn’t it ?” A voice behind me spoke with honey coated spells

I knew its her. But why was she here?

She came forward ,standing beside me to be precise one arm distance.
Her bracelet daggling and hitting the railing rhythmically.

We stood in silence. I didnt want to scream on her so I decided its best to speak nothing.
At least that would change my mind not to fire her.

“You believe in principles?” She asked out of nowhere smiling genuinely . I would be lying if I say I didn’t adore her smile.

“Yeah”I replied

“Hmm.. How much?” She asked

“That’s a weird question” I commented

“Oh so Mr Laksh aka by boss feels something other than me can be weird too! Thats great” she replied

Now this was new. This whole topic was never spoken between us. This side of her asking genuine but weird questions was something different.

‘But her questions are still stupid ‘ My mind declared.
Yay! Thats correct. She is stupid, I declared silently

She smiled at me.
“Many voice covers in your head I think” she said . Her smile once again gracing her lips

Do kids read minds?
Thats certainly dangerous!

“Seems like your mind is too busy analyzing. May be some other time ” she said and walked away gracefully leaving me confused.

I continued looking back at the the sky. Best way to while away the time, dismissing the little conversation we had as stupid.


“God have they gone crazy?” I asked to the walls before me , slowly rubbing my eyes.
The loud noise brought my sleep to halt

I walked towards the hall to find the my assistant with my bro screaming over the videogame they just played

“No monkey, I clearly sped away leaving you way behind me but you crashed my thing” she accused Sanskar pointing towards the TV screen where lay a broken sports bike

“And about yesterday when you trespassed my party? You weren’t invited” He roared back

What the hell is going On?
Which party? Yesterday?

“You gotta be kidding me!
Fighting over such petty thing” I spoke as their heads turned towards me

“Bro, for the first time you gave entry when its absolutely necessary” Sanskar said and ignoring my glares walked towards me filling me with the information about there fight.

“I can’t be sorting out on why he hit your bicycle and I really dont want to know why you trespassed his party.
But remember one thing, its just a game.
Stop behaving like your life depends on it.” I said them.
With one more look of disbelief I walked away.

“Dont mind your boss” Sanskar said to Ragini
“He must be giving you tough time in office”

“Sort of. But I dont understand one thing.
Who doesn’t like videogames?
Being practical all the times?
Why does he take everything so seriously about work ? That it makes his employees flinch at his stare” she said

“But you dont flinch” Sanskar stated

“How do you know?” Ragini asked curious

“Because he’s trying to decode your behavior.
And failing miserably. That’s why that extra amount of anger and arrogance on you.
Because not just him, even you are giving him a real tough time” Sanskar stated as a matter of fact.


“Damn” I muttered when the lights went off forbidding me from completing the work which I was minutes away from finishing.

Great! My laptop has to die on the very same time.
“Sanskar” I exhaled heavily.
I said him to charge it, but no.
All he does is play games nonstop on my laptop and now I’m the one at suffering end.

I needed to complete my pending work.
And all thanks to the famous kid of my life!
But this time she didnt worry me with her otherwise stupid antics.

But I was distracted because of her.
Something had changed from the last time we had conversed on the terrace.
The very conversation I had dismissed as stupid.

From the very next day something about her was..um.. Though I hate to admit it she looked charming.
Inside out

And the distracting part was the tatoo on her lower part of the neck , at her right shoulder which I had never noticed untill a week back.
But now I just couldn’t take my eyes of it. Off her.

I felt irritated when it was getting difficult not to steal glances at her every now and then.

But like before she never conversed much.
And the only difference was her smile.
It was more elongated these days, reaching her eyes.

And for making me feel this pathetic and helpless I hated her even more now.
This kiddo is even more a beautiful women who’s just making me dance on her tones and she herself isn’t aware of it.

Such a kiddo!

Coming out my trance, cursing her once more for making me feel odd, nothing like before immediately I searched for my cell.

She really should have been fired!
Making her boss feel pathetic is also an offense.
‘Tsk Now who is behaving like a kid?’ My mind mocked me.
Agghh.. I hate her even more now.

Thanking god that my mobile battery has not died out, I searched for the candles in the lower drawer of the bed post. On quickly finding them, I lighted and walked into the dining hall looking for Sanskar.

And then it happened, the sameway like it happens in movies.
I collided with her, I took a step back, regaining my balance.

“Sorry” she mouthed just a few decibels to make it just enough to be audible.

I couldn’t but feel concerned for her.
“Are you okay?” I asked surprisingly my voice came out much lower than I had intended to.

“Yea.. Its just that mom is out and the keys to my home are with Sanky and he is out too.
So i was planning on staying here till one of them comes home.
Is that okay? “she asked.

I realized this was her longest monologue with me. Thats progress!

“Yea you can” I replied her.
I could feel her slowly relaxing. Her breathing was leveling now.

I heard the door bell ring.
Before I could make a move towards the door, she chirped in.
“I will attend it. Must be the pizza guy” she said and within a minute she was back with a box of pizza and French fries.

“Actually I had ordered it for Sanky since he said he would be reaching soon and was hungry . But now he is struck in traffic so I’m going after these junkies” she said meeting my confused eyes and even in the candle light I saw her eyes gleaming with excitement and happiness eying the boxes loaded with unhealthy food.

She looked at me, “What are you waiting for?
Sanky? Ditch him. Attack the pizza” she said and herself got immersed in its taste.

Over the pizza we actually made conversation, for the very first time a good length conversation.

“Since your my age can I give you a friendly advice?” she asked at the end

“What does anyone’s age has to do with friendly advice?” I asked perplexed

“Hmm..My boss is smart
By that I meant its easily to suggest someone of the same age category. It makes both the parties comfortable” she clarified.

But my mind was caught with the first half of what she said.
“So until this time you thought I’m not smart?” I asked smirking.
I was loving our talks so far.

“Not you, about my boss I was talking about” she replied casually as if me and her boss were two completely different people.

I realized she was testing the waters but why?

Against my own thumping of heart I didn’t dig into it anymore. Doing exactly opposite to what she had expected.

She had expected me to talk . But why was she concerned?
I really needed to know what she thought about me.
So I sunk back in the bean bag finishing my portion of pizza waiting for her to come up with something.
But much to my dismay she didn’t initiate anymore talks. So instead I did.

“Um..you were telling about some friendly advice” I reminded her casually licking the ends of my finger.
Cheese… Delicious

“Um.. that.. Yeah
You shouldn’t stare at your employees like that ,they are gonna get sunburns” she said making me surprised and shocked at the same time.

Did she just tell me indirectly that I’m hot?
Or right under my nose she went on to insult me?

Once again after a long time,I found her confusing.

“So did you just say I’m hot or was that a pathetic insult?” I asked her eyeing her suspiciously.

“Its just a plain friendly advice or suggestion
Dont be a critic over it” she said casually finishing the French fries.
All this while I didnt realize that the fries had vanished.
I grabbed the last piece

“You are foodie” I said with an accusing tone

She just shrugged.
She gave me mixed signals. What to make of it?
Or in the first place was she even sending any signals?
This girl is messing with my mind.

Now it was my cue to mess with hers.
“And yay your tatoo is an eye burning” I said casually standing up stretching my arms in relaxation.

“You made it sound pathetic Laksh? she said shocked at what I just said.

It felt good to know we were on friendly terms now.
Or more
“Its just a plain statement. Dont be a critic over it” I said chuckling at her reaction and patted myself for the reply.

Thats when I realized, so much can happen over a box of pizza and a bunch of fries!


It was one of those busy fridays and more importantly my very own assistant who’s still not yet fired, handled the office along with my assistant manager in my absence.

And successfully earned me the contract with her presentation. It was eloquent
She was so much more than a kid.

I was stealing glances at her when she stood before me and I was scrutinizing the weaks report leaning over the oak table in my cabin.

But she seemed distracted. Like she was resisting an urge in her. But what can be it?
To kiss me? I shook my head disapprovingly at my own assumption.

I caught her gaze staring something above my eyes.
I realized she was eyeing the dishelved state of my hair fallen roughly on my forehead.

“If u want you can ruffel my hair, I won’t complain ” I said surprising myself.
From when did I become this way?
And these days nothing had changed except that there were more stolen glances exchanged between us, the eyelock were held for few more seconds then usual and a tingling feeling in my heart.

But Ragini looked away. I could still see her cheeks painted pink slowly turning into one shade darker.
She was blushing! For me!

Back when my friends would say it was pure happiness to see their girl blush because of them.I said them something like that is their illusion.
But now I realized how much of a stupid they thought me as when I had said that

Well you can’t blame me. I never new this feeling. Its new. Its different. Its comforting.

But is she my girl?

Well answer to this question was soon answered and I was more than happy that the answer was in my favor.

“So you like me huh?” I asked her as if she had not admitted that she does.
Teasing her had become my favorite pass time recently.

We were in my room and she was helping me in sorting the files as Sanskar was not yet home.
I silently mumbled a thank you looking above at the ceiling.
The times when Sanskar was absent are turning to be bliss. Giving us the much needed privacy.

She stopped shuffling the papers and sat beside me.
Looking dead into my eyes, she said, ” If you ask one more time the same thing, trust me I’m gonna tell the whole office that our so called strict boss is a lover boy, who sings love anthems just to woe his girl.
And how you stalk me with cheap pick up lines throughtout the day.
Trust me they are gonna believe it
I swear on Sanky ” she finished her threat with a sweet smile leaving me in utter shock.

Kids can’t threaten like this. Can they?

“So now how about we continue doing that we were doing a while ago. Sorting the files” she stated getting back to work.

Immediately I pulled her with force and she landed on my laps.
I gazed at her intensely knowing the effect I had on her.
Tucking the front locks behind her ears I whispered in her right war.
My breath fanning her earlobe.

“Trust me babes , you can do all that and I won’t complain, but you need to know one thing.
Your tatoo makes it extremely hard to focus so if I end up doing something like kissing you front of the whole staff when you declare them about their boss love life, blame me not.
Its the tatoo that’s irresistible” I said running my hands over her tatoo and I heard her breathe getting hitched.


The office was empty except for the two of us as everyone had checked out an hour ago.

I was cursing myself for the way I had behaved in the little tift between us in the morning.
And now i was regretting it. And my lady love wasn’t accepting my apology.

“Ohk but don’t I deserve to be fired?” she asked raising an eyebrow at me.

Great! Now how did she get to know about what I kept on saying about her before?
It has to be Sanskar.
Instead of helping me, he has just added to my misery.
An ideal brother!

I pulled her towards me, closing the little distance between us.
If u feel so, you can compensate for that.
One kiss for every time you have pissed me off until now” I replied trying to keep an innocent face

Her eyes went wide, ” Aww , no ways.
And you were equally rude to me.
Yay I do agree I was little careless but later I did it on purpose knowing that it irritated you” she dismissed me and got away from my grip as my eyes went wide at her confession.

“And moreover Sanky had said me that you were trying to decode me and my tactics irritated you so that’s it. I was making sure you tasted your own medicine.
I really wanted to tell you there is life on the other side of arrogance .
My intentions were genuine” she added walking towards the cabin door.

Before she could step out the doors automatically closed.She turned at me accusingly as I held the remote for the regulation of the glass doors, flipping it between my fingers

I walked towards her as she took a step away from me, her back slightly hitting the doors.
She realized ,she had no way to escape.
“This is not fair” she complained and pouted making me fall in love all over again.

This girl is sure crazy and now I have realized, all I want is this craziness that I have so far missed in my life.

“You are crazy” I commented pecking her forehead

She smiled at me and snaking her arms around my neck pecked my right cheek taking me by surprise.
“I know I’m perfect too and I’m glad your loving the different sides of life “she said.

“Well, I will show you what perfection is”I said and without giving her time to think I captured her lips with mine in a perfect French kiss ?

°°°°°°°°°°° ******************°°°°°°°°°

That was really long. Wasn’t it?
I hope you liked what you just read.
It’s my first writing on swaragini.
I usually write for twinj and recently for devakshi

Well major part of the story was written two months ago but today I got the chance to complete it.

Plz throw your views below.
I would really love to read your feedback.

I have proof read it. But I still think there might have been some minor errors here and there. Hoping there aren’t any
Hope against hope

All my stories I upload on wattpad too including this.
You can follow them there
My I’d – Maggi3372

Till next time

Thanks for checking it out ☺☺☺

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