Dil to Tu Ne Churaliya…. OmUri (Episode 1)

Gauri is an ambitious girl.She is the only daughter of a developing business man.She is very smart and intelligent girl in her college and had a lot of proposals from handsome heros of her college but she was never interested in any one.Her dad was so proud of her and always praised her good deeds.She always shared her happiness and madness with her best friend soumya.



SOA:gauri from the first day to this one year of our college life i had never asked you this ,but from past few days i was been thinking to say some thing and i hope u will give me an answer for this.
GA:yaar….u are my best friend and i dont think that i have some secret without Ur knowledge.any way dont be so formal…what is it sommu..
SOA:from the time we are togrther u had a lot of proposals from super cool boys of our college but u have not accepted anyone and more over i didnt find u interested in it…..is there any problem like some breakup…???
GA:no sommu..i mean never …

SOA:then why are u ….
GA;i know sommu wt u mean ….actully love is not somthing that we have for every boys we see..its a feeling for a single person in our lifetime.and when ever we see our the whole surroundings will make us feel it..

GA;Nowadays the love stories have a sudden beginning and all of a sudden end…all are loving with their brain[dhimaakh] than with heart…and i wont let mine to be so.my prince charming is on the way…… at the correct time correct place we will meet……what ever the situation is …….

To be countinued………..

The same guy[mentioned above] is shown in a room with statues and drawn pictures….
A servent enters and inform him that he is been called by mam[His mom]

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