Dil Tho Pagal Hai – A Swasan (Swaragini) One Shot


AN: This is an old One Shot of mine, hope you guys enjoy reading it. πŸ™‚

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rating: General audience

Not proof read.



PREMISE: It has been 3 years now since Swara and Sanskar had gotten married. All the troubles in their life had vanished and they are now happily living together in the Maheshwari Mansion. πŸ™‚


One evening Swara and Sanskar had an argument and she had told a typical wife like dialogue to him… She had said in a huff, “Main yeh ghar chodke apne ghar jaa rahi hun! Aur mujhe rokne ke bare mein sochna bhi mat tum!” and had come upstairs to pack her bags!

Now after a whole 10 minutes when Sanskar slowly walked into their room he saw Swara standing in front of their cupboard like a mini sized tsunami and she was furiously staring upwards!

He slowly came and stood near her and asked,” Kya hua? Maine socha abhi tak packing ho chuki hogi tho saaman neeche le jaane mein madad kar dunga.” He smirked and paused for a moment or two and saw his wife’s face becoming even more angrier, if that was even possible! Then he added teasingly,” Jaane ka mann badal diya kya?”

She huffed in anger and started to punch his chest with her petite hands! Sanskar started laughing out loud at her actions and deftly caught her hands and held it to his chest and said,” Tum itni choti ho tho main kya karun?” Swara then huffed and said, ” Mujhe pata tha tumne uss suitcase ko cupboard ke upar jaan bujhke ke rakha tha nah?hmm? Tumhe pata tha meri haath wahan tak nahi pahunchegi aur iss poore ghar mein aisa koi chair bhi nahi jispe mein khadi hoke use utar sakun!!”

Sanskar continued to laugh mirthfully and said, ” Ofcourse maine jaan bhujke rakha tha! Main tho uss stupid suitcase ko bahar phenk dena chahtha tha! Magar fir socha hum jab haar saal honeymoon ke liye jayenga, woh kaam ayega!” and winks!

Swara blushes and says, “haar saal honeymoon?! Ohh irada kya hai mister?”

Sanskar: Woh wifeyji irada bilkul bhi nek nahi hai! Don’t worry!

And winks again!

Sanskar teasingly adds: Waise tumhe abb bhi ghar jaana hai tho jaa sakthi ho!

Swara smiles and adds: Nahi maine mann badal liya hai. Aaj packing karne ka mood nahi hai!

Sanskar : Waise kapde lene ki zaroorat nahi hai, tumhara ghar pe tumhare saare kapde pehle se hi hain.

Swara gives him a confused look and asks: Par wahan pe tho abb mera ek bhi dress nahi hai…

Sanskar: Arrey main keh raha hun nah hai!

Swara: Nahi hai!

Sanskar: Hai! Yeh main prove bhi kar saktha hun!

Swara challengingly: Acha, kaise?

Sanskar: Pehle tho ghar se bahar jao!

Swara suddenly shocked and angry: Kya?!

Sanskar: OMG wifeyji poora baat tho suna karo! Pehle ghar se bahar jao aur phir aapne ghar ke andar aao. Aur jab tum apne room mein pahunchogi, wahan tumhara pati tumhare cupboard ke saamne khada hoga aur uss cupboard mein tumhare saare kapde pehle se hi honge aur uss cupboard ke upar tumhara suitcase bhi hoga!

Swara took a moment to understand what he was trying to say… Then when understanding dawned on her, she gave a heart-warmingly brilliant smile to him.

Sanskar proudly looked at her and said: Tumhara ghar yehi tho hai Shona… Aur kahan jaogi? Jahan bhi jaogi mein bhi hamesha tumhare saath hi aaunga… Main tumhara peecha agle saath janmom tak guaranteed nahi chodne wala! Tho sorry dear, no escape!

Swara looked at him with all the love in her eyes and hugged him and he happily tightened the hug. He then teasingly said,” Waise tumhara nose bahut cute hai! Aur jab gussa hoti ho nah, woh red red ho jaatha hai, clown ki nose ki tarah” Saying that he tipped the tip of her cute nose with his index finger!

She is appalled and says,” Kya kaha tumne? Main joker dikthi hoon?!” Saying that she pouts and he immediately takes advantage of her open mouth and kisses her! She of course gives in after a token struggle!

After the kiss he smiles and says, ” Waise you know nah that I won the argument?”

She had almost forgotten the initial argument they had due to which she was planning to leave her house! They had actually arguing on the silliest and cutest thing ever… They were arguing that who loved whom more! She was sure she loved him more than he loved her and he, vice versa! She had gotten angry that he didn’t think her love was the best and had decided to pack her bags and go home!

Now standing in his embrace she laughed thinking about the stupid fight and her even more stupider reaction to that! But she was curious to know how he had decided that he won the argument…

Swara suspiciously: Acha? Woh kaise? Humne toh woh argument beech mein hi chod diya tha nah?

Sanskar smirks: Arrey tumhe pata nahi hai kya? Rule hai ki uska pyar sabse zyada hota hai joh pehle kiss kartha hai! Toh uss hisab se maine pehle kiss kiya! Toh mera pyar sabse best hai!

Swara makes a cute pouty face: Haaw! Magar yeh rule mujhe pata nahi tha! Yeh tho cheating hai!

Sanskar laughs at her adorable pout and kisses her cheeks and says: Aww Shona koi baat nahi, hum nah total count rakhenge aur jab humari 30th wedding anniversary hogi nah, tab tally karenge ki kisne sabse zyada kiss start kiya. Fir decide karenge! Teek hai!

Swara smiles at him and says: Hubby jee aap tho bade chalak nikale! Mujhse kiss lena ka acha tareeka doonda hain aapne!

Sanskar looks devilishly at her and says: Main tho aisa hi hoon, tumhara handsome devil!

Swara slowly says to herself: Haan woh tho tum ho hi, mere hot and handsome devil.

Sanskar pleasantly surprised: Tumne mujhe hot kaha?

Swara feigning innocence: Nahi tho! Maine aisa kuch bhi nahi kaha. Tumhare khaan baj rahe honge! Wishful thinking all, you see!

Sanskar in mock anger: Jhooti! Abhi dikatha hun tumhe!

And he kisses her again passionately as a trailer of the more intense sweet torture movie which was yet to come! πŸ˜‰


Happily ever after!

AN: Ur thoughts please? πŸ™‚


(OS= One Shot= One Chapter story) (TS= Two Shot= Two Chapter story) (SS= Short Story= Story with chapters <10)







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Credit to: Lifez_Beautiful

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