Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 9

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Recap: shivaay’s loan for sahil’s case. Dadi gets heart attack. Anika accompanies shivaay in his hardships and he thanked her

Dadi was okay now, she needed complete bed rest for a full month in order to recover. The oberois brought her home with full medical facilities and a nurse. The following days, anika kept on pestering prinku and omru calling one or other asking about dadi’s condition and on the third day they got tired of her and stopped attending her calls.
Anika took her champa and left for OM. She went in to meet dadi and sat with her. Om and prinku entered.
Om: anika finally aa gyi tum, dadi aapko pta hai jabse aap ghar aaye ho, isne hamara dimaag kha liya phone kar kar ke {{so you came anika, you know grandma since the day you got discharged she has been pestering us}}
Dadi: anika puttar, tu yha aa jati, itni chinta kyu karti hai puttar, jab tak mai apne teeno bandaro ki ishqbaazi ni dekh leti, maine kahi nhi jana {{ anika dear you could have come here. Don’t worry, I’m not going until i see ishqbaazi of my 3 monkeys}}
Shivaay: (he had just entered and heard his grandmother) dadi, aap jane ki baate kyu karti hai {{why do you have to talk about leaving}}
Rudra: bhaiyya idea, na hum ishqbaazi karenge, na dadi jayengi, logic {{bro, i got an idea. Neither we’ll do ishqbaazi nor she’ll go, logic….}}
Omru: shutup rudra
Dadi: chup khotiya

They all sat and chatted for a while and then they sat outside so that dadi could rest. After some time dadi had to take her medicine but the nurse was unable to convince her; dadi wouldn’t allow her. So anika went in, kept her distracted talking about silly stuff while the nurse gave her the injection. When dadi realized, she patted anika
Dadi: shaitan hai tu, dadi ko buddhu banaya {{naughty girl, fooled your grandma}}
Shivaay and om saw all of this and smiled.
Om: shivaay, aaj pehli baar dadi ne aram se dawai li hai, varna pichle 3 din me hume kitni mehnat karni padti thi. Anika is special {{ shivaay, last 3 days we had such a hard time making grandma have her injections but today anika did it so easily. She’s special}}
Shivaay: hm she is
Om: to tu bhi manta hai {{so you agree}}
Shivaay: (trying to cover up cause he didn’t want to look affected by her) ha to crazy log special hote hai om
Om smiled and left. Soon anika also left, she was sitting on her champa
Shivaay: firse dhoom to nhi machane wali? He said with a slight smile {{not gonna ride all fast and furious are you}}
Anika: aap to meri champa ke peeche hi padd gye {{you just won’t let my champa live peacefully, will you}}
Shivaay: just be safe. He turned to leave but then returned

Anika, kya tum kal shaam ko firse aa sakti ho, dadi ke liye {{can you come again tomorrow, for grandma}}
Anika: dadi ke liye?{{why?}}
Shivaay: unhe injection lene ke liye kafi manana padhta hai and aaj tumne situation ko kafi ache se handle kia so i was thinking tum part time nurse ban jao dadi ki, tumhara loan wala matter bhi sort ho jayga {{it’s really hard for us to convince her for taking her injections but you handled it very nicely, so i was thinking if you could be her part time nurse, it would also help you pay up the loan}}
Anika: Shivaay, dadi ke liye mai kabhi bhi aa sakti hu, unki sewa karke sirf aashirwaad lete hai, paise nhi {{Shivaay, i can come anytime for grandma. We look after our elders and take blessings not their money}}
Shivaay: i didn’t mean it that way, mai sirf islie keh rha tha ke tum apna koi kaam chod kar aa rhi hogi to tumhe problem ho jaygi {{ i didn’t mean it that way, i just didn’t want your job to be affected because of this}}
Anika: mai manage karlungi or ha maine abhi tak vo cheque bhara nhi hai. {{I’ll manage and i haven’t used that cheque yet}}
Saying this she left
Shivaay pov: ughh why can’t i say what i actually mean. I know her self respect matters a lot to her and i know she would never take money for this, i just want to help her. Why can’t she understand what i actually mean. And now she must be thinking that i see her as a money minded person. And why hasn’t she paid the lawyer yet, god this girl is mad. I’ll have to do something.
Anika reached home and spent the rest of her day with sahil thinking about what shivaay said.pov: what do i do? If i fill that cheque he’ll think worse of me than he already does. I need to arrange money for this case. And i just don’t get this guy, he asks for help and then insults me.

Next day, anika went to meet dadi. She saw some girl sitting in the hall with shivru.
Rudra: anika didi aap, aao inse milo, ye hai meghna didi, shivaay bhaiyya ki friend or business partner {{hey anika didi, this is meghna, shivaay’s friend and business partner}}
Anika: hello
meghna: hi anika.
Anika: rudra saumya kaha hai{{ where’s saumya}}
Rudra: didi vo kuch time ke liye Australia gayi hai, foreign exchange program me {{she’s gone to Australia for a students exchange program}}
Anika: okay
Shivru and meghna continued with their happy banter
Anika noticed how casual shivaay was with meghna, no awkwardness like their case. She felt a little low but then excused herself to meet dadi. She chatted with dadi and easily convinced her to take her injection. Dadi noticed she looked a little off
Dadi: kya baat hai puttar, tu pareshan lag rhi hai {{what is it dear, you look worried}}
Anika: kuch nahi dadi, mai ye soch rhi hu kab aap theek hongi or mai aapke saath dance karungi {{nothing grandma, just wondering when you’ll be fit so we could dance together}}
Dadi: ye dadi abhi itni bhi buddhi nhi hui hai ke aankhen na padh sake. Jhooth unse bolo, jinhe pakadna nhi aata. Chal bta ab {{ I’m not that old, i can read your eyes. Lie to those who can’t differentiate it from the truth, now tell me}}
Anika: kuch nhi dadi bas sahil ke case ke bare me soch rhi thi {{just thinking about sahil’s case}}
Dadi: puttar tune vakil se baat to ki hai na {{you have consulted a lawyer haven’t you}}
Shivaay: vhi to dadi, lawyer ki fees sun kar haar manli isne {{exactly grandma, she gave up because of the fees}}
Dadi: kyu puttar, paise chahiye to bta teri dadi abhi hai yha pe {{why dear, I’m here to help you}}
Anika: dadi aap to jante ho mujhe, mai aise paise nhi le sakti {{you know me grandma, i won’t take that money}}
Shivaay: ha dadi, ye to loan bhi nhi leti {{grandma, she won’t even take a loan}}
Dadi: billu use taane marna band kar or puri baat bta mujhe {{billu stop taunting her and tell me the whole story}}
So Shivaay tells her about his loan offer and how anika could work for them
Dadi: anika ye galat baat hai, billu ne itna acha idea dia hai or tu fir bhi nhi maan rhi. Puttar teri zidd sahil se badi to nhi ho sakti na {{anika this isn’t right, he gave such a nice offer and you’re being stubborn. You can’t let that over power your love for sahil}}

Anika got sentimental and said dadi kuch logo ko har rishte ki keemat lagane ki adat hai {{grandma, some people have the habit of putting a price tag on every relation}}
And she left. Dadi knew something happened must have happened between them.
Dadi: billu, kya kia tune {{billu, what did you do}}
Shivaay: dadi maine kuch nhi kia, ye ladki na pagal hai, mai kya bolta hu ye kya samajhti hai {{i didn’t do anything, this girl is mad, always misunderstands my words}}
Dadi: ja fir use samjha tu kya sochta hai {{then go tell her what you meant}}
Shivaay found her hiding behind a wall, sitting in the corner crying. He held her shoulders and made her stand. She wouldn’t look at him, so he first cleaned the tear drops from her face and then lifted her chin to look into her eyes.
Shivaay: anika tum mujhe galat samajh rhi ho. Mai janta hu tum money minded nhi ho. Mai sirf tumhari help karna chahta hu. Nurse wali baat maine islie kahi thi taki tumhari kuch help ho jaye. I was just hoping ke shayad tum ise as a job accept karlo but mai janta tha tum fir bhi aaogi
{{You misunderstood me anika, i know you’re not a gold digger. I just wanted to help. The whole nurse thing was only to help you so you could accept it as a job. I know you would have come for grandma even if i hadn’t mentioned it}}
Anika nodded so he left her face and went from there. Anika went back to say bye to dadi. Dadi could feel that everything was fine now. Few days passed like this, each day anika would come, make dadi take her medicine and help her eat. She took care of dadi with all her heart and dadi felt her love in all her actions. Shivaay saw her look after dadi with such care and love that he kept falling for her without even realizing. Later one night, after anika left
Dadi: anika bahut hi achi ladki hai{{ anika is such a nice girl}}
Om: ha dadi, uska dil bahut saaf hai, usne kitna kuch kia hai hamari family ke liye. Ab roz aapka dhyan rakhne bhi aati hai. Vaise dadi aap bhi na, hume kitna pareshan karti thi injection lene ke time par or anika ki baat ek baar me maan leti hai {{yeah her heart is pure. She’s done so much for our family. She looks after you everyday. And grandma you trouble us so much yet you listen to her Everytime she asks you take medicine}}
Dadi: puttar, vo to mai islie karti hu taki anika yha roz aaye {{i do that so she would keep coming}}
Om: very naughty dadi
Dadi: ye dono aise dur dur rahenge to inki ishqbaazi kaise shuru hogi {{if these two won’t meet, how will their ishqbaazi begin}}
Om: dadi aap janti ho na shivaay ko. Vo kabhi admit nhi karega {{you know shivaay, he’d never admit}}
Dadi: karega puttar karega{{ he will}}

Precap: bus accident
Shivaay: anikaaaaa

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