Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 8

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Recap: holi celebration, shivika’s drive to temple, Shivaay received an envelope
Shivaay took the envelope and khanna left. There was money inside. The same amount that was paid to the mechanic for fixing champa. He also found a letter –
Thank you, meri champa ko repare karane k liye but aapko paise dene ki zarurat nhi thi. Aapke liye ye choti baat hogi but mere liye nahi. Mai kisi pe depend nahi karna chahti, islie ye paise bheje hai.
{{Thankyou for getting my champa fixed but you didn’t need to pay, it must be a small thing to you but not for me. I don’t like to depend on anyone so I’m sending you the money}}
Shivaay realized she hated getting favours, so he texted her
S: mai janta hu tum paise khud pay karna chahti ho,i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, i thought we were friends {{i know you would pay it yourself, i didn’t mean to hurt you, i thought we were friends}}
A: we are isiliye to paise letter k saath bheje varna aapke mu par fek kar jati {{we are, otherwise i would have thrown the money on your face}}
S: acha {{oh really}}
A: sorry if that was rudr
S: it’s okay, tadi tum me vaise bhi bahut hai {{you got a lot of attitude}}
A: aapse kum {{less than you}}
S: forget it, ab zyada dhoom mat machana, khi stunt krte krte crash ho jaogi {{now don’t go all fast n furious, you’ll crash somewhere because of your stunts}}
A: ?
She wanted to say a lot, but she was overwhelmed seeing his caring side. They didn’t talk for the next few days, not because they had nothing to talk about, they had tons left to know about each other and any normal person would have texted or called their new friend to know more about them, to hang out but well they were shivika, they won’t call each other just like that cause somehow things end up getting awkward between them. It’s not because they didn’t have chemistry or couldn’t be friends. It was because they had too much chemistry, they had a spark between them that they were trying to avoid. And so they didn’t call each other just like that.

One day, anika was at the lawyer’s office when khanna saw her
Khanna: ma’am aap yha? {{Ma’am what are you doing here}}
Anika: khanna ji aap mujhe ma’am kyu keh rhe hai, anika hi kahiye{{ call me anika khannaji not ma’am}}
Khanna: acha, anika ji aap yha kya kar rhi hai sab theek h? {{Ok anika ji, what are you doing here, is everything all right}}
Anika: ha khanna ji bas apne bhai ki custody ke case ke liye aayi hu, or aap {{i came for my brother’s custody case, what about you}}
Khanna: Shivaay sir ke kaam se aaya tha. Aapka kaam ho gya ho to aapko drop kardu {{running shivaay Sir’s errand, if your work is done can i drop you}}
Anika: nhi khanna ji thank you, abhi vaise bhi mujhe time lagega {{no, thanks but i still got work}}
So khanna left from there and gave Shivaay the papers he was supposed to bring. He told shivaay about meeting anika and her reason for being there. Shivaay thought of meeting anika so in the evening he left for her home. When anika opened the door, she was surprised to see him.
A: aap yha {{you}}
S: apne friend ke ghar jana galat hai kya{{ visiting a friend isn’t wrong}}
A: nhi, aaiye {{no, come in}}
S: lawyer ne kya kaha sahil ke case ke liye{{what did the lawyer say}}
A: aapko kaise… Acha khanna ji{{how did you… Khannaji}}
S: hm, batao anika{{ tell me anika}}
A: lawyer ne kaha ke custody to mil jaygi but uski fees… Pichle lawyer ko maine sari savings dedi thi par ab…{{ He’ll take up the case but his fee… I gave all of my savings to the last lawyer so now…}}
S: anika, tum fees ki tension mat karo. I can help you{{ don’t worry about the fees, i can help you}}
A: aap jante hai mai aapse paise nhi lungi {{you know I won’t take your mo}}
S: anika, mai tumhe paise yuhi nhi de rha hu, loan samajh kar lelo. And you know Shivaay singh oberoi bina profit ki deals nhi karta. Tum mujhse loan lelo, lauta dena or agar nhi de payi to mere liye kaam karna padega. Simple {{take it as a loan, pay it back later or work for me. You know Shivaay singh oberoi only makes profitable deals}}
A: isme aap ka kya profit {{what’s your profit}}
S: sahil ka future secure ho jayga{{ sahil’s future will be secured}}, he deserves that, and friends should help each other you know.
A: par {{but}}
S: bas anika, its final. Ye lo cheque, bhar ke dedena apne lawyer ko or case ko jaldi khatam karo. {{Here’s the cheque, fill it and pay your lawyer. Finish the case fast}}
Before anika could say something, his phone rang and after listening to the caller, Shivaay was shocked, the phone fell from his hand. He lost his cool, he rushed outside and anika ran behind him.
A: Shivaay rukiye, kya hua, btaiye, shivaay aapka phone. {{Shivaay wait what happened, your phone}}

She reached his car and held his hand to stop him.
Btaiye shivaay kya hua. She gave him his phone {{ tell me what’s wrong}}
S: anika, dadi hospital me hai, mujhe jaldi jana h mera haath chodo {{anika leave my hand, i have to go. Grandma’s in the hospital}}
A: mai bhi chalungi{{ I’ll come with you}}
And so they quickly drove towards the hospital. Anika texted her friend chanda to go over to her place and look after sahil for a while. Anika saw Shivaay was in a panicked state.
A: shivaay dadi ko kuch nhi hoga{{ Shivaay don’t worry, grandma will be fine}}
S: anika dadi critical hai, heart attack {{she’s critical, heart attack}}
Before he could complete, he could feel the panic kick in. He couldn’t speak anymore. The fear of losing his dadi was creeping in. Anika held his hand which was on the gear. Her touch helped him relax and he drove like a maniac to reach the hospital.

At the hospital-
Everyone was sitting outside the OT, pinky and jhanvi were sitting with their respective husbands trying to be strong in such a crisis. Shivaay came in roaring like a lion. He threatened the doctor
S: agar meri dadi ko kuch hua to mai tumhe chhodunga nahi. Rudra prinku tum shaant ho jao, dadi ko kuch nhi hoga {{if anything happens to my grandmother i won’t spare you. Rudra prinku be calm, i won’t let anything happen to her}}
The shivaay in front of her was totally different from the one she was in the car with. That was billuji, who was scared for his dadi and this was sso, the protector who would stand like a wall to protect his family; he was the destroyer, who would destroy anyone who tries to harm his family. He was constantly consoling his brothers, assuring them that he wouldn’t let anything happen to their beloved dadi. Anika consoled prinku and brought coffee for everyone. A few hours later the doctor informed them that dadi was safe and she’ll be under observation until morning. The oberois were beaming with happiness, the dark clouds had passed and the sun was shining brightly for them. Om noticed that anika was still here
Om: anika, thank you prinku ko sambhalne ke liye {{thanks for being with prinku}}
Anika: kaisi baate kar rhe ho om, dadi meri kuch nhi hai kya, prinku meri dost nhi hai kya {{oh cmon om, she’s my friend and your grandma is like my own}}
Om: acha sorry bestie, but I’m glad tum yha thi hamare saath aise time par {{sorry bestie, I’m glad you were here with us at such hard times}}
Anika: bas bas senti singh oberoi, mai chalti hu sahil bhi ghar par hai {{ enough senti, i have to go sahil must be waiting}}
Om: chalo mai tumhe drop kardeta hu {{come I’ll drop you}}
Anika: nahi om, tum yahi raho, apni family ke pass, unhe tumhari zarurat hai, mai chali jaoungi {{don’t worry about me, you should stay here, your family needs you}}
Om: anika 12 baj rahe hai, tumhe koi auto ya taxi bhi nhi milegi, chalo {{anika it’s midnight,you won’t get a cab, come with me}}
Anika: ek minute om, mera bag Shivaay ki car me hai{{ just a minute om, my bag’s in shivaay’s car}}
Om: mai car ki keys laata hu shivaay se tum ruko {{I’ll get his keys}}
He went to talk to shivaay but instead of om, shivaay returned and asked anika to follow him as he was going to drop her.
Anika: shivaay aapko sabke saath rehna chahiye, mai manage karlungi, mujhe bas mera bag chahiye tha {{shivaay you should stay here, I’ll manage i just need my bag}}
Shivaay didn’t reply and signalled her to sit in the car. They drove off, it was a silent ride. When they reached her house
Shivaay: anika, thank you, mujhe shaant karne ke liye {{thank you for being with me at such a time}}
Anika: aapne hi kaha tha na, friends should help each other.(She knew she needed to lighten his mood)Vaise kamaal ho gya, aaj great shivaay singh oberoi ne mujhe thank you kaha, aaj to barish honi chahiye {{it’s a miracle, great shivaay singh oberoi thanked me today}}
Shivaay smiled at her, he knew why she did this. So he said good night and left.

Precap: Shivaay: firse dhoom to nhi machane wali? He said with a slight smile
Anika: aap to meri champa ke peeche hi padd gye

So guys i hope you like it. Please comment your views and suggestions. It motivates me to write more often. For faster updates please keep on showering your love through your comments.

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