Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 7

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Well some of you guessed correctly and some of you complained that the update was small well i wanted to leave the part on suspense so i kept it small.

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Recap: anika organized holi celebration party for oberois. Shivaay hugged anika on airport
But then he realized, he was hugging anika, he quickly let her go and she said – kya hua bhaiyya {{what happened brother}}
Shivaay’s jaw dropped.
Pov: Fhat the wuck, anika is calling me bhaiyya
She- Bhaiyya boliye na, aapki flight kaisi thi {{how was your flight brother}}
That is when he realized, it was Priyanka NOT anika
S: kuch nhi prinku, it was good, chalo ghar chale {{let’s go home prinku, my flight was good}}
Pov: damn it, mujhe ho kya gya hai. Mai us ladki ke bare me itna kyu soch rha hu. Or agar vo sach me anika hoti to kya ho jata. Why did i hug her man? Ugh… This is bad very bad
{{ What’s wrong with me? Why do i keep thinking about her? Had it really been her how would she react? Why did i hug her? Ugh this is bad, very bad}}

In the morning
Anika pov: chal anika jaldi jaldi kaam kar, fir vapis jakar sahil ke saath holi khelungi. {{Cmon anika, finish up quickly then I’ll play holi with sahil}}
She started dancing when she heard a voice
Person- Tum subah subah naach kyu rahi ho {{why are you dancing early morning}}
Anika: ( talking with herself but out loud) hadd ho gyi hai anika, tuje yha billuji nazar aa rhe hai, tera dimaag kharab ho gya hai, vo to yha hai hi nhi. Chal kaam par lag jaa {{enough anika, you are seeing billuji here when he isn’t at home. You’ve gone mad. Now get back to work}}
She started working when suddenly two hands came from behind and touched her cheeks very gently while applying color and she heard happy holi. An electric current passed through her body
She turned around to look at the person, even though she had recognized the voice very well. She couldn’t believe shivaay was standing in front of her.
Pov: anika tu pagal ho gyi hai, tu sapna dekh rahi hai, ye shivaay nhi hai {{I’ve lost it, I’m hallucinating. He isn’t here}}
Anika: ye
Before she could complete her sentence, rudra came
Rudra: bhaiyya chalo na, hi anika didi happy holi {{bro let’s go, happy holi anika}}
They left.
Pov: oh bete ki, vo to sach me shivaay the, acha hua maine kuch bola nhi. {{Omg that was really him. Thank god i didn’t say anything}}
Then she remembered, “hadd ho gyi hai anika, tuje yha billuji nazar aa rhe hai, tera dimaag kharab ho gya hai, vo to yha hai hi nhi. Chal kaam par lag jaa”
phel gya raita, shivaay kya soch rhe honge… Bhaagle anika, ghar chal ab. {{What will he think of me. It’s time to escape anika}}
She rode her champa lika a Ducati bike and reached home
Sahil: anika didi ye galat baat hai aapko hamesha sabse pehle mai colour lagata hu or aaj aapne pehle hi holi khel li {{this isn’t fair. I’m always the first one to play holi with you but today you’ve already played}}
Anika: sahil tu ye kaisi baat kr rha hai, maine kb kheli holi {{sahil what are you talking about, when did i play}}
Sahil: acha to ye color apne aap lag gya aapke face pe {{oh so this color got applied on your face magically right}}
Anika touched her cheeks and realized she had colour on her face. She recalled shivaay coming from behind, almost hugging her and applying color on her cheeks when he wished her for holi. She couldn’t stop blushing
Sahil: didi chalo, kha kho gayi aap.{{ Let’s go, what are you thinking}}

Rest of the day passed by enjoying. The next morning dadi called anika to come and collect her cheque. She left for OM on her champa (dhoom machate hue) and greeted everyone. They praised her for organizing everything so well. Dadi told her that she should come to OM on every occasion now, doesn’t need any invitation as she’s the official event organizer for OM. Anika was happy with the fact that they trusted her and appreciated her hardwork. She told dadi she couldn’t stay any longer as it was friday and she had to go to the temple. She took her cheque, kept it safely in her bag and started her champa. But it didn’t work
Anika: kya ho gya tujhe champa, tu bhi dhoka degi ab. Mai late ho rhi hu or tere nakhre khatam nhi ho rhe {{what’s wrong with you champa, how can you betray me. Here I’m getting late and you are showing attitude}}
Person: any problem?
Anika: ha ye champa, abhi to mai dhoom machate hue aayi thi ab pta nhi kya ho gya, start hi nhi ho rhi. {{Yeah this champa won’t start. I came a little while ago all fast and furious}}
She turned around to look at him, but got lost in his blue eyes at that very moment. Her heart rejoiced looking at him after so long.
Shivaay: dhoom machate hue, tum scooty ko bike k tarah chalaogi to kharab hogi hi na {{what fast and furious. Now if you’ll ride your scooty like a bike obviously it’ll stop working}}
Anika: meri champa ko aapne 2rs samjha hua hai, helicopter se kum nhi hai ye {{ what do you think my champa is incapable. It’s no less than your helicopter}}
Shivaay: it’s chopper. Forget it, chalo mai drop kardeta hu {{I’ll drop you}}
Anika: nhi uski zarurat nhi hai mai chali jaoungi {{no need, I’ll manage}}
Shivaay: tum abhi keh rhi thi tum late ho rhi ho, chalo ab {{you said you’re getting late, so let’s go}}

And so they left silently in the car. Both of them tried to turn the radio on at the same time so their hands brushed. With his touch anika remembered how he wished her holi. She was blushing hard which did not go unnoticed by Shivaay. To reduce the awkwardness he decided to chat a little
S: so tumne holi celebration ki bahut achi preparations ki {{you organized everything very well}}
A: hm thank you. Aapko acha laga hoga itne din baad family k saath {{you must have enjoyed being with family after so long}}
S: bahut, I missed {{a lot, i missed}}
A: hm?
S: omru ko, dadi ko sabko kafi miss kia {{omru, dadi. Missed everyone a lot}}
A: kab vapis aaye aap london se? {{ When did you get back from London}}
S: hm holi se pehle raat me, tumhe kaise pta mai London me tha {{night before holi, hey how did you know i was in London}}
A: rudra ne btaya abhi kuch din pehle {{rudra told me a few days ago}}
S: acha {{ok}}
They reached the temple so he stopped the car
A: aapko kaise pta mujhe yha aana tha? {{How did you know i had to come here}}
But then she remembered the get together drunk confession. Neither knew how to react, so anika said she must go now as she’s late and said thank you for the ride. Shivaay was embarrassed with the current situation so he drove off.
Khanna: ma’am dadi ne aapke liye gaadi bheji hai aapko ghar drop krne k liye or aapki scooty mechanic le aayga shaam tak aapke ghar. {{Ma’am grandma has asked me to drop you home and your scooty will be delivered by the mechanic at your house}}

Since dadi had sent the car, she couldn’t say no. In the evening the mechanic came with her champa. When she asked for the bill, he said it was paid by the oberois. She enquired about the amount and decided to send the money to OM. She called dadi to thank her but dadi didn’t know anything regarding this matter. Anika understood it was shivaay. So she texted him
A: thank you
S: for what now
A: for sending the car
S: dadi asked me
A: and then she forgot all about it, i guess
S: ok fine, you got me. You reached home safely that’s all that mattered.
A: ?
S: ?
It was obvious who had paid the mechanic. Next morning she gave an envelope to khanna and asked him to give it to shivaay and asked to him to not mention about her visit. Then she left for work
Khanna: sir ye aapke liye aaya hai {{sir, this came for you}}
Shivaay: what is it?
Khanna: pta nhi sir, important hai par (anika has given, has to be important) {{i don’t know sir, but it’s important}}

Precap:A: aapke mu par fek kar jati

I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait for the next update for the part in the precap, sorry

So guys i hope you like it. Please comment your views and suggestions. It motivates me to write more often. For faster updates please keep on showering your love through your comments.

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