Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 18

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NOTE: just a few more parts left for this ff to end.
Recap: Shivaay met anika, he thinks about his feelings for her and is very confused
He tried to sleep but couldn’t, so he thought of taking sleeping pills. He checked his drawer and while looking for the pills he actually found a ring, he remembered how he got it
When he was in the hospital, one day meghna and jhanvi were sitting with him. That was the only day meghna actually sat with him in the hospital. A nurse came up
N: sir ye aapki fiancée ki ring, OT me gir gayi thi {{ sir your fiancée’s ring fell in the OT}}
J: lao inhe dedo, yahi hai shivaay ki fiancée{{ yeah give it, this is his fiancée}}
N: oh sorry, ye vo dusri ma’am ki hai jo sir ke saath rukti hai{{ oh sorry, this belongs to the other lady that stays with him}}

J: oh acha, vo anika hai, shivaay ki dost{{ oh that’s anika, his friend}}
S: aap ring mujhe dedo{{ give this to me}}
She gave it to him and murmured something which was audible only to shivaay
N (murmured) kamaal hai, jo biwi ki tarah sewa kar rahi hai vo dost hai or ye heroine fiancée hai. Usi se shaadi kyu nahi karlete. Uski to aankhon me bhi pyaar nazar aata hai. Chodo mujhe kya
{{ Great, the friend looks after him like a wife and the fiancée sits here like a heroine. Why doesn’t he marry her, she clearly loves him. Whatever}}
Shivaay dismissed what she said

End of flashback
He had forgotten about it. He admired the ring thinking about her.
Pov – Everyone saw except me. But now i can’t do anything. I’m getting married in less then 10 days. It’s too late. He felt like crying
He goes to om’s room. They talk for a while.
Next morning anika came with her mission avoid shivaay and started her work. Shivaay found her working and came closer.
S: anika idhar aao{{ anika, come here}}

She walked closer and asked for the reason. He took her right hand and adorned the ring on her ring finger (of right hand, so that she doesn’t feel they’re engaged or something as shivaay was already engaged)
S: ye tumhari ring hospital me reh gayi thi, jab mili to mai dena bhool gya{{ your ring fell in the OT, i forgot to return}}

She said okay and left. Shivaay left for work came home late. The sample for his wedding card had arrived for final inspection. Everyone approved but they were waiting for shivaay’s opinion. He took the card with him and said he’d tell the next morning.
The next morning when anika came, rudra told her that shivaay has some work with her. Hesitantly she walked into the room. It was empty, so she turned around to leave when she heard him calling her to the pool area. What she saw, surprised her. The entire place was decorated with roses, a table for two in the center which was also covered with roses. Shivaay was neatly dressed up. He took her hand and brought her closer

S: anika, i don’t know how to say this. Tum janti ho mai apni feelings express nahi kar pata but ab mai or der bhi nahi kar sakta. You are very important for me. Mai yahi sochta raha ke tum meri dost ho lekin aisa nahi hai ( she was still shocked with what was happening and tears were brimming in her eyes) tum dost se bahut badh kar ho. You bring out the best in me. I know maine bahut time laga diya ye samajhne me lekin ab bhi mauka hai. Anika jab tum mere saamne aati ho, meri saanse ruk jati hai, dhadkane badh jati hai ( her tears flowed freely, she couldn’t believe what he said) jis din tumse nahi milta to mujhe michmichi hoti hai, or tum mujhe aise avoid karti ho to bahut dard hota hai. Pta nahi tumne kya raita faila diya hai lekin itna janta hu ke ab ise sametna bhi tumne hai. I really love you anika, will you marry me?

{{anika, i don’t know how to say this. You know i can’t express my feelings but now i can’t waste any more time. You are very important for me. I thought we were jist friends but you are more than that. You bring out the best in me. I know i took a long time to realize this but we still have time. When i see you, my heart beats faster, you take my breath away. If i don’t see you i feel wierd and when you ignore me, it hurts a lot. I don’t know what mess you’ve created in my life but i know you’ll only sort this. I really love you anika, will you marry me? }}
Anika couldn’t stop crying, what could she say. She couldn’t believe what just happened. She couldn’t understand whether all of this just happened or was it a dream. She was short of words while shivaay waited expectantly. She didn’t know what to say so she hugged him tight and he reciprocated. They could feel their love and after a long time they let go. Her face was smudged with tears.
A: i love you too shivaay, i love you a lot

S: are you sure anika, saari zindgi is tadibaaz ke saath reh sakogi{{ are you sure, Will you be able spend the rest of your life with this attitude King}}
A: mai aapke bina nahi reh sakti shivaay, or is tadibaaz ke saath ye tadibaaz hi reh sakti hai ( they laughed but then another fear popped up in her mind) lekin shivaay, mere pass nkk kuch nahi hai, aap mujhe aapna payenge{{ i can’t live without you shi, but i don’t have lineage, will you be able to accept that}}
S: anika tumhare nkk se zyada important tum ho. Mujhe tumhare nkk se fark nahi padhta{{ anika you are more important than your lineage, i don’t care about that anymore}}
A: and meghna

S: oh god anika ( he chuckled) apne baare me chodkar tum sari duniya ke baare me sochti ho, that’s why i love you so much ( she blushed). Uske baare me hum baad me baat karenge.
{{ Oh god anika, you think about everyone except yourself, that’s why i love you so much. We’ll talk about her later}}
He sat on one knee with a ring in his hand, it was a platinum band with a diamond and the letter S inscribed on it.
S: will you marry me and make me the happiest person alive?
A: yes shivaay
He made her wear the ring and then gave her a ring for him. It was also a platinum band with the letter A inscribed on it. We’re officially engaged he said, and kissed her hand. She felt butterflies in her stomach.

S: chalo ab, sabko batana bhi to hai{{ let’s go and tell everyone}}
But before they could go, om came and hugged anika. He congratulated them
Om: ab to khush ho na bestie oops sorry tumhara to promotion ho gya, bestie se bhabhi {{ happy now bestie, oops you’ve been promoted now, sister in law}}
(She blushed) A: om tumhe pata tha{( you knew om}}
Om: ha, rudy se bhi zyada bade duffer ko samjhana jo tha {{ yeah i had to handle the biggest duffer in the world}}
Shivaay hugged him and thanked him

After thinking about the hospital incident shivaay went to speak with om.
S: om, maine use kho diya om{{ I’ve lost her om}}
Om: kya bol rha hai shivaay{{ what are you talking about shivaay}}
S: ha om, tu sahi tha, anika dost se badhkar hai, zindgi hai vo meri, lekin maine use kho diya om. Waqt nikal gya ( he was in pain, and tears had brimmed up in his kanji eyes)
{{ You were right, anika is more than a friend, she’s my life but I’ve lost her. I’ve lost my chance}}
Om: akhir shivaay singh oberoi ko pyaar ho hi gya {{ so finally shivaay singh oberoi has fallen in love}}
S: kya fayda om, pyaar kya ehsaas bhi tab hua jab mai kisi or ka hone wala hu. I’m the most unlucky person om, tu sahi tha maine khud laat maar kr nikaal dia pyaar ko apni zindgi se
{{ What’s the point om, I’ve realized my feelings when I’m engaged to someone else. I’m very unlucky om, you were right, I’ve kicked love out of my life}}

Om: shivaay teri shaadi abhi hui nahi hai, we still have time. Tu meghna ko sach batade, vo maan jaygi{{ Shivaay you aren’t married yet. You have time so tell meghna everything}}
S: nahi om, agar ye shaadi tooti to dono families ki insult ho jaygi{{ no om, if we call tgis wedding off then both families will be insulted}}
Om: aisa kuch nahi hoga shivaay, abhi tak invites bhi nahi gaye hai, tu meghna se baat to kar vo maan jaygi{{ everything will be fine shivaay we haven’t sent the invites yet, so talk to meghna, I’m sure she’ll understand}}

S: or anika, kya vo mujhe accept karegi{{ will anila accept me}}
Om: tera pyaar sacha hai to zarur karegi. Uski aankhon me agar tune apne liye pyaar dekha hai to zarur karegi. Shivaay you have to do it. Ab tune apni feelings ko accept kia hai to tujhe sab theek bhi karna hoga. Apne pyaar ko jane mat de shivaay
{{ If your love is true, then she will. If you see love for you in her eyes, then she will. Shivaay you have to do it. Now that you have accepted your feelings then you have to fix everything. Don’t lose your love}}
S: ha om, I’ll not lose her, meri khushi sirf anika ke saath hai or mai use dur nahi jane dunga{{ i won’t lose her om, she’s my happiness and i won’t let her go away}}
Om: use hamesha khush rakhio shivaay, she deserves happiness{{ always keep her happy Shivaay, she deserves it}}
S: more than my life

And they hugged
End of flashback
Om: shivaay, meri bestie ke aankhon me ansu nahi aane chahiye{{ Shivaay, look after my bestie}}
S: i promise, ab chale sabko batana bhi to hai {{ i promise, now let’s go, we have to tell the family}}
They gathered everyone in the hall.

Precap: what will the family say? Will they accept shivika?

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