Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 16

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NOTE: in next 2-3 updates some major things are going to happen in their lives, so stay tuned.
Recap: shivaay gets back home, anika looks after him. Om asks shivaay yo think about his relation with anika
Om returned with his food. Kya socha tune shivaay{{ what have you thought Shivaay}}
S: om jaisa tu soch rha hai vaisa kuch nahi hai. Maine use bachaya cause vo meri friend hai, usse zyada kuch nahi {{ om you’re wrong. I saved her only because she’s my friend, nothing else}}
Om: ab tu apne aap se bhi jhooth bolega shivaay. Tu kyu nahi accept kar leta ke vo tere liye perfect partner hai, she brings out your best version
{{ So now you’ve started lying to yourself shivaay. Why can’t you accept that she’s the best partner for you. She brings out the best in you}}
S: nahi om, aisa kabhi nahi ho sakta, we are no match for each other {{ no om, this can’t happen, ever. We are no match}}
Om: ek reason de shivaay kyu vo tere liye sahi nahi hai {{ give me one reason}}
S: kyuki uske pass naam, khoon, khandaan nahi hai. Ha mujhe uska saath acha lagta hai but i can’t see a future with her. I can’t see her as the mother of my children or my wife. Mai janta hu vo jo hai apne bal par hai and I’m proud of her for that, but uska nkk nahi pta na. Or tu janta hai, mere liye lineage or family bahut matter karta hai.
{{ Because she doesn’t have name, lineage. Yes i like to be with her but i can’t see my future with her. I can’t see her as the mother of my children or my wife. She’s independent and self made and I’m very proud of her but she doesn’t know her background and all that is important for me}}
Om: wow shivaay, maine socha tha tia wali baat ke baad tujhe nkk ke aage bhi kuch dikhega, but tu vaisa hi hai ab bhi. Tujhe pata hai ye Jo tumhare beech me hai, bahut kum logo ko milta hai or tu ise laat maar kr nikaal rha hai. Tune kabhi socha anika ke point of view se. Vo is friendship ke baare me kya sochti hai. Sara din vo tera dhyan rakhti hai, jab tu rest karta hai vo teri shaadi ki preparations karti hai. Shivaay use tera dhyan rakhne ke liye kisi ne nahi kha, vo apne mann se karti hai. Jab use fracture hua tha, tu kyu roz uske liye special breakfast banata tha, usse roz baate karta tha, uski dawai ka dhyan rakhta tha, itna zyada to tu choti mai ke liye bhi nahi karta. Anyways teri life hai to tere decision ko mai badal nahi sakta. I just hope tu apne is decision se khush rahe hamesha.
{{Wow shivaay, i thought after the whole tia fiasco, you’d change but i was wrong. You know very few people get what you have with anika and you are kicking that out of your life. Have you ever thought what anika feels about your friendship. She looks after you the whole day and prepares for your wedding as well. No one has asked her to look after you, she does it cause she wants to. When she fractured her leg, why did you make breakfast for her every morning, why did you look after her, you’ve never done this much for your mother but you did it for her. Anyways it’s your life, your decision. I just hope you are happy}}

Saying so om left thinking about anika
Om pov: shivaay bilkul nahi badla, acha hua ye sab nkk wali baatein anika ne nahi suni, i know vo bhi ye baat janti hai, lekin ye sab vo shivaay ke muh se nahi sun pati. Mujhe kuch karna hoga. Dadi se jake discuss karta hu. {{ Shivaay hasn’t changed a bit. I’m glad anika wasn’t here. She knows Shivaay wouldn’t change but hearing all this first hand would have been unbearable for her. I have to do something about it, let me talk to grandma}}
Dadi and om came up with a plan to kill two birds with one arrow. They decided to keep anika away from shivaay. Shivaay might realize his feelings if he no longer got to see her or talk to her. And if he chose to ignore his feelings then atleast this distance would help anika get used to the pain of being away from him. It would help her move on.
Dadi kept on giving more tasks to anika so she couldn’t meet shivaay. The moment she finished one chore, another one would be ready for her. Meanwhile prinku took the role of shivaay’s nurse. Two days passed like this, shivaay was no longer on bed rest and his reports showed rapid improvement. Everyone thanked god, while om thanked anika.
Dadi to om: anika ka pyaar billu ko maut ke muh se nikal ke laya or uski tapasya se billu aaj bilkul theek ho gya {{ her love brought him back from the dead and her care fixed gis health}}
Om: lekin ye baat aapke billu ko samajh aaye to baat bane. Do din me hazaar baar anika ke bare me puch chuka lekin manega nahi. {{ If only your billu understood what his heart wants. In the past two days he’s asked about her a thousand times but he’ll never accept his feelings}}
Dadi: anika bhi taras gyi thi billu ko dekhne ke liye {{ even anika longs to be with him}}
Om: dadi, anika shivaay ke liye apna pyaar sacrifice kar rhi hai, vo janti hai shivaay nkk ke vajah se use accept nahi karega, islie usne shivaay ko na btane ka faisla kia {{ she’s sacrificing her love cause she knows he wouldn’t accept her due to his beliefs in lineage. So she decided never to confess her love}}
Dadi: rab kare billu jaldi samajh jaye{{ i hope god will make him understand}}
Om: ha dadi, 11 din me shaadi hai{{ yeah, 11 days left for the wedding}}
Anika went into shivaay’s room after two long days today. Om had gone to his gallery while dadi had gone to the temple so no one could stop her today. She didn’t really go to meet him or spend time with him.
A: shivaay aap in sherwanis me se select karke bataiye aap konsi pehnenge {{ select which dress you’d wear }}

Then she noticed meghna was sitting there holding his hand.
A: sorry meghna, maine aapko dekha nahi, mai baad me aati hu{{ sorry meghna i didn’t see you there. I’ll come back later}}
M: it’s okay anika, andar aa jao, shivaay choose kar lega abhi {{ it’s ok, just come in, shivaay will select}}
S: meghna tum kyu nahi choose karti{{ meghna why don’t you choose one for me}}
M: sure ( she isn’t bad, she’s a nice person but her business is her priority and since she isn’t a member of oberoi family yet so she’s not attached to them and doesn’t express her emotions in front of everyone, she doesn’t like to show her vulnerabilities)
She chose one and excused herself to attend a call
S: anika, tumhe konsi pasand hai {{ which one do you like anika}}
Although anika thought about how nice he’d look in the white one ( with golden work) she didn’t want to tell him. She thought what if he preferred her choice over meghna’s then it would be bad for their relationship.
A: sabhi achi hai, aapko jo pasand hai jaldi batiye fir mujhe designer se uski fitting bhi karani hai. {{ They’re all very nice, choose whichever you like then I’ll get the fittings done}}
Meghna reentered.
A: sangeet or mehendi ki aap dono ki coordinated dresses bhi aa chuki hai. Ab btaiye jaldi {{ your coordinated dresses for the other functions have arrived. Tell me fast}}
( all this while, she was trying to avoid eye contact with him, looking into his eyes would be very painful for her especially because he was sitting with his fiancée whom he’s going to marry in 11 days)
Shivaay noticed that anika was a little nervous, but he didn’t understand why. He asked her to leave the dress there saying that he’d send the others after selecting.
A: choreographer aane wala hai aaj, lekin aap abhi dance mat karna doctor ne kuch din zyada physical activities karne se mana kia hai{{ the choreographer will come soon but the doctor has advised you to refrain from physical activities for a while so take rest}}
And then she left. Pov- two days, i saw him after two days, even though we’re here under the same roof. I thought it would soothe my pain. But seeing him with someone else increased the pain exponentially. How will i live without him
Coincidentally shivaay chose the sherwani anika liked. When your hearts are in sync, having the same choice isn’t really a coincidence. She was a little surprised to see how their choices matched and then cursed her life for such a fate. Later at dinner she saw shivaay and meghna sitting together and she saw him smile.
Pov- he’s happy with her, he’s been with her the whole day. I can’t stay here.
She went to dadi and jhanvi
Jhanvi: kya baat hai anika, pareshan kyu ho{{ what happened anika, you look worried}}
Anika: vo jhanvi maa, ab to sab theek ho chuka hai, mera per bhi or shivaay ki tabiyat bhi to mai ghar jana chahti thi {{ jhanvi mom, now my injuries have healed and shivaay’s health has also improved so i wanted to go back home}}
Jhanvi: beta to kya hua, ye bhi to tumhara ghar hai, ek baar shadi ho jaye fir chali jana {{ anika what’s the need, this is also your home and you can go back after the wedding}}
Anika: jhanvi maa vo sahil bhi camp se vapis aa gya hai or vo gali ke dosto ko kafi miss bhi karta hai, yha sab shaadi ke kaam me busy hote hai to vo akela pad jata hai {{ sahil is back from camo and he misses his friends and since everyone is busy with preparations, he gets lonely here}}
Dadi understood anika wanted to go away from him as it was getting too painful for her
Dadi: theek hai puttar tu ghar ja, jhanvi sahil ka yha mann nhi lag rha hoga na ise jaane de {{ ok dear, you can go. Jhanvi don’t force her, sahil must be feeling lonely here}}
She packed her stuff and informed omru and prinku that she won’t be staying at OM any longer. Om dropped her and sahil home
Om: bye sahil. He knew she was in pain.

Anika yaad rakhna dard baantne ke liye tumhara bestie hamesha hai tumhare saath. {{ Anika never forget you have your bestie if you want to talk about it}}
He thought she might open up or atleast cry to let her pain out but she just hmmed in response so he left. After sahil slept, she cried herself to sleep.
At OM, shivaay couldn’t sleep either. He was thinking about his day. How everything reminded him of his moments with anika. When he was talking to meghna in the evening, she said workaholic which reminded him of the time anika confused workaholic with alcoholic, making him smile. At dinner they were served mix vegetable which reminded him of her soup again making him smile( that’s when anika had noticed him). He couldn’t understand what was happening. He thought he was missing spending time with her but he brushed away the thought thinking he was just used to her presence. The past few days they had spent too much time together that’s why he was thinking about her. He thought of talking to her but when he went to her room it was empty.
Shivaay pov: where is she, sahil’s also missing, let me check Grandma’s room. He looked for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. At last he went to Rudy’s room where the trio omrupri were sitting and chatting.
S: om tune anika ko dekha kya, vo apne room me nahi hai, sahil bhi nahi hai{{ have you seen anika anywhere. Both sahil and anika are missing}}
P: bhaiyya vo to chali gayi, sabko pta hai ye to {{ bro everyone knows she left}}
S: chali gayi matlab {{ what do you mean left}}
O: apne ghar gyi vo shivaay {{ she went home Shivaay}}
S: (mujhse kyu nhi mili) tumne use roka kyu nahi {{ why didn’t she meet me…. Why didn’t you guys stop her}}
R: bhaiyya, unhe apne ghar jana tha vo chali gayi isme problem kya hai. Vaise bhi vo yaha hamesha ke liye thode aayi thi {{ bro she wanted to go back to her house so she left, what’s the problem. She wasn’t going to stay here forever anyway}}
P: ha bhaiyya, uska per theek ho gya, aap bhi theek ho gya or shaadi ki tayyari bhi kafi hadd tak ho chuki, to vo chali gyi ghar {{ yeah bro, her leg was fine, you are no longer ill and she’s done with most of the preparations so she left}}
O: tu use kyu dhund rha tha {{ WHY WERE you looking for her}}
S: vo mujhe usse kuch kaam tha {{ I had some work}}
R: bhaiyya kaam to kal bhi ho jayga jab didi aaygi. Aap yha baitho hamare saath isse pehle aap parayadhan ho jao {{ work can he done tomorrow when she’ll come. Now sit with us before you go away from us}}
S: rudra abhi mujhe rest karna mai jata hu, you guys have fun {{ rudra i need to rest, you guys carry on}}
Shivaay was angry, more than that he was hurt
Pov: how could she leave without meeting me. She told everyone but me. And why am i getting hurt over this, so what if she left, it’s not a big deal. She had to leave anyway after my marriage. If she didn’t bother telling me, then even i don’t care.

Precap: shivaay goes to meet anika.

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