Dil Tadap ke kehta hai โ€“ part 15

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Note: If you feel this story is becoming boring or is being dragged then please let me know. And dear readers please be patient, good days are going to come in their lives soon. In this update and in the next one, shivaay is going to face reality

Recap: Anika saved Shivaay, hospital moments. Anika shares her pain with om, om promises her that he won’t tell shivaay about her feelings.
Shivaay rudra and shakti were in one car and pinky and om in another
Pinky: Kahi hum galti to nahi kar rhe shivaay or meghna ki shaadi karwake {{ i feel shivaay and meghna’s marriage is a mistake}}
Om: choti maa, hum itne time se jaante hai meghna ko, aapko pata hai na vo shivaay ke tarah hai Business ke case me {{ Pinky mom, we’ve known meghna for a while. We know how important her business is for, she’s just like him when it comes to work}}
Pinky: ha par yha shivaay ki oh my maata ho rakhi hai, hospital bed me tha mera bacha, to ruk sakti thi. Itna kathor dil to mera shivaay bhi nhi hai.{{ My son was admitted in the hospital and still she didn’t bother meeting him. Even my shivaay isn’t so stone hearted}}
Om: choti maa, aap tension mat lo. Agar inki shaadi nahi honi hogi to nahi hogi, Jaise pehle tooti thi.{{ Don’t worry. If this wedding is not meant to be then it won’t happen}}
Pinky: ek taraf ye anika hai, itna khayal rakhti hai shivaay ka, dost hai fir bhi shivaay ka saath nhi chodti or ek taraf meghna jo apne hone wale pati se sirf ek baar milne aayi. Maata rani mere bache ko khush rakhna bas {{ on one side there’s anika who cares so much, she’s his friend yet she’s with him in every situation and on the other side there’s meghna who met her fiance in the hospital hardly a couple of times. Oh god please keep my son happy}}
Om pov: jo ladki use khush rakhti hai, vo use batana nahi chahti or vo khud kuch samajhta nahi. Ab to choti maa ko bhi nazar aa rha hai shivaay ki bhalai kisme hai. I hope shivaay ko realize ho jaye uski feelings {{ the girl who keeps him happy doesn’t want to confess and shivaay himself never sees through her. Even Pinky mom understands who’s better for Shivaay. I hope he realizes his feelings}}
They reached home and everyone welcomed shivaay. Omru took him to his room where everything was ready – all his medicines were placed in a box and kept on the bedside table, clean kurta pyjamas were kept on the bed, fruits and water kept on his table – for his comfort. Shivaay was a little surprised
S: mom bhi na, itna kuch {{ mom has done so much}}
Rudra: bhaiyya, ye sab choti maa ne nahi anika didi ne kia hai {{ bro, anika did all this preparation for you}}
Shivaay couldn’t stop smiling. He lied down on the bed and was thinking about her when she entered.
A: shivaay juice aapke liye {{ juice for you shivaay}}
S: anika, come sit. She sat near his feet on the bed
S: thank you anika, tumne itna kuch kiya mere comfort ke liye {{ thanks for doing all this for my comfort}}
A: shivaay aapko thanks karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai. sso itni baar thanks bolte hue ache nahi lagte. He laughed heartily. Ab juice pejiye{{ you don’t need to thank me. Sso doesn’t look nice thanking so many times. Now have this juice}}
S: um mujhe coffee chahiye {{ i want my coffee}}
A: nhi milegi, doctor ne kha hai ek hafte tak no coffee (while talking she started cleaning his room like a wife) apni sairabano ko kuch din ke liye bhool jaiye {{ nop, no coffee for the next few days. The doctor has strictly prohibited coffee}}
S: okay ma’am, kya kar rhi ho tum yahan baitho mere pass. {{ Okay ma’am. What are you doing, come and sit here}}
She felt a little nervous but obliged. Shivaay tried to pull her hand to bring her closer but ended up straining himself
S: ahhh
A: shivaay, aap theek to haina, kya hua shivaay (she hovered over him trying to examine what hurt him). {{ Shivaay are you ok? What happened?})
Their faces were just inches apart. He was lost in her deep brown eyes, drowning in the endless ocean of care and concern for him whilst she was getting nervous by their proximity and his gaze.
S: I’m fine anika, relax, sit. She moved away from his body but sat as close as etiquettes would allow.
A: mujhe kaam hai abhi or aapko rest karna chahiye {{ i have work to be done and you should rest}}
S: acha, kya kaam hai tumhe (he was grinning) {{ really, which work}}
A: 15 din baad aapki shaadi hai, bahut tayyari karni hai {{ you’re getting married after 15 days and i have a lot to do}}
The grin on his face was immediately wiped. He said ok and let her go. Later when shivaay was asleep, anika came in, caressed his hair and face, covered him up with a blanket and kept some water for him.
Anika pov: shivaay ke saath nahi reh sakti hamesha lekin jab tak yha hu unka khayal to rakh sakti hu, yaadein samet sakti hu. Kya kismet hai meri, pehli baar pyaar hua to vo bhi us insaan se jo kabhi mera ho nhi sakta. {{I can’t be with him forever but till the time I’m here, I’m going to look after him and make as many memories as i can. I have such bad luck, i fell in love for the first time but i can’t bw with him ever}}
A lone tear escaped her eyes and she left.
She worked as long as shivaay was asleep and tried to be with him at all times he’s awake. She fed him, gave him medicines and had fun when omru joined them. It was like history was repeating only this time he was on the bed while she looked after him. Two days later, she brought food for him
A: shivaay your lunch, no oil and less spices, totally healthy
S: ye kis cheez ka soup hai {{ what soup is this}}
A: mix vegetable soup ( she said with a beaming smile) maine khud banaya aapke liye {{ I’ve prepared this mix vegetable soup for you}}
S: okay let’s see. He took a sip and felt like puking. Anika wow, very tastyi
Looking at that smile, he would have taken poison from her although the soup was no less than that.
A: itna acha hai, mai bhi taste karungi {{ oh really, let me also taste then}}
S: nahi ye mera lunch hai{{ no, this ia my lunch}}
A: arey ek sip se kya hoga, itni mehnat se banaya hai taste to karne dijiye. {{ Oh cmon just a sip. It’s my hardwork atleast let me taste }}
She pouted, he lost control over himself so anika snatched the bowl.
Shivaay pov: oh so cute, i wish i could kiss those lips right now. Fhat the wuck shivaay, ye tu kya soch rha hai, she’s just a friend, teri shaadi hai kuch din me, control
{{ Oh so cute, i wish i could kiss those lips. Fhat the wuck shivaay stop fantasising about her, she’s a friend and you are getting married}}
She took a sip and screamed
A: chee yuck itna ganda soup, ugh mujhe michmichi ho rahi hai. Shivaay aapne jhooth kyu bola{{ eww yuck this is gross. I feel disgusted. Shivaay why did you lie to me}}
She kept the soup aside, took one strawberry from the fruit basket and popped it in her mouth. When shivaay tried to speak, she pushed one in his mouth.
A: ab kuch better lag rha hai, aapne jhooth kyu bola, ye soup to aapki kali coffee se bhi zyada bura tha{{ better… Shivaay why did you lie, this soup is worse than your espresso}}
S: it’s espresso anika, or tumne pehli baar kuch banaya tha mere liye, itni khush thi tum, mai nahi chahta tha tume bura lage {{ you cooked for me for the first time, you were so happy, i didn’t want to hurt you}}
A: shivaay mujhe khush karne ke liye aap ye zeher jaisa soup pee jate{{ you would drink this poisonous soup for my happiness}}
S: ha toh kya{{ of course}}
She didn’t know how to react and he just realized what his words implied.
A: mai aapke liye kuch acha khaana banwake laati hu, aap ye kela khalo tab tak {{ have this banana, I’ll ask the cook to prepare something for you}}
When she left, shivaay was thinking about what just happened. Had someone else made that soup he would have fired that person but he was ready to drink it to make her happy.
Om: shivaay choti maa wedding dress yha mangwa rahi hai tu select karlio- said om while entering the room. kya hua shivaay itna seriously apni shaadi ke bare me soch rha hai, abhi bhi waqt hai {{ shivaay the designer is sending your wedding dress here so choose your outfit… What are you so deeply thinking about? Your marriage? You still have time}}
S: kya bol rha hai om, mujhe kuch samajh nhi aaya {{ i didn’t get you om}}
Om: samajh nhi aaya ya tu samajhna nahi chahta, tu janta hai mai kya baat kar rha hu, moreover kiski baat kar rha hu. Ab bhi der nahi hui hai shivaay, soch kyu use bachane ke liye tune goli khai, dosto ko log bachate hai lekin unke liye goli nhi khate. Tujhe ab bhi lagta hai vo sirf teri dost hai. Jabse tujhe goli lagi hai, sirf vahi hai jisne tujhe sambhala. Sirf abhi hi nhi, teri har problem me vo tere saath khadi rehti hai. Meghna jise tu perfect partner kehta hai, tujhse milne bhi mushkil se aati hai. Shivaay partners have to be together in sickness and in health. Phere ho jane ke baad hi saath nibhana ho aisa zaruri nahi. Ek baar, bas ek baar apne dil se puch tere liye kya sahi hai
{{ you didn’t or you don’t want to. You know what moreover whom I’m talking about. You still have time, just think Shivaay, why did you take a bullet for her. Friends don’t take such huge risks. Do you still believe she’s just a friend. Ever since you’ve been shot, she’s the only who looked after you. Infact she’s been with you, supporting you through al your problems. You say that meghna is your perfect partner when she rarely visited you in the hospital. Shivaay partners have to be together in sickness and in health. And you don’t need to have taken your wows to support your partner. Just once ask your heart what’s right for you}}
Shivaay was confused now. Pov-
Kyu bachaya tha maine anika ko, kyu uske liye goli khai. Kyu hai vo mere liye itni important. Kyu jab use kuch hota hai mai bardasht nahi kar pata. Or kyu mai uski taraf attract ho jata hu. Do i feel for her. Nhi nhi shivaay, aisa kuch nahi ho sakta no
{{ Why did i save her? Why did i take a bullet for her?why is she so important? Why do i get attracted towards her? Why can’t i see her in pain? Do i feel for her? No that can’t happen}}
Om returned with his food. Kya socha tune shivaay {{ what have you thought Shivaay}}

Precap: Anika: dadi mai ghar vapis jana chahti hu

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  1. Sam

    Beautiful!! These realisation parts really nice.. Tubelight billuji๐Ÿ˜…really amazing episode.. โค

  2. Zoya

    When words fail to express my love for this ff
    Great going.
    Waiting for the next update impatiently

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    |Registered Member

    Awesome epi dear!!! Really nice how u strted this ff… even i always used to think why don’t they just use their damn phones to recored conversations rather thn just sayin stuff.
    I really like ur story… shivay goin to see anika’s dance every friday…. anika and shivay friendship… their convos… their care for each other.
    It’s so nice to see anika caring for shivay like this… doin everything he needs before he even says abt it. Even pinky can see the chemistry and love between shivika but our idiot shivay can’t. Hope om’s words knock some sense into his head and he accepts his feelings for anika. When he drank the soup anika made… aww ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜.
    When anika was hurt the way shivay cared for her was so nice… their talks at night and when he left his engagement in the middle to help anika… ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…. when all the family members showered their love on anika. Everything is just great.
    Read this part and found it intrestin and felt the urge to read all the parts at once… it’s just great… will try my best to comment on each epi.

    • Shivika4eva



      Thank you dear for acknowledging my logic and appreciating the story and all those little moments. Your love reflected on my face in the form of a smile…

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