Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 14

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Recap: Shivaay and anika are bonding. Shivaay engaged, anika is upset. Shivaay took a bullet for anika, his condition is critical. His heart stopped
Anika ran through the family screaming his name and entered the ICU
Doctor: aap please bahar jaiye, aap yha nahi aa sakti {{ ma’am plz move out, you can’t be here}}
Anika: ( while crying) ek minute doctor, (she cupped shivaay’s face) shivaay please aankhen kholiye please shivaay {{ just a minute doctor. Shivaay please open your eyes pleas}}
Doctor: maam aap samajh nhi rhi hai, please hume dekhne dijiye {{ ma’am why don’t you understand, let us do our job}}

Anika: aap bilkul theek ho jayenge shivaay please bas mujhse baat kijiye, mujhse ladiye please, bas ek baar please shivaay mai aapse bahut pyaar karti hu shivaay please
{{ Shivaay you’ll be fine, just talk to me, fight with me, please just once. I love you shivaay please}}

A tear drop from her eyes fell on shivaay and that was it, the machine started beeping cause his heart started beating again. Her tears brought him back, like they were holy water. Her love brought him back. The doctors declared that he was out of danger. Anika was so happy, seeing shivaay like this had stopped her heart but now both their hearts had revived. She held his hand close to her face and kissed it.

Dadi: maut ke muh se kheench layi anika mere billu ko {{ she brought my child back from the dead}}

Anika caressed his face amd felt his heart beat strongly beneath her hand. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him, she didn’t want to, how could she. Doctors sent her out to look after shivaay. Omru, dadi and pinky hugged her. They finally smiled after such a terrible time. Meghna had also come, she was worried about shivaay.
The oberoi ladies left for rhe temple to do a special pooja for shivaay’s health. Meghna left for home due to security reasons, after all the attack was meant for her. Omru stayed inside with shivaay in his room and they sent anika with prinku so she could freshen up and change. Anika didn’t want to leave shivaay but omru forced her to go.

Few hours later shivaay gained consciousness. Omru hugged and kissed him
Om: oh thank god, tu theek hai. Dara dia tha tune to {{ thank god you’re ok, you scared the hell out of us}}
The first word that came out of his mouth was her name
Shivaay: anika kaha hai, vo theek hai na, use kuch hua to nahi{{ where’s anika, is she ok}}
Rudra: anika didi bilkul theek hai bhaiyya aap shant ho jao {{ she’s fine, calm down bro}}
Shivaay was very weak yet he was only concerned about her right now.

Shivaay: kha hai vo, use bulao na {{ where’s she,call her}}
Om: shivaay vo yahi thi, par {{ she was here but}}
Shivaay: par? {{But?}}
Rudra: humne unhe ghar bhej dia {{ we’ve sent her home}}

Om: shivaay teri condition dekh kar vo khud ko blame kare ja rhi thi, use trauma se nikalne ke liye humne use ghar bhejdia or{{ she kept on blaming herself for your condition, so we’ve sent her home to get her out of this trauma}}
Rudra: or prinku ne unhe kisi tarah neend ki goli dekar sula diya {{ and prinku probably gave her sleeping pills}}

Shivaay: par uski koi galti nahi thi, vo aise kaise soch sakti hai {{ but it wasn’t her fault, how can she think like this}}
Rudra: bhaiyya vo khud ko aapki is halat ka zimmedar manti hai {{ she thinks she’s responsible}}
Shivaay: vo aisa kaise soch sakti hai, mujhe usse baat karni hai, mujhe lekar chalo {{ how can she think like this, i have to talk to her, take me to her}}
Om: shivaay relax vo aa jaygi tab baat karlena please, rudra nurse ko bula, shivaay ka heart rate badh rha hai {{ Shivaay relax she’ll come here later. Rudra get the nurse his heart rate is increasing}}

Shivaay was stressing himself, so the nurse gave him a sedative so he could rest.
When shivaay woke up, he could sense her. Omru were sitting on the couch in the room
S: anika ( anika just entered his room)
A: aapko hamesha kaise pta chal jata hai ki mai hu {{ how do you get to know every time}}
S: bas pta chal jata hai {{ i just know}}
Anika looked at him crying with happiness, happy to see him breathing, happy to see his kanji eyes.
A: aap theek hai na? {{ Are you ok?}}

S: tum theek ho?{{ Are you?}}
A: goli aapko lagi thi{{ you took the bullet}}}}
S: goli tum pe chali thi{( you were shot}}
A: aapne mujhe bacha lia{{ you saved me}}
S: or tumne mujhe bacha liya {{ and you saved me}}
A: aap theek to hai na {{ are you ok?}}
S: ab theek hu, itni dur kyu khadi ho{{ I’m now. Come closer}}

She came forward and held his hand. Sad version of oh jaana played in the background while they looked at each other. Their eyelock was broken when pinky and meghna entered, anika left his hand and moved back standing next to omru. Pinky and meghna sat next to shivaay.
Pinky: shivaay, beta uth gaya tu, dekh mai tere liye soup layi hu {{ shivaay you’re awake, look I’ve got soup for you}}
Pinky fed him a little. Meghna came closer and held his hand. He didn’t feel right, he looked at anika standing far away. A tear escaped his eyes

Pinky: kya hua shivaay, tu ro kyu raha hai, dard ho rha hai kya? Meghna ja doctor ko bula ke la.
{{ what happened shivaay, why are you crying, does it hurt? Meghna go get the doctor}}
Meghna left, anika was scared and wondered why shivaay was crying
S: acha nahi lag rha hai {{ it doesn’t feel good}}
Pinky: kya acha nahi lag rha hai, bta khana acha nahi lag rha hai to roega? Bta kya chahie {{ what doesn’t feel good? Is the soup bad, why are you crying for that? Tell me what do you need}}
S: kuch nahi chahiye {{ nothing}}

Pinky left to look for meghna who had yet not returned with the doctor.
Anika came closer and held his hand firmly. She wiped his tears and caressed his hair. She then fed him his soup, while omru admired the two. They could clearly see the love flowing between the two.
Rudra: kash shivaay bhaiyya anika didi se shaadi karle O, abhi bhi 18 days baki hai unki shaadi me {{ i wish he married her, O they still have 18 days left}}
Om: i hope so too rudra, meghna achi ladki hai but vo shivaay se pyaar nahi karti. Shivaay or anika perfect match hai. Lekin ye dono is baat ko kabhi accept nahi karenge. I don’t know shaadi ke baad kya hoga. Shivaay to business me doob jayga lekin anika ka kya hoga
{{ I hope so too rudra, meghna is a nice girl but anika is the one for Shivaay. But they just don’t admit their feelings for each other. After marriage shivaay will immerse himself in work, i don’t know how anika will cope}}

Outside the room, Pinky had been looking for meghna who was busy on the phone
Meghna: pinky mom, i have to leave, i have an important meeting, i have talked to the doctor he’ll see him in a while}}
Pinky: kamaal ki ladki hai, fiance yha hospital me hai, ise business ki padi hai. Aisa to mera shivaay bhi nhi karta. {{ What kind of a girl is she, her fiance is in the hospital in she’s going for work. My shivaay is better than her}}
She went back inside and saw anika was helping shivaay sit more comfortably

Pinky: shivaay, soup khatam kar lia tune, abhi to keh rha tha acha nahi lag rha {{ Shivaay you had your soup but you just said you didn’t like it}}

Rudra to om: anika didi itne pyaar se de rhi thi, soup to kya bhaiyya karele ka halwa bhi kha jate (giggles) {{ anika fed him with love, he would take bitterguard cake from her}}
Om: shut up rudra, choti maa sun lengi, but ha, shivaay kha zarur leta ( smiles) {{ shut up rudra, pinky mom would hear. But yeah, he would eat}}
Pinky: chalo acha kuch khaya to sahi, meghna office gyi hai baad me milegi tujhse {{ well good you’ve had the soup. Meghna left for work she’ll meet you later}}
Pinky went out and took om along with her

Pinky: om, tum log yahi rehna shivaay ke pass mai doctor se milke fir ghar jaa rhi hu. Meghna aaye to btana mujhe. Kaisi ladki hai ye, is samay to kaam chod sakti thi.
{{ Om you stay here with shivaay. I’ll go home after speaking with the doctor. If meghna comes let me know, god knows what kind of a girl is she, has to work at such hard times also}}
Pinky left, and omru sat outside the room giving some privacy to shivaay and anika
A: shivaay aapko kuch chahiye, mai laou {{ shivaay should i get something for you}}
S: ha chahiye, tumse explanation. Tum aisa kyu sochti ho meri halat tumhare vajah se hai {{ yes i need an explanation from you, why are you blaming yourself}}

A: shivaay aapko meri vajah se goli lagi {{ you took the bullet to save me}}
S: nahi anika, tumhe bachane ke liye mai ek baar nahi baar baar goli kha sakta hu {{ anika i can take a bullet for you any day}}
A: kyu {{ why}}
S: mai tumhe kho nahi sakta{{ cause i can’t lose you}}
A: kyu shivaay, aisa kyu {{ why shivaay}}
S: tum…. Tum… Tum meri {{ you… You.. you’re my}}

A: dost hu islie ( she knew he couldn’t say it) {{ friend that’s why}}
S: ha {{ yes}}
A: aapko aise dekh kar meri jaan nikal gyi thi, mujhe laga aap bhi mujhe chod kar chale jayenge {{ i was dying every moment seeing your condition, i thought you’d leave me forever}}
S: anika, maine tumhe promise kia hai mai nhi jaounga or Shivaay singh oberoi apne promise pure karta hai. Vaise bhi shivaay singh oberoi ki jaan itni asaani se nhi ja sakti Ab rona band karo tum {{ anika i promised you o won’t leave you, and sso doesn’t break his promise. And you know sso can’t die so easily. Now stop crying}}

A: shivaay aap rest kijiye, mai abhi aati hu. {{ You take rest I’ll be back}}
Saying so she went outside. So rudra sat along with shivaay. Anika hid behind a pillar and cried
Pov: kaise bataoungi mai shivaay ko kitna pyaar karti hu mai unse jab vo mujhe sirf dost maante hai. Kahin batane ke baad unhone mujhse dosti tod di to mai kya karungi. Nhi anika tu nhi bta sakti, vaise bhi unki shaadi hone wali hai
{{ How do i tell you i love you shivaay, when I’m only a friend for him. What if he breaks his friendship with me when i confess, how will live then. No i can’t confess, he’s going to marry meghna in a few days}}

She felt a hand on her shoulder, “no anika”, she turned to face him
Om: anika tum apni feelings nahi chupa sakti, tumhe shivaay ko btana hoga tum usse pyaar karti ho. Tum nahi bataogi to mai bta dunga {{ anika you can’t hide your feelings. You have to confess your lobe. If you won’t then i will tell him}}
Anika: nahi om please aisa mat karna, shivaay kabhi mujhe accept nahi karenge {{ no om please don’t. He’ll never accept me}}
Om: anika vo tumhare liye goli kha sakta hai, tumhe accept kyu nahi karega {{ anika he took a bullet for you, why won’t he accept you}}

Anika: shivaay ke liye mai sirf dost hu. Or vo mujhe nhi apna sakte, tum jante ho unke liye naam, khoon, khandaan kitna important hai. Mujhe to apne asli parents ke bare me bhi nahi pta. Agar maine unhe bta diya to vo mujhe dost ki nazar se bhi nhi dekhenge or unhe puri tarah khona mai bardasht nahi kar paoungi. Please om, tum ye baat unhe nahi bataoge
{{ I’m just his friend. You know blood, lineage and class are important for him. And i have none. If i tell him, he would despise me and i can’t lose what little part of him i have. Please om you won’t tell him}}

Om: theek hai anika mai nahi bataounga, lekin ye jo tum kar rhi ho, shivaay ki shaadi meghna se hote hue dekh paogi, itna dard bardasht kaise karogi {{ fine i won’t but you aren’t right either. How will you see him marry meghna, how will you bare this pain}}
Anika: zindgi ne sirf dard hi to dia hai mujhe, ek or dard ke saath jeena seekh lungi. Atleast vo mere dost to rahenge is tarah {{ my life has always been painful, I’ll deal with another one. Atleast he’ll be my friend}}

Om: i don’t know anika, mujhe ab bhi lagta hai tum galat kar rhi ho, but don’t worry mai use nhi bataounga. {{ I don’t think this is right but i won’t tell him}}
Two more days passed, anika stayed with shivaay most of the times except when pinky or meghna came. She helped him, fed him and stayed up at night so omru could rest. Shivaay was getting discharged today so she left to arrange his room. Doctors have advised him to take complete rest and no stress meaning no office any time soon. Shivaay rudra and shakti were in one car and pinky and om in another

Precap: Pinky: Kahi hum galti to nahi kar rhe shivaay or meghna ki shaadi karwake

So guys i hope you like it. Please comment your views and suggestions. It motivates me to write more often. For faster updates please keep on showering your love through your comments.

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