Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 13

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Recap: Shivaay is looking after anika, they are bonding. Malhotras insult anika, anika’s truth of being an orphan revealed.
After the Malhotra family left everyone departed to their rooms, shivaay went to anika’s room.
Shivaay: anika
Anika: mai theek hu shivaay {{ I’m fine shivaay}}
S: Mr Malhotra ki taraf se mai {{ about Mr Malhotra i..}}

A: uski zarurat nahi hai shivaay, adat ho gyi hai mujhe duniya se ladne ki {{ I’m used to this shivaay, you don’t need to say anything}}
Shivaay helped her sit on the bed. He held her hand
S: mai tumhara dard samajh to nhi sakta lekin tum mujhse share kar sakti ho {{ i can’t understand your pain, but you can share it with me}}
A: kya btaou shivaay, kaise har jagah mujhe taane sunne padhte hai ke mai anath hu, manhoos hu, meri parchhai jispe padhti hai uski zindgi kharab ho jati hai. Sab mujhe chod kar chale jate hai {{ what should i tell you shivaay, how everyone insults me cause I’m an orphan, I’m a bad omen who’s shadow is sufficient to destroy lives. Everyone leaves me}}
Shivaay: nhi anika, nhi aisa kuch nhi hai, mai hu tumhare saath, mai kabhi nhi jaounga. {{ No anika, no, I’ll always be with you, I’ll never leave you}}
He hugged her, and she held on to him sobbing

He could feel her pain, he whispered sweet nothings in her ears trying to console her. His hug, his touch, it all made her feel better. Soon shivaay realized that she wasn’t crying anymore, he broke the hug and saw that she had fallen asleep. So he tucked her in and sat there for a while looking at her calm face. That night he couldn’t sleep, he kept on thinking about anika’s condition, her pain. He couldn’t understand why he was feeling this way, he decided he’d bring her smile back. Next morning, just like their routine, he helped her and brought her for breakfast.
Anika pov: i couldn’t believe my eyes, the entire oberoi clan was sitting and waiting for me for breakfast and the cherry on the cake, my favorite aloo puri was there

Rudra: didi aap kabhi bhi akele nahi ho, aapka ek chota bhai or hai, rudra singh oberoi {{ sister, you’re never alone, your little brother is right here}}
Priyanka: anika hum to hamesha se behno jaise the na {{ anika we were always like sisters}}
Om: or tumhara bestie kum bhai bhi hai tumhare saath {{ your bestie/ brother is always there for you}}
Dadi: or apni dadi ko mat bhul jana {{ don’t forget your grandma}}

Jhanvi: or tumhari maa tumhare samne hai anika, ab mere bacho ki behen ho to meri beti hui na. Or tumhare jaisi beti to har maa chahegi{ { anf your mum’s right in front of you. My children consider you as a sister so obviously you’re my daughter and any mother would be lucky to have a daughter like you}}
Anika had no words to express her feelings, she was overwhelmed seeing their concern for her
Jhanvi: aajse tum mujhe mom bulaogi {{ calk me mom from today}}
Anika: nhi jhanvi aunty mai aise {{ no jhanvi aunty, how can i}}
Jhanvi: anika, acha jhanvi maa to bula sakti ho na {{ ok, call me jhanvi mom then, is it ok}}
Anika: ok jhanvi maa. Then jhanvi patted her and kissed her hair
Pinky: chalo bhyi ab sab apne pyaar se hi pet bharoge kya bachi ka, aaja anika nashta kar {{ ok now, stop feeding your love, let her have some food also}}
Rudra: bhaiyya ne aapka favorite aloo puri banaya hai{{ brother has made your favorite dish}}
Anika: thank you shivaay, mujhe samajh nhi aa rha mai aap sabko kaise thank karu {{ i don’t know how to thank all of you}}
Pinky: chup pagal, fameely ko koi thanks karta hai, ab nashta kar baithe baithe senti mat ho {{ stop it, who says thanks to their family. Now come here and eat}}

Anika couldn’t stop smiling, she was happy. All her life she had craved for love, and today she felt some of it. Shivaay couldn’t stop smiling seeing her smile. The oberois didn’t let her leave, and made her promise that she wouldn’t leave until she fully recovers.
Days passed, each morning with a happy breakfast and shivaay making sure she took her medicines. The entire day, she had nothing to do, so jhanvi made her read about event organizing and fashion to help her build a career in this. She also told her childhood stories of obros. Later she would irritate the hell out of om with rudy and at night shivaay would come to talk with her. Happy days.

Three weeks had passed since her accident and now she could easily stand and walk little distances. The Malhotra family had come with a pandit to finalize a date for the wedding, and it was decided that engagement would be done after three days and wedding 25 days from then. So jhanvi, pinky and anika started their work. All preparations were on full throttle for the engagement.
designer clothes- check, jewellery- check, decorations- check, rings- check, invitations- check
Okay anika, all done. All set for the engagement today.
Everyone was happy and excited. Meghna and shivaay were about to exchange rings when shivaay saw anika couldn’t balance due to her dress and was about to fall. He left meghna’s hand and rushed to save anika. His arms embraced her preventing her from falling
S: tum theek ho na, dhyan se chala karo {{ are you alright? You should be careful}}
A: mai theek hu shivaay {{ I’m ok Shivaay}}

So he helped her stand, he noticed everyone was awfully quiet. Realization struck upon him, meghna was waiting, he left her hand midway. So he went back and apologized. They exchanged rings. A lone tear escaped anika’s eyes, she excused herself
Pov: ye kya ho rha hai mujhe, itna dard kyu. Sab khatam ho gya par kaise, ye din aana tha mai janti thi, par kyu mera dil dekh nhi paya unhe kisi or ka hota hue, kyuu, ye kya raita phel rha hai. Nhi mujhe sambhalna hoga khudko, 25 din me shivaay ki shaadi hai fir mai yha se chali jaoungi, unki life se dur, fir sab theek ho jayga.
{{ Why does it hurt so much? I knew this day would come but still it hurts. Why can’t i see him with someone else. No, i have to control myself. He’s getting married after 25 days then I’ll leave his life forever. Then everything will be fine}}

She convinced herself and went out to attend the ceremony. Everyone was happy except for two people, one wanted to go away while the other felt like everything is wrong.
Shivaay pov: aaj meri or meghna ki engagement thi but I’m not happy. I don’t know why but aisa lag rha hai maine koi galti kardi thi, jaise maine kuch khodiya aaj. Ye emptiness kyu feel ho rhi hai. Or kyu mai meghna ka haath chodkar chala gya, kyu jab anika ko kuch hota hai to mujhse dekha nhi jata, what’s wrong with me. 25 din me teri shaadi hai, get a grip on yourself shivaay.
{{ I got engaged to meghna today but I’m not happy. I don’t know why but it feels wrong, like I’ve lost everything. Why do i feel this emptiness? Why did i leave her hand? Why can’t i see anika in trouble. Ughh I’m getting married in 25 days, i have to get a grip on myself})

Anika made herself busy in arrangements, by now she had completely recovered and was absolutely fine. She kept running around the house making sure everything was perfect. She avoided shivaay at all costs. In her free time, she would either sit with jhanvi or omru or priyanka but never with shivaay. Only 20 days were left for the wedding.
Pinky asked shivaay and anika to go together to the designers showroom to select his and meghna’s wedding outfit.

On their way, some cars came and surrounded them and started firing. They made shivaay and anika come out of the car thinking that anika was meghna. One of the goons was about to shoot anika when shivaay pushed her and came in front.

The sound of a bullet shot and a scream of pain and agony echoed. The goons drove off as they could hear the police siren. Two bodies lied on the road, one fighting with death and the other dying every moment looking at the one in her arms.
Shivaay took a bullet for anika, she could see the color of his face change.

Anika: shivaay please aankhen kholiye shivaay please aapko kuch nhi hoga, please shivaay please. Aap mujhe chod kar nahi ja sakte {{ Shivaay please open your eyes, you’ll be fine, please you can’t leave me shivaay please}}
Police arrived and helped her take him to the hospital. Oberois and Malhotras arrived at the hospital, shivaay was in the OT while anika sat there lifeless dying every moment. The panicked family asked the doctor about his condition but only got bad news. Shivaay was critical as bullet hit him in the chest and his heart condition was making his chances for survival extremely hard.
Doctor: operation to ho gya lekin agar agle 3 ghante me inhe hosh nhi aaya to hum kuch nhi kar payenge, unka heart continuously sink kar rha hai {{ we’ve operated him but if he doesn’t get conscious in the next 3 hours then we won’t be able to help him, his heart is continuously sinking}}

Shakti: doctor aapko jo karna hai kijiye lekin mere bete ko theek kar dijiye {{ do whatever you need but fix my son}}
Pinky: mere shivaay ko kuch hua to mai sabko jala dungi, mera shivaay ( she broke down sobbing). Jhanvi consoled her. {{ If anything happens to my son I’ll burn this place to the ground}}
The police informed them that the goons have been arrested and were sent by some rival to kill meghna, thinking of anika to be meghna they attacked them and when plan failed due to shivaay being shot, they tried to flee.
Om: lekin inspector aap waha kaise pahunche, aapko kaise pta chala attack hua hai {{ but inspector who informed you}}

Anika: jab gadio ne hume gher lia tha to shivaay ne commissioner ko call kia tha {{ when those cars surrounded us, Shivaay called the commissioner}}
That was the first time she spoke after the shootout and then she got hysterical.
Anika: vo Shivaay hai, or Shivaay ki jaan itni asaani se nhi ja sakti, unhe kuch nhi ho sakta. And she cried and yelled {{ he’s Shivaay and he can’t die so easily, he has to get up}}
Rudra: bhaiyya ko kuch nhi hoga didi please chup ho jao {{ he’ll be fine, please don’t cry sister}}

Om: anika, shivaay ko kuch nahi hoga {{ anika, Shivaay will be alright}}
The trio hugged, trying to console each other
Anika: ye sab meri vajah se hua hai, na vo mujhe bachate, na unhe goli lagti, kyu kia unhone aisa (she spoke while crying)vo goli mere liye thi, mujhe lag jati, unhone kyu khai, unhe kuch ho gya to mai khud ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paoungi {{ it’s all because of me, he shouldn’t have saved me. That bullet was for me, why did he come in between. If anything happens to him i won’t be able to forgive myself}}

Om: anika tumhari koi galti nahi hai, please khud ko blame mat karo, sambhalo khud ko {{ anika it wasn’t your fault, stop blaming yourself}}
Omru left to some water for her
Anika: shivaay aapne vaada kia tha aap mujhe kabhi chod kar nhi jayenge, aap aisa nahi kar sakte, agar aapko kuch ho gya to mai mar jaoungi shivaay, i love you shivaay, i love you. Magar ye baat mujhe pehle samajh kyu nahi aayi. Par aap to samajhdaar haina shivaay fir kyu aapne meri jaan bachane ke liye apni jaan khatre me daali kyu, aap mujhe chod kar nahi ja sakte, abhi to mujhe aapko ye bhi btana hai mai aapse kitna pyaar karti hu, please shivaay please please please
{{ Shivaay you promised you won’t leave me, you can’t do this to me. If anything happens to you I’ll die,i love you shivaay, i love you. I wish i had realized earlier but you are the smarter one then why did you take the bullet for me endangering your life. You can’t leave me, i still have to confess my love to you, please shivaay please please please}}
The entire oberoi clan was shattered. Pinky, dadi, prinku none could stop crying. Tej and shakti, The brothers who barely spoke to each other were weeping on each other’s shoulders, after all the wall protecting the oberois was fighting for his own life.
Doctor: inka heart abhi bhi sink kar rha hai, agar ek ghante me inhe hosh nahi aaya to hum unhe kho denge {{ his heart isn’t getting any better. If he doesn’t wake up in an hour, we’ll lose him}}

Rudra: band karo apni bakwas, kaise doctor ho aap, kuch karte kyu nahi, kuch nahi hoga mere bhaiyya ko {{ stop this nonsense, what kind of a doctor are you, do something for my brother}}
Their prayers never stopped.
Jhanvi: pinky hosla rakho, kuch nahi hoga shivaay ko {{ be positive pinky, Shivaay will be alright}}
Pinky: kaisa hosla rakhu jethaniji, konsi maa apne bache ko aisi halat me dekh sakti hai {{ how can i be positive. Which mother can see her child in such a condition}}

Jhanvi: lekin hum ummeed nahi haar sakte pinky {{ we can’t lose hope}}
Time was passing by so quickly and shivaay’s condition was getting worse. One hour was over, shivaay wasn’t able to breathe, his heart couldn’t handle it anymore.
Anika felt pain in her heart, she knew shivaay needed her, he was in danger. She couldn’t breathe
At last, shivaay’s heart gave up, it flatlined. The doctors and nurses rushed in to revive his heart through electric shock. No result, the doctors called out for emergency protocol.

Precap: will shivaay survive? How is this going to affect anika’s life?

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