Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 12

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NOTE: Some of you mentioned pinky in your comments ( uf, gayathri ) so let me tell my dear readers, in my ff pinky will Not become evil, she’ll be like the Pinky we all liked in the beginning of IB full of her bad English, antics and oh my maata?. As far as accident is concerned, well it has an important role to play that you’ll ( arthi) soon understand, so please be patient and enjoy
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Recap: anika organizing puja and roka ceremony. Anika saved pinky but got hurt because of that, everyone forced her to stay in OM
No one listened to her, they shifted her to one of the guest rooms while rudra and prinku got sahil. Sahil got a little scared seeing her condition but she cheered him up. Shivaay knew what would lighten the mood so he asked omrupri to gather in anika’s room while he brought chocolate shake for them all (main reason sahil) and a healthy juice for anika. They chatted and laughed for a while and then om left for his gallery while rudy and sahil got busy playing games in rudy’s room. Priyanka left to complete some assignment.
S: anika, thank you tumne jo aaj mom ke liye kia {{thanks anika for what you did for mom}}
A: shivaay, isme thank you wali koi baat nhi hai {{shivaay you don’t need to thank me for this}}
S: anika
A: Shivaay bas ki jiye, sab normal hai {{shivaay stop it, it’s fine}}
S: ha ha tum to jhansi ki rani ho na, jaan khatre me daalna tumhara roz ka kaam hai {{yeah, you’re the queen of jhansi right, putting your life in danger is normal for you}}
A: ab aap zyada mat boliye billuji {{ don’t speak so much billuji}}
S: don’t call me that okay
A: okay, shivaay
S: good. Just then meghna arrived
M: hi shivaay, i just heard about the accident. Thank you anika aaj tumne pinky aunty ki jaan bachai {{thanks anika for saving pinky aunty’s life}}
Anika smiled at her
M: shivaay let’s go, meeting has been rescheduled and you know these clients are important for both of us. Take care anika
And they left. Pov- both are alike, business, profit, deal, status, name.

Later that night shivaay came to check on her, she was trying to get water but couldn’t reach it and sahil had already slept. Shivaay came in and helped her, he tucked her in and wished her good night.
Prinku had been helping anika but now she wanted to go out so that she could arrange for the pooja. She struggled to get off the bed and was about to fall when shivaay came and held her
S: kya kar rhi ho, dimaag hai ya nhi. Bed se utarna tha to kisi ko bulana chahiye tha na, abhi kuch ho jata to {{ what are you doing, don’t you have a brain. If you needed to get off the bed you should have asked someone to help, what if something happened to you}}
A: vo Priyanka college chali gyi hai or mujhe bahar jana tha{{ actually Priyanka has left for college and i needed to go out}}
S: mujhe ya om ko bula leti, bilkul dhyan nhi rakhti ho apna. Per toot gya par akkal nahi aayi, time se khaati bhi nhi ho, kitna weight lose karlia hai tumne in dino kamzor ho gyi ho
{{ You could have called me or om. You’re so careless, you don’t look after yourself. Your leg is broken yet you’ve got no brains. You don’t even eat properly, see you’ve lost so much weight, you’ve become weak}}
A: ab aapka daantna ho gya to please help bhi kardo {{ if you’re done scolding can you please help me}}
He lifted her in his arms and made her sit on the wheelchair. He then strolled her outside the room to the dining table
A: aap mujhe yaha kyu laye hai, mujhe to hall me jana tha{{why did you bring me here, i had to go to the hall}}
S: pehle tum kuch khaogi, fir apni medicines logi fir jahan jana hai chali jana {{first you’re going to have breakfast. Once you take your medicines you are free to go wherever you want}}
He made sure she had a healthy breakfast and gave her the medicines. He then took her to the hall where rest of the oberoi ladies were sitting and discussing about the pooja. Shivaay left for work but assigned one of the helpers to be with anika throughout the day at all times. After a lot of discussion anika convinced them to let her do the arrangements for the pooja. They agreed on the condition that anika wouldn’t do any of the physical jobs, she would take her medicines and proper rest. So our dearest event organizer started working. She did all jobs like booking caterer, calling decorators, etc basically everything that involved no physical movement. When shivaay got back from the office he got hell angry when he saw her working
S: anika, ye tum kya kar rhi ho {{ anika, what are you doing}}
A: kanche khel rahi hu, aap dekh nhi rahe hai kaam kar rhi hu, 6 din me pooja hai itna kaam pada hai {{I’m playing with marbles, can’t you see I’m working. Only 6 days are left for the puja and there’s so much to do}}
S: anika, tumhe kisne kaha ye sab karne ko, tumhe rest karna chahiye {{who asked you to do this, you should be resting}}
A: jis kaam ke liye aayi thi vo to karungi na {{ i was appointed for this so I’ll only do it}}
S: anika ye kaam koi or bhi to kar sakta hai, tumhe karne ki kya zarurat hai. Apni halat dekhi hai tumne, chal nhi sakti ho, sir me bandage hai, weakness hai or rest karne ki jagah tum ye sab
{{Some one else can look after this, you need rest. Have you seen yourself, broken leg bandaged head, so weak and fragile and yet you’re not working}}
Pinky: shivaay kyu daant rha hai use, ab vo khali baith ke bhi kya karti or vaise bhi koi chalne firne wale kaam nhi kiye hai usne or mai hu na, uske khane peene ka khayal rakh rahi hu mai, tere aane se pehle dawai di hai maine use. Chal ab ja tu bhi fresh ho ja
{{Shivaay stop scolding her, she didn’t have anything else to do and she hasn’t done any physical tasks. I’m looking after her, she gad her medicines just before you got back. Now go and freshen up}}

After dinner everyone departed to their rooms. Shivaay knew anika needed help to get back to bed so he went to her room. He gently lifted her and placed her on the bed. He sat there with her for a while
S: so, how was your day
A: bore ho gyi mai, khi ja nhi sakti, kuch kar nhi sakti {{ I’m so bored, can’t do anything, can’t go anywhere}}
S: pagal ho tum, kitna kaam karti ho {{ you’re mad, how much do you work}}
A: om keh rha tha mai aapki tarah vo kya tha ha, ha alcoholic ho gyi hu {{ om said I’ve become that like you, um what was the word.. yeah alcoholic}}
S: anikaaa, I’m not an alcoholic
A: are aap bhi sara time kaam karte ho na {{ ohho you work all the time that’s why}}
S: oh god, anika that’s workaholic, not alcoholic ( he laughed out loud)
A: ha ha jo bhi hai. Aap btaiye, shaadi karne ke liye itni jaldi kaise maan gye, tia ke time par to date nahi dete the {{ yeah whatever, so Tell me how come you agreed for marriage this time. When it was tia you weren’t ready to finalize a date}}
S: hm, mom pareshan ho chuki thi, unka stress kum ho isliye {{ mom was tired and worried because of me, so i agreed }}
A: acha, vajah deal nhi hai {{ ok, so it’s not because of the deal}}
S: deal to bahut important hai, but mom upset thi and unhe lagta hai meghna is right for me {{ no deal’s very important but mom was upset with me and she thinks meghna is right one}}
A: or aap, aap khush ho {{ and what about you, are you happy}}
S: abhi hu ( realizing what he said, he covered up) ha meghna is nice, hamari thinking similar hai
{{I’m now… Meghna is a nice girl, we think alike}}
A: business me {{ in business}}
S: yes (both laughed) acha ab tum so jao okay, good night {{ ok get some sleep now, good night}}
A: good night
And like this every day shivaay would make sure anika had her breakfast and at night they would talk about their day. It was the big day in OM, everything for the pooja and roka was ready, even though anika couldn’t move, she supervised each and every thing. All the preparations were upto oberoi standards. Everyone praised anika. When the pooja was about to start, om brought anika near the hawan but meghna’s parents stopped him
Mr Malhotra (meghna’s dad): sorry om, but ye to organizer hai, ye family pooja me nahi baith sakti {{ sorry om but she’s the organizer she can’t sit here, this is for the family}}
Shivaay: Mr Malhotra, she’s family
Pandit: ye pooja mai baith sakti hai, hum inke gotr ki bhi pooja kar sakte hai, beti apna gotr ya apne pita ka naam batao {{ she can sit here, we’ll pray for her family line as well, tell us your ancestry dear or your father’s name}}
Anika: pandit ji, mujhe apna gotr nhi pta {{ i don’t have any knowledge about my ancestors}}
Shivaay: it’s okay anika, apne father ka naam bata do, pandit ji khud dekh lenge {{ tell him your father’s name anika, he’ll manage}}
Anika: shivaay mujhe nahi pata {{ Shivaay i don’t know}}
Shivaay: lekin anika, tumhare parents to kuch saal pehle hi {{ but anika your parents passed away a few years ago, how come you don’t know}}
Anika: nhi shivaay, kuch saal pehle sahil ke parents ki death hui thi, unhone mujhe godh liya tha. Mai nhi janti mere asli parents kon hai. {{ Shivaay, sahil’s parents died few years ago, I’m adopted. I don’t know who my real parents were}}
Anika cried and left from there rolling her wheelchair. Shivaay was shocked, he didn’t know anything about her past. He was about to go
Mrs Malhotra: no shivaay, ye pooja bahut important hai, please pehle pooja ho jane do fir baat karlena {{ not now Shivaay, talk to her after the puja}}
He sat in the pooja all the while thinking about her. Anika sat and cried in her room. It was good that sahil wasn’t there to see her condition. She cried until the pain numbed her and her tears dried. Pooja was completed and so was the roka. Shivaay was caught up but om knew anika needed a friend right now. He went to see her
Om: anika, are you alright
Anika: ha om, bus itni purani baate yaad kar thoda emotional ho gyi thi. Tum batao, bahar sab khatam {{ yeah om, just a little emotional thinking about the past. Anways how did everything go outside}}
Om: hm roka bhi ho gya. Anika tumne kabhi apna dard baanta kyu nahi {{ yeah, it’s all done. Anika why didn’t you share your pain}}
Anika: koi tha hi nhi om, kisse baat karti {{ who would i share with when i had no one}}
Om: dost ko bhi nhi bataogi {{ not even your friends}}
Anika: chodo na, kabhi or {{ let it be om, not today}}
Om: okay anika, par jab bhi dard bantna ho to apne dost ko yaad rakhna {{ ok, but if you want to share, just remember your friends ok}}
Anika smiled at him, she didn’t want to show her vulnerable side to anyone
After the Malhotra family left everyone departed to their rooms, shivaay went to anika’s room.
Shivaay: anika….

Precap: Shivaay: anika mai hu tumhare saath, mai kahi nahi jaounga

So guys i hope you like it. Please comment your views and suggestions. It motivates me to write more often. For faster updates please keep on showering your love through your comments.

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