Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 10

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The next day, sahil’s case got over and anika got sahil’s custody. She wanted to give the good news to her “friend” shivaay. She decided to tell him in the evening when she’d go to OM. So she enjoyed the rest of the day with sahil. She had also got her salary from the college canteen so she decided to pay her first installment of the loan. She took some money in an envelope and left for OM. She found omru in the hall so she shared the news with them. They congratulated her. She went to meet dadi and prinku sitting there too. She informed them and they too congratulated her. She spent her time with dadi. When it was time to leave, she went to shivaay’s room to give him the good news, after all she was dying to tell him. Not finding him there, she asked prinku who informed her that shivaay had gone out for dinner with meghna. Anika was bummed, she couldn’t understand why she felt so bad. All her energy suddenly drained. She felt hurt. So she want back to his room, placed the envelope and left a note for him-

Ye loan ki first installment hai, baki bhi dheere dheere vapis kardungi. Kal dadi ki appointment hai doctor ke saath but om busy hai, aap unhe le jana. {{ Here’s my 1st installment, I’ll repay the rest soon enough. Take grandma for her appointment tomorrow as om is busy}}
And she left from there. Although she was feeling bad but she couldn’t spoil this day, after all it was one of the best days of her life. So she bought icecream for sahil and herself before going home.
Later that night when Shivaay returned prinku informed him that anika wanted to speak with him. She also told him about sahil’s case. Shivaay was happy for anika and thought of calling her but didn’t as it was too late. He went to his room and found her note. He was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to see her happy face today and also that she’s hell bent on the whole money thing. But he was really happy to see how much she cared about dadi.
Since he couldn’t call her, he texted her- congratulations anika, I’m happy for you, don’t worry about the loan, take your time. I know about the appointment?

Aniko pov: Shivaay or mai sirf dost hai, mujhe itna bura kyu lag rha hai.Vo meghna ke saath kahi bhi jaye isse mujhe kyu farak padh rha hai. Anika sambhal khud ko, tum sirf dost ho, jaise omru tere dost hai bas. {{ We’re just friends. Why do i feel bad if he spends time with meghna. Anika get a grip on yourself, he’s just a friend like omru that’s it}}

Her phone beeped and she saw his message and smiled. When she went in the next day jhanvi thanked her, as because of her dadi’s health improved at such a quick pace, she no longer needed bedrest or injections. Pinky tej and shakti also blessed her. She met dadi and chatted with her. She informed dadi that she had to leave early today because she was going by the night’s bus to a nearby city, to submit forms for a new canteen contract. Dadi wished her luck. On her way outside, she was checking her file when she collided with shivaay. He caught her, one hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder. They had an eyelock which was disturbed by rudra. He again congratulated her and asked about the papers in her hand. She told him about it and left saying that she’ll miss her bus.

A few hours later while shivaay was watching the news one particular headline shook his world. The bus that was going to anika’s destination had met with an accident and many people were injured while a few of them had died on the spot. It was like his heart had stopped beating. He ran out with his car keys. Omru saw his panicked state, they asked him where he was going. Shivaay couldn’t speak, all he said was anika and the rest was clear on his face. They drove off quickly and shivaay told them about her trip. om tried to call her but the number was unreachable. They asked prinku to call chanda incase anika had cancelled her trip but she hadn’t.
They were really worried, rudra had almost cried for his anika didi and shivaay was numb. They were still pretty far from the location of accident but they had to stop due to traffic. Rudra screamed anika didi, bhaiyya anika didi
Shivaay looked towards the direction rudra pointed and they saw anika. They turned the car to goto her. As soon as they reached, they jumped out and ran to her. Anika heard shivaay calling out her name, so she turned and saw them coming towards her. Shivaay was ao happy to see her that he wanted to hug her but rudra stole that opportunity as he hugged her first. When rudra finally freed her from the bone crushing hug, they dragged her near the car. Shivaay was still holding her hand

S: anika tum theek ho na? {{ Anika are you alright?}} ( His heart was beating again, man he was relieved). He realized he was holding her hand so he left it
A: ha mai theek hu, lekin aap sab yha kaise {{I’m fine, what are you guys doing here}}
Om told her about the accident and how they rushed when shivaay told them about the news. They asked her how she wasn’t on the bus
Flashback: Anika got on the bus and after about an hour the bus stopped for a 5 minute break for the people to freshen up. So she got down to call sahil. She didn’t realize when the bus left and so she Decided to wait for the next bus

End of flashback
R: didi aaj to aap sahil ki vajah se bach gye {{ didi sahil saved you today}}
Then they departed towards home. The whole journey rudra kept on blabbering about how anika was lucky and how the universe didn’t want her to die but after some time she dozed off due to tiredness. Shivaay signalled rudra to keep quiet. He kept on stealing glances towards her from the mirror. They reached her house but she was still asleep. Om got out to open her house but it was locked since sahil was at chanda’s place and they didn’t know where the keys were so they took her to OM. Shivaay carried her to his room and placed her on the bed. He shared rudra’s room that night.

The next morning, shivaay was getting ready in his room( don’t worry he had already worn his clothes) when the sleeping anika woke up. She was scared and shocked cause she didn’t know how she ended up in his room and there he was, looking all gorgeous, getting ready in front of her.
A: mai, mai yha kaise aayi a a apke kamre me {{ how did i get here, in y y your room}}
S: good morning anika, kal raat ko tum car me hi so gyi thi or tumhara ghar locked tha to hum tumhe yaha le aaye {{ last night you slept in the car and your house was locked so we brought you here}}

A: lekin aapke kamre me {{but in your room}}
S: relax anika, mai rudra ke room me tha kal.{{i shared rudra’s room}}
And he chuckled seeing her getting so nervous.
He was thinking,” when we’re drunk she doesn’t mind being near me and now she’s getting so nervous. Mad girl”.
S: Ye rha tumhara bag, washroom us side hai, go freshen up. {{Here’s your bag, there’s the washroom, go freshen up}}
And like an obedient child she complied. Omru told the family about the bus accident and everyone expressed their gratitude towards god for keeping her safe. Om was going to volunteer to drop her home but seeing shivaay approach, he stopped.

She thanked him for checking up on her. She wondered out loud what would have happened to sahil had she died yesterday. Shivaay immediately stopped the car, he was a little angry and mostly worried. He cupped her face
S: anika, mai tumhe kuch nhi hone deta {{anika, i won’t let anything happen to you}}
A: kyu {{why}}
S: cause tum meri dost ho or agar shivaay singh oberoi ki jaan itni asaani ne nhi ja sakti to uske dosto ki bhi nhi {{cause you’re my friend and if sso can’t die so easily then same applies on his friends}}

This made her laugh and she called him tadibaaz. He knew she’s better now so they drove off.
As vacations had arrived, anika was taking up more catering and event planning jobs. She got busy and had literally no time. She was working hard because she wanted to repay the loan as soon as possible. Not that shivaay would ask her for the money but because she knew he wouldn’t and she would never take such favors. She was working multiple jobs and used to get so tired that she barely ate. One day sahil faked illness to make her stay at home so that she could stay at home and relax for a while. During the past few days she didn’t even talk to omru because of her schedule. She had saved quite an amount from her events that she decided to pay her next 2 installments together today.

So she along with sahil (on his insistence) went to OM. She met omru and dadi, she wanted to meet prinku but she had already left for camp. Everyone noticed how much weight she had lost since they last met her. Dadi made her eat extra and she was overwhelmed with their affection. She asked about shivaay so rudy told her he was with meghna, they had gone out of town for a meeting. So she gave the envelope to om and asked him to pass it on to shivaay when he returns. She told om about the loan and he said that he was proud of her for taking a stand for her self respect and he was happy to have a friend like her. Sahil and anika left OM. Anika called shivaay with a lot of courage but unfortunately meghna received the call as shivaay was busy. They greeted each other and anika said she’d call later. But well she wouldn’t, after all it took her a lot of courage the first time. So instead, she texted him an hour later that she had given the money to omkara and he could take it from him when he gets back.

Shivaay got so busy with the meeting and then his dinner with meghna that he forgot to check his phone. Two days later while they were coming back, meghna remembered and asked him if anika had called back. Shivaay was surprised, well he didn’t know she had ever called. He wondered what she wanted to talk about so he checked his messages and found hers. He immediately replied – I’ll take it and you need not stress?
All this while anika was stressing herself over shivaay not replying to her.
Pov: how does it matter anika, he’s busy, you are just a friend. So what if he’s gone out with meghna. You don’t have any rights over his life.

Move on
The moment she saw his text, she smiled, all of her frustration vanished. Well she didn’t know what storm awaited her life. While she was busy handling so many events the entire summer a lot had changed in OM. One night when she returned from her last event for the month, she got a call from jhanvi, asking her to come to OM the next morning for some urgent work. So the next morning she went there.

Precap: a surprise/shock awaits her

So guys i hope you like it. Please comment your views and suggestions. It motivates me to write more often. For faster updates please keep on showering your love through your comments.

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