Hello friends…I am Shammi
I am planning to write an ff on my fav Jodi teman..I will only proceed if u all support me..so here is the first episode ..plz read it and post your suggestions and opinion..

Night view a small flat is shown..Teni is sleeping in a room…suddenly she wakes..wiping the sweat on her forehead ..she drinks a little water from the bottle beside..suddenly some memories flashes in her mind..something hurts her..for a moment she can’t breath properly….suddenly her mobile rang…the letters on the screen.. flashed JAGRUTHI….

She didn’t attend the call..The mobile rang again..At a moment she wants to attend the call but something flashed in her mind…A man….broken glasses…JAGRUTHI…torn books…She doesn’t want to have all these thoughts…she decided to forget everything but …Her eyes fell on Something???
The Calendar on the Wall…It has been 1 and half months since it happened..Still she can’t forget anything …Again and again trying to forget her thoughts, teni didn’t know when her eyes relaxed into a deep sleep..

It was morning..Teni is getting ready for her work…She has been working in a nursery for last two years….She enjoyed her work and now her house is fully filled with flowers and pots..Her only wish is to gather some money for going to America..

She locked the flat and went out as usual..Some thoughts were crossing over her mind..She thought to call JAGRUTHI..As she was walking on the footpath.. suddenly she felt some uneasiness..Teni began to faint in front of a car.The car stopped.A laddy In costly designer salwar is shown..she got out of the car and hold Teni.By the time Teni was completely unconscious..The lady asked her driver to take them to the hospital…….

Friends plz share your comments …Here is only an introduction..I would only continue if you like it..It’s you who should decide whether I should continue or not..Thank you all ….

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    I think no one liked my intro..it’s ok…bye all

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