dil se ….Part 1


hi guys i got somw positive views from u guys thanks for that and pls give me some suggestions also ….
in london
morning this is the last day of grade 10 suhani is really sad as her family have decided to go and settle in india, she went to meet sowmya ans bhavna
suhani: bhavna , somu in dont know how i can live without u guys but i wont miss u guys
somu: what ?
suhani: i mean we miss someone only when they went away frm us but u guys r their in my heart for ever…
bhavna and sowmya hugged her. suhani: u know if ever comes a day when we cant be 2gether keep me in ur heary i will stay their 4ever…
somu: i have to go now bhayya will be worried if i get late bye suhani
bhavna: iam also going if i stand here for a long time means i will start crying
suhani: somu dont worry someone else will take care of u r bro [ looking at bhavna] bhavna: uuuu
suhani: somu dont forget krishna
suhani and bhavna started laughing
suhani: guys its time to go bye
suhani love one tree near her building suhani: i will surely miss u so thsi is for u she kept her her favorite heart pendant and chain on the tree and went, yuvraj came london to meet hos father he saw a someone keeping a beauriful pendant on teh tree he took and said: lagta he vo ladki pore DIL SE .. ye chain vaha rakhi he, par khon hoga vo anyway i liked itpar me uski chehra nahi dek paya…

in airport
suhani and yuvraj was walking and by mistakenly suhani fall on yuvraj
yuvraj: u ???dont u know to walk properly
suahni: iam really sorry i didnt do it purposely
by mistakely yuvraj’s purse fell down suhani was about to take it but yuvraj saw this and started shouting at her
yuvraj: u u were going to steal my purse right??
suhani: hello mr shut up i saw that and i was about to give it to u and who the hell r u to shout at me
on that time she saw her chain in yuvraj’s hand
suhani: u r the real theif u took my chain andnshouting me
yuvraj: oh this chain was yours , if i know that it ur chain then i will through this in dust bin
suhani: u idiot theif give me my chain back
yuvarj: u fool , u know who iam and u come here
he opened his bag and took on gold chain and make her wore that see instead of taht stupid imitation chain iam giving u this
suhani: i dont want ur gold chain or my chain keep it with u halki dhardi bikre bal
she went.
yuvraj: anyway i will make her wear this chain
in fight suhani was sleeping yuvraj looked at her he was mesmerizing seeing her beauty he too that golden chain and meake her wore
he smiled and said : i will do anything to accomplish my wish no one stop me from doing this….and now u r trying to compete with me , miss jhansi rani u r going to finsh.. u know u have insulted yuvraj birla remember that[ now suhani is sleeping thaty she is not giving any reply]

5 years leap suhani , bhavna and somu meet again…

guys pls give me any idea to continue this ff otherwise i willl stop writting this

Credit to: meenakshi

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  1. It’s really good…. & plz next time make it lengthy:)

  2. Nice Dr….

  3. Yup..its vry nice..and like this give yuvani’s more and more scenes..keep posting dr..

  4. nice but what will happen to Yuvani during this 5 years?

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