Dil se: From the Heart Part 3 FS: PMHMD, SNS

Dil se: From the Heart Part 3

Gopi:I am sorry Nupur.We found you for Mayank.You are perfect too.But you are not meant for Mayank.

Nupur was shocked:What are you saying?
Ramakanth told everything to Nupur.
Nupur was shattered.
She burst into tears.
Gopi hugged her and tried to console:I know that it was injustice to you.But Mayank was never yours Nupur.He is Raghav.
Ahem:He is Naina’s Raghav.

Nupur:Yes..it’s true.He is not my Mayank,but Naina’s raghav.Mayank is not there in my destiny.In fact he does’nt love me.
Nupur ran out crying.Naina came there.
Nup:You are Naina?

Nup:I am sorry.I hurt you unknowingly.But trust me.I did’nt have any intention to snatch your husband from you.I thought he was my Mayank.
Naina felt sad for Nupur:I am sorry Nupur.

Nup:No need of sorry.I am the one who has to say sorry.Only you have right on Mayank.
Nupur ran away crying.
Raghav saw Nupur and held her hand.Nupur wiped her tears.
Ragh:Nupur..why you look upset?

Nup:First you tell me Mayank.Though we were engaged you never showed any affection towards me.Even when I danced with you there was no passion in you.Why Mayank?
Mayank was upset and silent.
Nup:Why you have no answer Mayank?Why you always avoid me?
He was silent.
Nup:Because you don’t love me.Right?
Raghav became upset:I am sorry Nupur.You are a nice girl.But I don’t know why I don’t feel for you the way you feel for me.But I am working on our relationship.
Nupur wept:No need Mayank,There is no future for our relationship when there is no feeling for me from you.So let us break up.

Raghav was shocked:Nupur!
Nup:I wish you all the best for your future Mayank.
Nupur ran out.
Raghav was sad.Ahem Gopi Ramakanth Sita came near him.
Gopi:Don’t worry Mayank beta.
Ahem:It’s better to be out of a relationship which does’nt give us happiness.
Raghav hugged Ahem Gopi:I am sorry.I could’nt keep Nupur happy.
Gopi said in her mind:That’s because in your inner mind you still love Naina.
Naina Indumati watched this from behind emotionally.

Ramakanth Sita went on a drive.They saw dance club on the way.
Rama:Shall we go to the club and dance like we used to do when we were in college?
Sita:Of course yes Ricky.I want to enjoy dancing with you.
Rama:Then let’s enjoy darling.
They got inside the dance club and started dancing wearing shining mask.

Tu hi tu, tu hi tu satrangi re
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu manrangi re…

Dil ka saaya humsaaya satrangi re, manrangi re
Koi noor hai tu kyun door hai tu
Jab paas hai tu ehsaas hai tu
Koi khwab hai ya parchhaai hai satrangi re, manrangi re

Is baar bata moonhzor hawa thehregi kahan
Ishq par zor nahin hai yeh voh aatish ghalib
Jo lagaye na lage aur bujhaye na bane
Ishq par zor nahin hai yeh voh aatish ghalib

Aankhon ne kuch aise chhua, halka halka uns hua
Halka halka uns hua dil ko mehsoos hua
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu, jeene ki saari khushboo
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu, aarzoo aarzoo

Teri jism ki aanch ko chhoote hi
Mere saans sulagne lagte hain

Mujhe ishq dilaase deta hai
Mere dard bilakhne lagte hain

Tu hi tu, tu hi tu, jeene ki saari khushboo
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu, aarzoo aarzoo
Chhooti hai mujhe sargoshi se

Aankhon mein ghuli khamoshi se
Maein farsh pe sajde karta hoon
Kuch hosh mein kuch behoshi se
Dil ka saaya humsaaya…

Teri raahon mein uljha uljha hoon
Teri baahon mein uljha uljha

Suljhane de hosh mujhe teri chaahon mein uljha hoon
Mera jeena junoon mera marna junoon

Ab iske siva nahin koi sukoon
Mera jeena junoon mera marna junoon

Tu hi tu, tu hi tu satrangi re
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu manrangi re
Ishq par zor nahin …

Mujhe maut ki god mein sone de
Teri rooh mein jism dubone de
Satrangi re, manrangi re…(Dil se).
Sameera who saw it fumed with anger.
She went near them and pulled Sita back.They were shocked.
Ricky:What the hell Sameera!
Sam:I can’t bear you dancing with Sita.Because you are mine.
Sita:What nonsense Sameera!Ricky is mine.
Sam:Ricky is with you.That does’nt mean that he is yours.Because he loves only me.
Ricky:Stop it Sameera.I love only Sita.
Sam:Oh really?

Sita:I know my Ricky very well.
Sam:Then see this.
She showed them the photos of Sameera hugging Ricky.
They were shocked.
Sameera smirked:Did you understand that Ricky loves only me?He was cheating you.

Ricky:You liar!
Sameera laughed.
Suddenly Sita shouted:Stop it Sameera.
Sita:You think with these photos you can separate us?Never.Ricky had told me what you did after he came out of the shopping complex.I am sure that you had arranged someone to take photographs so that you can them to create misunderstandings between me and Ricky.
Sameera was embarrassed.
Sita:Since college days you have been after Ricky.Ricky himself said that he loves only me.Then why are you doing this shameless act?
Ricky:Don’t stoop so low Sameera.If you ever try to come between us you will be ashamed again.
Sita:This time we are leaving you.If you again come up with such cheap act we will take action against you.
Ricky:So just leave.
The embarrassed Sameera left shedding tears.
Ricky:Thankyou so much Sita for trusting me.
She smiled.

She held his hand:I love you.How can I not trust you?
He smiled and held her hand.Then resumed dancing with her.

Tu Hi Tu Tu Hi Tu Jeene Ki Saari Khushboo
Tu Hi Tu Thu Hi Tu Aarzoo Aarzoo
Chhooti Hai Mujhe Sargoshi Se
Aankhon Mein Ghuli Khaamoshi Se
Main Farsh Pe Sajde Karta Hoon
Kuchh Hosh Mein Kuch Behoshi Se
Dil Ka Saaya Humsaaya Satrangi Re Manrangi Re
Koi Noor Hai Tu Kyon Door Hai Tu
Jab Paas Hai Tu Ehsaas Hai Tu
Koi Khwaab Hai Ya Phir Parchhai Satrangi Re(Dil se).

Raghav Naina’s friendship grew stronger.Raghav kept visiting Naina and Indumati and pampered Chottu.He got more closer to Chottu.

Raghav to Gopi:I feel very much attached to Chottu.I feel I am his father.
Ahem:Only to Chottu you are attached?You feel attached to Naina too?
Raghav was embarrassed.
Ahem:Close your eyes and see if you can see Naina.
Raghav closed his eyes and he saw Naina.
He opened his eyes blushing.
Sita:It means you saw Naina.
Everyone smiled.
Ramakanth:When are you proposing?
Raghav blushed:Very soon.
Suddenly he became dull:No I can’t propose Naina as she still loves Raghav and is waiting for his come back.May be I am not lucky enough to get Naina.
Raghav shed tears.
They all became sad.

They gathered in the hall.
Gopi:Poor Mayank.He thinks that he can’t get Naina as Naina loves Raghav.
Ahem:It’s pathetic that he is not confessing his love to Naina because of a misunderstanding.

Ramakanth:How will we make bhai understand that he is Raghav not Mayank and it’s his acceptance that Naina is craving for?
Sita:If bhai hesitates to get closer to Naina because of his unawareness of identity how will Raghav Naina unite?
Suddenly they saw Raghav standing at the corridor.They were stunned.
Raghav was shocked:It means I am not your Mayank?I am Raghav?Tell me.
All became sad.
Gopi:Mayank..please calm down.
Ragh:Just tell me who I am.Mayank or Raghav?Tell…
Raghav was shattered:Then why did you all hide it from me?
Ramakanth:Because the doctor told us that it will harm your health.
Raghav cried:I am Raghav.But I misunderstood and hurt Naina.
He cried fainting.All were shocked.
Gopi screamed:Mayank!

They took Mayank to the hospital.Sita informed this to Naina and Indumati on phone.They were shocked.
Indu:Hey God..please protect our Raghav.
Naina cried:i want to see my Raghav now.
They rushed to the hospital.
Dr:Nothing to worry.It’s just because of shock that he fainted.Now he is alright.
They all were relieved.
Gopi:Thanks Kanhaji.

Raghav opened his eyes.He saw his family.
Gopi:Beta…are you alright?
Ragh:Yes maa.
He saw Naina,Ahaan and Indumati.
He remembered his moments with Indumati and Naina.His eyes became wet.
Ragh:Not Mayank.I am Raghav.I remember everything.
They all were surprised.Indumati hugged Raghav.
Indu:Thank God for returning my Raghav.

Raghav took Ahaan from Indumati and kissed all over his face.
Ragh:Chottu..you are my son.I am sorry for not recognising you my son.
Indumati Naina became emotional.
Raghav looked at Naina:Naina…

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chhanv hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi

Naina was very emotional.Slowly she raised her eye brows and looked at him.

Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi
Chhanv hai kabhi kabhi hai dhoop zindagi
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo
Jo hai sama kal ho na ho(Kal ho na ho).

Naina thought:Now Raghav remembers the past.So he must be hating me.I can’t bear Raghav’s hatred.
Naina ran out.
All were shocked including Raghav.
Indumati followed Naina.
Ind:Why did you leave in a hurry Naina?
She cried:Raghav as Mayank loves me.But Raghav hates me.I can’t bear his hatred dadi.

She hugged Indu and cried.
Indu:No Raghav can’t hate you.He loves you a lot Naina.

Suddenly somebody came there.Naina was shocked to see him.

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