Dil se: From the Heart Part 1 FS: PMHMD, SNS

Dil se: From the Heart Part 1
I dedicate this FS to Sindhuja who gave me the idea to write a story on Naina meeting Raghav in Austria after Rehaan’s death.

Rehaan’s stepmom Harjeet killed him and she got arrested.

Days passed.

Indumati:A lot happened in India.This place gives me sad memories.Let us go back to Austria Naina.
Naina:You are right Dadi.We should go back to Austria.India took my Raghav from me.I just want to leave this place.

They left for Austria.

After a few days…

Indumati:Naina…after Raghav left his empire is also in distress.Now you need to make everything prosperous like before.
Naina:I promise you dadi.I will look after Raghav’s business and Mehra Industries will be huge like how Raghav made it.
Indumati smiled:Good determination Naina.I have full faith in you.

Naina smiled.

Naina took over Raghav’s business and within some months the business flourished like before.

Naina got ready.
Indu:Have breakfast Naina.
N:Sorry dadi.I am already late for the meeting with Modis.This project is very important for me.I can’t lose this.
Dadi:All the best Naina.
N:Thank you dadi.
Dadi:But eat something.
N:Sorry dadi.I need to leave now.
Naina ran out.
Dadi:Naina is so workaholic.

Naina reached the place.
A young stylish handsome man appeared:Hi Miss Naina Mehra.
N:Hi.But I am not Miss but Mrs.

He:Oh I am sorry.I am Ramakanth Modi.

N:Nice to meet you.
Ramakanth:Actually this will be handled by my brother.Mr.Mayank Modi.He will arrive now.

A car reached.A stylish handsome man got out.Naina was stunned.She could’nt believe her eyes.

ai ajanabi tu bhi kabhi aavaaz de kahi se
mai yahaan tukado me ji rahaa hun
Ramakanth went towards him and hugged him:Welcome Bhai.
Ramakanth looked at Naina:This is Mrs.Naina Mehra.Our business deal will be with her.
Mayank:But only if I will be impressed with her presentation.I am sorry Mrs.Naina Mehra..when it comes to business no compromise.
Naina could’nt move.
Ramakanth:Naina Mehra..I hope you recognized him.He is my brother Mayank Modi.
Naina became emotional and caressed Mayank’s face:Raghav…you are alive?
She embraced him.

ai ajanabi tu bhi kabhi aavaaz de kahi se
mai yahaan tukado me ji rahaa hun

Ramakanth and Mayank were shocked.

Mayank Naina shared an emotional eye lock.

tu kahi tukado me ji rahi haiShe caressed his face again.ai ajanabi tu bhi kabhi

Mayank removed her hand from his face.
May:What are you doing?I am Mayank.Why are you calling me Raghav?
Naina:Why are you lying Raghav?Just because you are angry with me?You think I cheated you by having affair with Rehaan and bore his baby.But no Raghav.Trust me.I just became Rehaan and Ahana’s baby’s surrogate mother.I know you love Chottu like your son and he is our baby Raghav.

May:Why are you behaving so insane?I am Mayank Modi.You understand?
Mayank looked at Ramakanth:Ricky…you brought me here to fix the business deal with this mad lady?

Rama:I am sorry bhai.Naina Mehra is a reputed lady.I don’t know why she behaved like this.

Naina showed hers and Raghav’s pictures in the mobile:See this.Me with my husband Raghav.
Mayank and Ramakanth were shocked.
May:I am sorry.I misunderstood you.Your husband looks like me.But sorry to say that I am not your husband,but his look alike.
Naina cried.
May:What happened to your husband?
N:He met with an accident.We did’nt get body.So when I saw you I thought you are my Raghav.I am sorry.
May:I feel sorry for you.But I wish you get your husband back and all misunderstandings between you both get cleared.
Naina wept.

Naina gave presentation.
Mayank and Ramakanth were impressed.They clapped hands.
May:I am impressed.It was truly good.I am in for this deal with you.
Naina smiled.
Mayank held her hand and shook hands.Naina was lost in him.

roz roz resham si havaa, aate jaate kahati hai
bataa resham si havaa kahati hai bataa
She remembered Raghav shaking hands with her.

vo jo dudh dhuli, maasum kali
vo hai kahaan kahaan hai vo roshani, kahaan hai
May:I am sorry.I insulted you without knowing anything.
Naina:It’s ok.Even I was at fault,I mistook you for Raghav.
May:Anyways nice meeting you.
Naina smiled:Same to you.

While parting Mayank Naina turned to different sides.Naina slipped.
Mayank turned back and saw Naina falling.Suddenly he jumped towards her and held her.

vo jaan si kahaan hai
They both looked at each other’s eyes.

mai adhuraa, tu adhuri ji rahi hai
ai ajanabi tu bhi kabhi

They broke eye lock.
N:Thank you so much Mayank.
May:No need of thanks.But be careful next time.
Naina smiled nodding her head.

Naina went back home.
Indumati came:Naina..how was your presentation?Did everything go well?
Naina burst into tears and hugged her.
Indu:What happened Naina?Any problem?
N:No dadi.The deal is fixed with Modi Industries.
Indu:This is a happy news.Then why are you crying?
Naina:That Mayank Modi with whom I am going to work looks like Raghav.
Indumati was shocked.
Naina explained everything.
Indumati was stunned:I want to see him.
N:I will introduce you to him dadi.But dadi..he is not our Raghav.He is just Raghav’s look alike.
They both hugged each other crying.

Naina went to her room and shed tears.
Her mind was only her meeting with Mayank.

tu to nahi hai lekin, teri muskuraahat hai
cheharaa kahi nahi hai par, teri aahat haiNaina:Why I feel that you are my Raghav?

tu hai kahaan kahaan hai, teraa nishaan kahaan hai
meraa jahaan kahaan hai

Ramakanth and Mayank reached home.
Their parents Ahem and Gopi hugged them.
Ahem:How was the day?
Mayank:It went really well.
Ramakanth:Bhai is doing the project with Naina Mehra.
Gopi:Wow..it’s a great news.

Mayank:A strange incident too happened.Naina Mehra mistook me for her lost husband Raghav Mehra.
Mayank explained everything.Ahem Gopi were shocked.

Mayank lay on his bed.He was thinking of how Naina called him Raghav embracing him, caressing his face,showing hers and Raghav’s pictures,Mayank holding her from falling.
May:I am not Naina’s Raghav.Still why I feel I know Naina well?

mai adhuraa, tu adhuri ji rahi hai
ai ajanabi tu bhi kabhi(Dil se).
Suddenly his phone rang.
He picked up the phone.
“Hi Mayank”.
May:Hi Nupur…
N:Did you sleep?
May:No.I am tired.I was going to sleep.
Nupur became dim:I thought we can talk till morning.

May:I am sorry Mayank.Will talk later.I feel very sleepy.Good night.

Nupur became dull:Good night.
Mayank disconnected the call.
Nupur became upset:Mayank has’nt still accepted me I think.For him,I am just his fiancee found by his parents.Nothing more.

Gopi was worried:Ahemji…What is happening?I am getting tensed.
Ahem:Don’t worry Gopi.I think it’s a good sign.If Naina is Raghav’s wife..then we can reach Mayank’s past easily.We wanted to meet his real family.Right?
Gopi:Ya..but when we lost our hope to find his real family we found Nupur for Mayank.If things get connected to his past and Naina what will happen to Nupur?

Ahem became dull:Gopi..whatever happens will be for the best.
Gopi rested her head on Ahem’s shoulder.He caressed her.

Ramakanth who reached his room was surprised to see his room decorated with flowers.
Then came his pretty wife wearing a beautiful suit.
Sita:For you Ricky.
Rama:It’s so beautiful Sita.
He embraced her.
Sita:Ricky..you remember?Today is our first meeting anniversary.
Ricky:How can I forget that beautiful day?We met each other in our college.We fell for each other at first sight though we took time to confess it.
Sita:But we became friends that day itself.

Ricky:Yes.And still you are my best friend sweety.
Sita smiled.
Sita:You know when you became my friend all girls were jealous of me.They all were eyeing on my hot Ricky.
Ricky smiled pulling her closer:But I got attracted only towards you.
Sita blushed.
Sita:Hello..my hot husband..today is our first meeting anniversary.Don’t I have the right to romance you?
He smiled romantically:I am always free to get romanced by you my sweet wife.
She blushed.
They had a passionate embrace.

Deewangi awargi…(SNS RicIta song)

Suddenly Ricky saw dinner on the table with a surprise.
Sita:I prepared your favourite food with my own hands.
Ricky:Wow..cool.I can’t wait to taste it.

Sita served him food.
Rama:Just serving food?
She smiled.Then she started feeding him.He fed her back.

Deewangi awargi…(SNS RicIta song)

Rama:Sita…I want to tell you an important matter.
Sita:What is that Ricky?

Ramakanth told her about Naina recognizing Mayank as Raghav.
Sita was shocked.
Sita:It means Mayank Bhai is Raghav Mehra?
Ramakanth became dull:Sita!
Sita:You saw Raghav Mehra’s photos too Ricky.It proves that Mayank Bhai is actually Raghav.Naina deserves to know the truth.So you should tell her the truth.
Rama:But Sita…doctor told us not to tell the truth to Mayank Bhai.It may danger his health.
Sita:Yes.I am not telling you that Mayank bhai should know the truth.But don’t you think his wife Naina who thinks that he is dead should know the truth?Poor lady will get some relief.
Rama:You are right Sita.

Ramakanth Sita went to Ahem Gopi’s room.
Rama:We have decided to tell the truth to Naina.
Gopi became dull:Are you sure?

Sita:Yes Maa.Naina is his wife.She should know what happened to him.Right Maa?
Gopi:Yes..it’s right.
Ahem:Go ahead Ricky Sita.

Ricky and Sita went to Mehra house to meet Naina.
Naina:Ramakanth…what a surprise!
Ramakanth smiled.
Naina looked at Sita.
Sita:I am Ricky’s wife.I mean..we all call Ramakanth Ricky.
Naina smiled:Nice to meet you Sita.
Indumati came.
Naina:This is my dadi..Raghav’s dadi.Dadi..this Ramakanth Modi.Mayank Modi’s brother.
Indu smiled:Namaste.
Ramakanth Sita touched her feet.She blessed them.
Indu:Did Mayank come?
Indu:I came to know that Mayank just looks like my Raghav.So I feel like seeing him.
Ramakanth Sita became sad for her.
Rama:Actually we came here to tell you an important thing about my brother Mayank bhai.
Naina was eager to hear it.

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  1. Wow amazing thank u so much for listening to my request u made my day u r a life saver my heart pained at the thought of raghavs death thank u so much ur fs is amazing and interesting can’t wait for the next update u beautifully portrayed the characters and I have no words to say how much this means to me

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.Are you a member of IF?Sarveshjoshi is writing 3 raina ffs there

      1. No really I checked it but it showed only ur latest updates thanks for the information

      2. Jasminerahul

        please join IF.sarvesh is writing nice raina ffs

  2. Riana

    Wow….Amazing fs…waiting to see more…Naina became business woman n handling raghav’s business…Cool…Now meeting with modis brings her charming raghav back but unfortunately its Mayank…Wow Gopi-Ahem knows anything about this…Ricita scene was romantic n sweet…MayNa scene was too sweet !…Sorry dear actually i read this last night but was busy so forgot to comment …i will soon comment on ur kkkm ff…

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku very much.but you didnt tell me if you read kuch khatti with pics on pg33?

      1. Riana

        Yah i read…but didnt commented…sorry for that

      2. Jasminerahul

        hope you enjoyed the update with pics.waiting for your comment

  3. hey jasminerahul who is the character behind nupur

    1. Jasminerahul

      Its Rati Pandey

  4. Shakaib

    Sad that Harjeet killed Rehaan. Nyc,that NainaMati decided to leave India. Good to see them back in Austria. Very nice di, Naina also become Businesswoman and tycoon as well..so glad yaar di..I always wanted Naina to be such.. Wow-..loved RaIna meeting(Here, Raina means Ramakanth n Naina)..Is Ricky also business tycoon.??OMG! Mayank is Raghav’s lookalike..if I would’ve not seen image..than I have taken many time to understand only this fact..So glad di–that I can see pic update…I thank u a lot..its all becoz of you..that I can see Pic update…Felt sad for Naina when Mayank couldn’t recognize her…As I think he has host his memory..?? Finally…Contract got signed…Good….MayNa eyelock was superb…di…..Naina telling Indu of Mayank n they both hugging was emotional…Gohem also here..??? Had Gohem shifted to Austria?? Loved their family scene…In which show mayur were..?? But Arjun opposite her??? Nupur.. is loveable character…. Loved the way she talked to Mayank…hope she is pure heart…..n not like other ones..plz give her character a good ending…..Gohem discussion was superb…Gohem Singapore image chosen for that scene was superb…. Super se uper wala super….Ricita were College colleagues first n now r HubWi…….Superb….Love it..I wish Sns would’ve not. end..so that we would have gotten to see Kore of Ricita… but…..Expecting more Ricita…..Mayur…Gohem… Raina….Want everyone Romans in last part…request…hai…Manah naa kijiye ga.. di….Deewangi..Awargi…superb song selection n Ricita song as well…..Well good choice…Good Ricita decided to tell mayank true identity to NainaMati and discussing it with Gohem.. superb…..Finally…They reach MH….Hope to get some that type of good news………Really love this FS…..Sad its for 4-5 parts…..so…sad..also…but happy n excited for this story…also….waiting for next part……..
    *FS means Four or FIVE Shots here? Frankly, I want it to be for 5 parts…….Ya…Fifty bhi thik rahe ga..wish you make it a FF…permanently-..but concept concept is really good…..Love it…a lot…than …all ur other stories……

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thx a lot.In this story Gohem stay in Austria.MayUr r from Arjun Bijlani’s previous show Mile Jab hum tum.his character name was Mayank and Nupur was played by rati Pandey.I am also sad that SNS got ended when RicIta romance had just started.

  5. Oh no only 4-5 parts please write it like ff this story has a lot more scope and can go to great heights please jasmine try to write more parts

    1. Jasminerahul

      It’s because of lack of time that I am not making it a FF.I have other stories too to update

  6. i am first of all really sorry for this very late comment , awesome start . a ff on pmhmd and sns is quite new , and it was awesome . naina caressing mayank was so emotional . i am loving this ff . mayna’s eyelock was beautiful . in sns they did not show any ricita scenes .so here i loved their scenes . so mayank is raghav i guess . i am excited to see how naina will react when she gets to know that mayank is actually raghav

    1. Jasminerahul

      thx a lot.On SNS RicIta romance was Sita’s dream.Only in the last track their romance started n very soon SNS ended

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