Dil se Dil tak~ Zindagi: Pavorni part 6

Precap: in the flashback, Parth inform both women about the pregnancy while in the present, Shovori gets a call from Parth worker saying he didn’t show up for work. Now let’s continue.

Shovori was pacing back in forth, waiting on her husband to come home. Ever since the call, Parth haven’t picked up his phone call. She was tense because it wasn’t like him to be so careless. But than again, the last time he was careless was when teni was in their life.


A six month pregnant teni was dancing in her house. Shovori and Parth had told her to take care of herself , but she was bored.

Teni attempts to dance a flashy song that consist of lots of body movement. Apparently the baby like it too. While dancing, she fell on her back. Teni holding her side, laughs ” I guess it’s time for me to stop”

Just than she heard her name ” TENi!!” Parth yells

Teni turn to see an angry Parth coming to her. He bends down to check if she was fine. He touch her stomach to feel the baby before looking at her. ” what we’re you trying to do? You and the baby could have been hurt. ” he says

Teni feeling guilty apologized ” I was just giving what the baby wanted.” She mumbles.

Parth sigh ” we have to go to the doctor for a check up”

Teni panicks ” checkup” she mumbles recalling the needle. She shook her head to say no.

Parth tells her, if she won’t come for the checkup than he will not give her the food she asked for. Teni emotional starts to wail. Saying things like he would starve a pregnant women .

Parth says ” OK, you win. The mangoes is in the car. I will give you some, but I know where we can get more. ”

Teni stops crying. Parth helps her get up, while doing so, she almost dragged him back down. When they arrived in the car. Parth helps her with seat belt. It was hard at first, but with a lot of struggle they manage.

Teni happily eats mangoes. Just than Shovori calls. ” hello?”

” Parth, how is Teni? Is she taking care of our baby”

Parth look at Teni for a quick second, he didn’t know if he should tell shovori what happened earlier. ” she’s fine, I’ll talk to you later” he says, it wasn’t really a lie. He just didn’t want her to worry too much, he thought.

When they reach the hospital, Parth turn to Teni. ” OK we’re here”

Teni was quiet. Parth asks her what’s wrong, Teni says ” my back, is paining me. I can’t move”

” what do You mean? ” he question, now panicking.

Teni with mood swings, starts to panick. Parth saw her lip wobbling and her eyes getting watery. “My mangoes!” She cries ” I won’t be able to get it now”

Parth asks her to stop her tears, he says he will take her to her mangoes. That definitely stop her. Parth says in head. That fall must have done something to her, I have to take her to the doctor fast.

Parth got out the car and walk to the other side. He opens Teni door. And unbuckled Her seat belt. Teni watch him. Grabbing his out stretched hand, Parth help her out.

Teni wince, she says she can’t walk. Parth told her to hold on. The next thing she knew, she was being carried by Parth. Surprise she stare at him. Parth says ” hang on, this is quicker”

Teni nods. She says in head, this man would do anything for his baby. What a macho man, she smile. ” by the way Parth, where’s Shovori?”

Parth struggling says ” she’s at home, dadaji and dadi feels, she shouldn’t go out while six month pregnant. So she told me to come check on you”

Teni nods, she look ahead when she saw the doctors. ” Parth, this is the hospital.” she tense.

” I know”

” where’s my mangoes?”

” I told jalap to bring some for me”

This made her worries go away.

While they entered jalap voice, they didn’t notice sejal watching them. Confuse she wonder, who the girl, Parth was with. She quickly took a picture, before saying she will show Shovori.

Many hour pass, and Shovori at home, wonder why Parth won’t pick up. She stare at herself in the mirror while watching the fake baby bump. She smile while imaging herself actually pregnant. ” soon you will come into the world” she says happily

Dadi smile while knocking ” you must be extremely happy. ”

Shovori quickly wrap her stomach. ” yes I am”.

” I was that way too, excited to be a mother. It was a long journey, but it was all worth it. Soon you will have a connection with your baby, that connection will never die. Some people are lucky enough to have a baby who feels their mother emotions even when their born.”

Shovori tense ” I hope I can have that connection than”

Dadi laughs ” why wouldn’t you, it had already started since you started showing”

Shovori smile ” yeah”

Once Dadi left, she tried calling Parth again, but still he didn’t answer. She says in head this is not like Parth.

End of flashback

When Parth arrives at their room, he sigh. Shovori bombs him with many question. Parth tired says ” not now shovori ”

” what’s wrong Parth?”

Parth changing says ” I just need to rest”

Shovori says ” something must have happend”

” Shovori enough, OK, just stop” he say now getting in the bed

Shovori tense, she wonder what has caused him to be so upset. Getting in the bed, she recalls Teni. She touch his shoulder before asking ” did you go to Teni place”

Parth open his eyes ” I did”

Shovori tense. ” why?” She says quietly

This time Parth turn to her ” I wanted to see how she was doing.”

” but why Parth, she got what she wanted. And we got ours. She’s in america, so why go to her place”

Parth didn’t know if he should tell her, what he saw when he arrived there. He sat up ” she didn’t go to america shovori ”

” what why?”

” even I don’t know, but when I confronted her about it, she was angry. She wasn’t the same Teni, we remembered. She looked broken”

” so is that why you didn’t answer the phone or come home early”

” yes and no”

This confused her, she was about to ask a question when Parth took out a gift box. Shovori look at him, Parth told her to open the big box.

When she did, she gasp. Their in the box we’re picture frame of her holding parkash. Some of the image she didn’t know he took. ” we will hang it downstairs. I asked a photographer to take our picture tomorrow. It will be hanging by the stair case wall, where it all started.”

Shovori speechless hugs Parth. ” this is great Parth, I don’t know what to say”

Parth hugs her, ” don’t say anything ” he says.

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