Dil se Dil tak~ Zindagi: Pavorni FF part 5

Preview : parth finds teni drunk at her house. When he saw her with a stranger , he save her before the man could do something. While shovori mother instinct kicks in.


Jalap says ” when she wakes up , take good care of her. This is is a miracle for you and your wife”

Parth nod ” shovori will be so happy, i need to tell her”

Parth got up to leave, but Jalap stops him. ” some one has to stay with teni. To make sure shes alright. I would do it, but I’m needed elsewhere”

Parth tense. He really wanted to get home to shovori. He look one last time at jalap before sighing. I will just have to call her, he thought.

Jalap smile before getting up, she look one last time at teni before leaving. When she was gone, parth grab his phone and call his wife. Sadly she didnt answer, he tried again worried, but than calm down thinking shes asleep.

Parth was startled when teni starts to wake up. Teni getting up tried to remember what happen. She scream when she realize what she did. Panicking, she look at herself to make sure she was alright. When she realize her clothes are intake she sigh with relief.

” are you done your screeching”

” parth?”

” yes” he nods before scooting closer ” are you feeling better?”

” yes why wouldnt i?”

” because you fainted”

Teni blink her eyes ” why would i do that?”

Parth hesitate at first ” b-because your pregnant”

Teni blink before laughing. ” you must be joking because I’m sure we didnt get close”

Parth smiling says ” im serious your having our baby”

Teni eyes widen before she starts to smile ” i knew it! Teni gut feeling is never wrong.” she got up and start dancing ” i can finally go to america”

Parth smile at her antic. He check the time and got up, he told her he has to go to shovori. Teni wave him of, and continue day dreaming.

By the time parth reach the house , it was 4am. Everyone was still asleep. He walk up the stairs and open his room. While going in, he was unaware of mohini watching him. She saw him earlier leaving and now he was back late. She was very suspicious now.

On the other hand, when parth walk in. Shovori was not in bed. He wonder where she went. He search around the room and saw her sitting on the floor while leaning on the wall. He smile when he saw her sleeping. He quietly walk to her and pick her up. Than he puts her on the bed and tuck her in. Just when he was about to get up she grab his hand.

Parth turn to her ” Shovori?”

She looks down in tears ” d-did everything go well”

Parth nod ” yeah, shes pregnant”

Shovori let go of his hand and starts crying. Parth frown ” whats wrong Shovori”


Parth didnt by it. ” its not nothing if your crying”

Shovori turn the other way. Avoiding him. Parth asks once more, and she finally decides to talk. ” i know it was my idea, but i was hopeing you didnt do it.”

” shovori”

” i want this baby , but you were right. It was selfish of me to send you to another women. Now i feel so guilty”

Parth understanding wipes her tears. ” you were just thinking about the family. Thats not selfish”

Shovori sat up and shook her head ” i ignored your feeling s parth”

” its alright, besides theirs nothing to worry about we didnt do anything”

Shovori was now confuse ” but you said shes pregnant?”

Parth grin ” yeah, teni fainted so i called jalap. Turns out the insemination worked. Teni was pregnant”.

Shovori eyes widen ” is this true”

Parth nod. Shovori happy hugs him. Parth hugs her back.

End of flashback

Shovori was at the doctor with parkash. She was nervous because this was all new to her. The lady next to her introduce herself. She asks if shes a new mother, shovori nod. The lady says the same. She complement shovori on her figure. Shovori thank her. Shovori seeing the lady baby happily smiling and squealing smile. ” she really love you”

The lady look down at her daughter ” before she didnt. But my secret is br*astfeeding. When a baby drink their mother milk they will get attatch to them. I’m sure yours does too”

Shovori looks down. The lady says parkash is still young. She needs to feed him her milk. Cause its very healthy compare to the powder milk.”

Shovori nod. The lady got up when her name was called. She said her goodbyes and left. Shovori stare at parkash. Tense she wonder if teni br*ast feed her son. She soon laugh at the idea. ” i should stop worrying to much”

Suddenly her phone rang. ” parth job? Why would they call ?” she asks. She answerd the phone and his assistant answerd ” hello mam”

” yes?”

” have you seen sir, he didnt come to work yet”

” are you sure? He left earlier”

” I’m sure mam, i tried his mobile but it went to voicemail.”

” ok , i will try reaching him”

” thank you mam”

After the phone call shovori hang up. She tried calling parth, but nothing. ” this is not like him. Where is he?”” she says

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