Dil se Dil tak~ Zindagi: Pavorni FF part 4

Preview: Teni was finally able to hold her baby, after birth. Shovori and Parth celebrates the baby namkaran with a little game while Shovori tense when their son keeps crying, when she touches him. Now let’s continue

Chapter 4

shovori Woke up to the sound of the baby crying. She quickly ran to the room to make sure his alright. Parth waking up smile. Shovori is such a worried mother, he thought.

This all started after the namkaran. She was adamant to get close to their son. When the baby falls, she calls the ambulance even though he fell on his blanket. When he starts tear up, she starts to panick to the point that she wakes the whole family up. She Pampers their son a lot. Sometimes Parth wonder if their son will be a spoil baby in the future.

Getting up he decides to get dress for work. It wasn’t long before Shovori walks in with a crying parkash. ” Parth look, I hold him.” She says excited

” yeah, but why is he still crying? ”

Shoviri sadly looks down ” I don’t know, I guess he’s still not use to me”

Parth walk up to her and kiss her forehead before holding her ” just give him sometime, he will come around” he says looking at their son , who stop when he saw his father.

” I guess he just wants his father attention” he jokes.

” he loves his father more than he loves his mom. Maybe he will become a daddy little boy” she pouts

Parth laughs before grabbing his son. ” mommy is jealous that I might take you away from her. What should we do to ressure. Her”

Parth says ” why don’t you be a good little baby, while I’m gone ” the baby stare at Parth intensely before he smile. Parth smile back, but his face became a frown when he smelt something. He cring his nose before giving the baby to shovori. ” his all yours” he says almost passing out.

Shovori starts to laugh ” our baby is a prankster just like Teni”

As soon as she said this, they all got quiet. They wonder how she’s doing. Ever since she gave birth, they haven’t seen her. Shovori putting the baby on the soft blanket wonder if she’s in America now living her dream.

Parth wondered the same thing. They snap out of their thoughts when their family doctor calls. She reminds Shovori to see her today with the baby.. Parth says ” you get to spend a lot of time with our son, but I can’t” he pouts

Shovori giggles ” stop being a big baby and go to work”

Parth sulks all the way to his car. He smile at ease.while heading to work, something was nagging him to go and see Teni. He check the time, to see he has an hour before he reach the office. Deciding he made a turn and head to Teni place.

He was contemplating whether or not to enter her house. Parth now at her door felt nervous. He was about to knock, when he realize the door was open. Confuse, he calls Teni name. When he got no repsonse he enters.

The place was a mess, it was like someone came and ruin it for her. He walk around until he reached her bedroom. He pushed it slightly to see a man grinning at Teni while she was on the bed. She didn’t look to good. Matter fact she look drunk. ” get off” she says without much of a struggle. She was so intoxicated, she couldn’t clearly see the man face.

The man says ” don’t play hard to get now. You wanted this when you seduced me at the club”

Teni staid quiet. The man lean down to kiss her shoulder when Parth shove him away. ” didn’t you hear her, leave before I call the police”

The man panicked seeing Parth built figure ” calm down man, I was just helping her. She came on to me” he says backing away, before running. When the man left the house, Parth sigh with relief. ” Teni” he says not to gently

Teni still drunk, got up. Her hair messy while faint on her revealing shoulder. She touch her forehead ” p-pwarth ” ” Wwwhart. Are you dsdoing inn myhhouse ” she says

Parth glares at her ” are you mad Ten, what could have happened if I didn’t come on time”

Teni got off the bed with a lot of struggle. She held on to the bed, but fell down laughing. Parth sigh, he March to her before holding her hand to lift her up. ” why are you being so irresponsible ”

Teni look at him before giggling. ” yyyou ttalk Toooo mmmmmuch” she says before grabbing a candy from her pocket.

” stop laug-”

He never finish, when Teni shove a candy in his mouth. ” their you gooo, now you can eat. Good boy” she says standing up

In Teni eyes, she could see her baby in replace of Parth. She says ” bbbaby ccan twwalk, ”

Parth rub his temple. He took her to the living room, before putting her on the chair. He told her to wait for a minute before getting something strong to make her sobber again. When he found what he was looking for he quickly makes it and gives it to Teni. Teni grabs it shakely Before drinking in one gulp. But she soon made a gagging nose. ” what the he’ll was that” she screams

Parth sitting down says ” it’s apple cider vinegar mix with lemon and water. It should have sobber you up already ”

Teni nod, when she saw her eyes clearing up. ” thank you Parth”

” your welcome, now would you like to tell me why you didn’t go to America? And why you were like this in the first place.”

” I don’t want to talk about it, shouldn’t you be at work?”

Parth sigh, she’s avoiding the question, he thought. He observe her a little before deciding ” I will leave now”

Teni nod sadly ” don’t forget to close the door”

Parth nods before closing it. He wonder what is wrong with her. He knew she wasn’t acting herself. Something was definetly up. Teni watching the close door puts her head on the table while groaning. Why did he come? I thought they forgot about me already? I don’t need their sympathy if that’s what their doing. While thinking she didn’t realize how slowly she was falling to sleep.

In Teni dream, she dreamt of her and her baby sleeping together, eating and playing. She unconsciously smile ” Teni is not alone, you are my only family now” she says

Sometimes, you have to be a little selfish, in order for your dream to come true. But at the same time it makes you question yourself, if it was worth it. all three will soon find the answer to that question. So until next time, good bye.

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