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A college is shown its big campus is beautiful you can find some students reading some laughing some talking and some discussing something

A boy is walking in corridor humming a tune

He looks handsome

He walks towards his class

But ………! his expression changes

“gini” he screams

Whole class is looking towards him he glares her

She bites lower lip and gives a sorry look

Some of their friends are controlling their laugh

“areh bhai why are u standing here” vinay one of their friend who walks to class asks him

When he looks towards him he is shocked but then he busts in laugh seeing him laugh all starts laughing at the boy

“today I won’t leave you”saying so he starts chasing the girl

“sorry laksh wo professor brinda ke liye tha” the girl says trying to escape from him

The boy’s face was seamred with paint he was no less than joker and some birds feather sticking on his face

The girl had hanged a bucket of paint on entrance as he entered the paint fell on him and other  things further she didn’t have any such intention for him but she didn’t notice him and when laughed on some joke the rope from her hand got loose and then rest you know

Both were playing tom and jerry and whole campus was witnessing this but all didn’t react because this was usual some times the boy chases the girl and some times the professors

Ladki nahi suderegi (the girl won’t change)

They were so busy in running that they didn’t notice that they were near staff room one of the professor was walking out

The girl escaped but boy had to put sudden break on his jog seeing professor his expression were changing so fast (not even chameleon changes its color that fast)

“mr.laksh” the professor called him in cold voice

he was doing break dance on one leg

(Areh understand na if u are running and all of sudden u have to stop how would be your situation)

He gave nervous smile

The girl looked towards him and laughed hard

And he glared her

She showed her tongue and ran from their

She was walking in engineering campus she was a BBA student and her college offered degrees in both science and commerce

She was walking around the corridors she greeted some of her friends had a chat with them she was quite famous

(she will be na whole universities professor chase her and most of time she is found in principal’s office)

a huge library is shown a boy was lost reading books he heard the bell ring

he picks his books and starts walking he was reading some journal and was lost completely in that

ragini was walking from opposite side twirling and hopping like frog

ragini was walking backward facing analysing the classes around and he was too lost

they both bumped into each other his books fell she trembled

“ahhh” she screamed in fear of falling he noticed and quickly acted as a reflex he held her by waist to prevent her from falling

When she didn’t feel any hurt she looked up

Only to be lost in most mesmerising eyes

His dark brown eyes she felt enchanted

He didn’t except to clash with anyone and that to girl and what he did also he never thought ever

(padaku bacha na)

But the moment he saw her falling he just wanted to save her and his reflex was so

The moment she landed his arms he felt something too different

He was just lost in her face

Her trembling lips she had closed her eyes tight in fear her innocent face

(Wind doesn’t pass in these moments)

And when she opened her eyes he couldn’t get over those dark charcoal eyes of her

“ohh thank you” she said breaking his trance

“ha” he was still holding her and then he realised their position he made her stand

And bend down to pick his books

She looked towards him she didn’t know this guy but he was cute

She too bend and helped him to collect paper journals

When their hands touched (by mistake obvio na why would they do anything so)

They looked towards each other and had a cute eye lock

“thank you” he said when she handed him his other paper

“mention not” she said attitudiously

He looked towards her in disappoint

He started to move giving her a forced smile

“oye” she called he turned

“thank you for saving me” she said giving her killer smile

He was lost in  her smile and he himself didn’t know when his lips moved in a big smile

She grinned happily and left

“pagal” he said

And moved back to his classes

She walked towards canteen towards her gang and saw all were pleasing laksh

She walked to him

“awww abhi tak drama queen ka drama katam nahi hua”(still drama queen’s drama didn’t end) she asked

Laksh glared her

“areh yaar ess mat kuck kuch hota hai”(don’t see me like that I feel something) she said blushing and acting a bit

All were trying to control their laugh seeing her even laksh felt but he gave her a cold look

“fine teek hai” she said seeing laksh unchanged behaviour

She went to him

“lucky sorry na maff kar de” (lucky sorry na forgive me)she said

He turned his face other side

She looked towards him and hit him hard on his shoulder

“ahh chudial” he screamed rubbing his arm

All laughed and she smiled at him and he glared her

“chal chal apana drama band kar”(enough stop your drama) she said

“some day I’ll kill you for sure” he said

And she side hugged him and he couldn’t resist himself more he too hugged her back

“par muje shadi karne se pahle nahi marna”(but I don’t wanna die before getting married) she said and all looked towards her in shock

Laksh laughed hard

“nice joke tu aur shadi (good joke u and marriage)” and all laughed she twisted her lips


They were in their first year at end of semester she was studying the college for long two years she completed her 1st and 2nd year of college from same university and was continuing their only her degree

He had joined in first year and he had no much idea about her except the praising he heard from teachers and her friends

She used to see him have secret glances of him she didn’t knew anything of him before but same was not in his case he knew about her she was a big prankster and her stories were famous in whole university

He used to laugh at her antics but never showed that he developed some affection for her

They were totally opposite from each other from personality to their subject choices nothing matched

He wanted to join MIT for his further studies and she had no idea about her future

He loved building robots and she loved teasing pranking and irritating others

He was nerdy a close book and she was free bird who love to fly

He too was naughty he too played pranks but only on his best friends only some or only few people knew about his this side

She too had some mystery but her problems never became reason for her dullness in every situation she had learned to smile laugh and make others smile

He was quite mature a logical rational thinker

But she was too innocent though at times she seemed cold hearted not caring much but their was innocent child in her waiting for some one to guide and help her

She choose to hide her pain by smiling and he choose to hide his emotions by acting robotic

She listened to heart and he listened to mind

Everyone was her friend but laksh was her best friend who knew about her they were childhood friends and he knew about all her pain and he respected her more because though of so  many problems she smiled

Her gang comprised of

First of all she herself ragini mittal a quite interesting mystery (other introduction you would have got by know) bit tom boy loves to make everyone smile a prankster studying BBA

Laksh maheswari a flirt  hot handsome ragini’s best childhood friend who knows everything about her and so only he calls her panoti (bad omen) areh yaar when he knows everything about her obvio even she would know he supports her and she blackmails him

Poor soul

Akshat uphaday from birth bharamin but from karam(work) a pakka devil

(if you have watched DJ u can relate his character to allu arjun’s role)

Vinay Shankar- the topper of gang a studious guy

Teachers only complaint how can such studious student be friend with such devils

Twinkel  bhargav the one man army always ready to fight and her feminist thoughts she’s famous for that

So these are Dare devils of college

Whereas he his gang is opposite of these devils

Swara bose a jaalkukadu (some who gets jealous quite often) she is studious but a bit arrogant and always trys to oversmart others

She doesn’t like ragini at all because once she got in fight with tina and hence forth she hates ragini and her gang to core

Kunj Sharma- nam ki traha sharmila (like his sur name bit shy) only for others because he’s not even a bit shy just he acts on times to escape from blame of pranks that he does

Kunj has a soft corner for ragini (reason you’ll know later) but he doesn’t like her too

Kavitha chandrashekar- silent sweet from heart girl  everyone’s favourite

(if some one daily gets you new new dishes and sweets won’t that person be you favourite……. ! just kidding but that’s true here)

Anirudh ramakirshnan- a sweet innocent cute boy studious and always ready to help others no matter what

Know a question must come in your mind among all these sweet people how come girl like swara befriend them simple reason what ever it is she is good from heart doesn’t harm others and also she’s good at studies

And know coming to other character …………………….!

Should I say about him?







(I think u people know)

















(ok ok guy’s I’ll tell)













(Let it be you people know as story proceeds)







Back to story

From that day many things changed

She was secretly stalking him right from his face book account to his physis stack flow account she followed him on every social media website he was from quora to twitter….., from ted talks to hubspot ….., from twitter to insta what not like a love stick puppy but her feelings were only known to her she didn’t even share about her crush with laksh who was her bestie her everything

Even laksh failed to notice change in her but detective akshath he felt weird about her

She tried to know about his every small detail what he wants to do in his life what he likes everything

She felt so jealous when a girl reacted with a heart on his dp she felt to break that girl’s face

She used to keep a secret eye on him

Reading his comments analysisng his personality from his fb post

(even I did that and I know many of readers would have also done this please do mention what and all you used to do and how you secretly stalked your crush)

But some times she felt all this painful she was developing some feelings for him and she was forbidden from that

He used to think about her as a bit bad girl obvio yaar if some one is so favourite of professors then who won’t think like that

But after that day he started observing her he could feel some pain in her eyes

“sanskar” he jerked from his thoughts when kavitha called him both were in canteen

“we are getting late” she said and he nodded both got from their seats

And started walking

ragini came towards them

all her gang were standing their hiding behind the pillow

“vinay what are u doing” asked laksh when he saw vinay holding camera

“can’t miss this oppoturnity” he said

“she’ll kill you”

“you be quite and let me record” he said

He  looked at ragini confusingly

She went on her knees and forwarding him a flower

He looked confused at her

“I love you” she said giving her best smile and he was too shocked to react for anything




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