Hlo guys… So finally we decided to cancel the leap… And so we are remaking the episode 9… Once again we are Really sorry to bring the leap.. So now we are going to lead the story as planned before.. So we promise u guys that we will make SWASAN meeting special…
So lets start the episode…
And according to 8th episode, Swara was about to tell Khushi about Arnav’s tragic past…
So lets go…
The episode strts.. Swashi were sitting in Swara’s room..
Khushi : What happened to him…!!!
Swara : I will tell you..

FB shows…
Arnav was in madly love with a girl. Her name was Pooja. They both loved each other a lot. Pooja was Swara’s college mate. So Swara also supported them a lot. Anjali was well aware of this relationship. She also supported them. Finally their marriage was fixed. Both of them were really happy. They spend so many times together as planning their marriage.
One day , both of them were returning from their frnds home after inviting them for wedding.
Tgey were alone. On the way, their car met with an accident. Their car collided with a truck. Arnav had serious injuries and he wqs in ICU for so many days… Bt he recovered after some days… Bt Pooja died on the spot.
FB ends…
Swara : When Arnav got to know about it, he brock down. From that day, he is hiding his pains.. Only his close frnds know this. He is acting rude, so that no one will doubt on his pain. Thats why I said, he is not rude…
After hearing Arnav’s past, Khushi’s eyes were filled with tears.??? She felt sad for Arnav. Finally she composed herself..

Khushi : Shona, I didn’t aware of this. You were right, he is not rude..
Swara : Haan Khushi.
Khushi : Shona, we have to make him the old Arnav. I want to see him happy.
Swara : Haan Khushi. If u are with me, I am ready to do anything.
Khushi : So, we are going to do this anyway..
Swashi shaked their hands….
Next morning. Raizada mansion is Shawn. Arnav was sleeping in his room. His phone rings. He woke up and took his phone. A message was received. The message was, “” HELLO KHADOOS…. GOOD MORNIG… JALDI UDKE OFFICE JAO… AUR HAA, AAJ PHI SABSE GUSSA KARNE KI KOI ZAROORAT NAHI HAI…. HAVE A NICE A DAY… “”.
Arnav shocked seeing the message. He rubbed his eyes and read once more to confirm that it is not a dream. He checked the centre, but it was a private number. He sat there thinking eho is the person. Just then Anjali calls him and he went to get ready to office.
Arnav had breakfast and left for office. He reached office and was going to his cabin. Just then he saw a person doing something in his mobile. By his face it was clear that, it is an unnecessary thing. Arnav became angry and was about to go to him for scold him bt just then he again got a message. The message was “” ARREY CHODTHO WOH BECHAARI KO, HO SUKTHA HAI WOH APNI GIRLFRIEND KI SAATH CHAT KAR RAHI HO.. DO PYAAR KARNE WAALOM KO DUKH DEKE HAME KYA MILEGA!! ISILIYE, CHODO USKO AUR APNI GUSSA BHI.. AND JUST SMILE…??? SIRF AB NAHI , ALWAYS…. SO JUST KEEP SMILING..???””. He smiled unknowingly reading the message.. and went to his cabin thinking about the messenger…

Swara reach the Bhalla house as Ragini called her.. She entered to the house. Just then her phone rings. She checked the phone. It was a message. She is walking reading the message. At the same tym Sanskar was coming towards her. Bt he was checking some files. So he didn’t saw Swara coming towards him. Swara also didn’t saw him as Swara checking her phone. As in all the love stories, they collided with eachother. Both of them fell down. As they fall, Swara was above Sanskar. As both of them were looking stunning, they had an eyelock. Both of them lost in eachother.
Just then Ragini came there. She shocked seeing Swasan fell on the ground. She ran towards them to help them to stood up.
Ragini : Swara, Sanskar, what happened??
Swasan came out to senses. Swasan stood up as Ragini helped them.
Ragini : Arrey, koi to batao.. Hua kya hai???
Just then Laksh calls Ragini.

Ragini : Haan Laksh. I am coming. ( To Swara) Mein abhi ati hoon. Tum teek to hu na??
Swara nodded her head. Ragini went to Laksh. Swara angrily looked towards Sanskar. Sanskar too.
Sanskar : What did you do!! Don’t you have eyes.??
Swara : Oyye, hello, dnt shout… You too should be careful..
Sanskar : Hello, dnt be over smart.. Did u know, yeh kitni important file hai!! Sab khira diya.
Swara : Kya, main over smart hoon.. hello, over smart mein nahi tum ho…
They both started to argue. Khushi came there seeing this. She shocked seeing her bro and her bestie fighting. She stop them by so many efforts.

Khushi : What are u guys doing??
Sanskar : Achha hua chhotti tum aa gayi. Varna…..
Swara : Varna kya..?? Kya!!
Khushi : Ab bas karo tum dono. Bhaiyya aap office jaane waala dhe na. Toh jao.
Sanskar left for office. Khushi and Swara left to mewt some frnds.
Sanskar reach office. He removed his jacket. He got an earring from his jacket. The earring was stucked in his jacket. He understood that the earring is Swara’s. He smiled. He keep the earring safe.
So how was the episode guys?? We hope that, u guys enjoyed the SWASAN moments. So plzz share ur views… Are we done right by canceling the leap… plzz share…

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  1. Oh so u made swasan strangers right.super waiting for next part.post asap

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    Nice….. Can u pls update only n english

    1. Samys

      I will try… And tgank you for ur support..

  4. Superb.. Felt bad for arnav.. Wait a minute r u samvrita sunil bcuz ur dp resembles a mollywood actress plz don’t mind

    1. Samys

      I am not samvritha sunil… Bt I am a diehard fan of her… I love her, even she stopped acting….

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    Thank you all for ur comments and support….. I hope u all enjoyed the swasan moments….

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  7. Superb episode… sry I am busy in my personal work…. so just now I read ur episode…. I really like ur idea for canceling leap… so nice… keep it up..

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      Thank you.. you are a tamilian ri8??

  8. R u both mallus? Njaanum Samvritha Sunil fan aatto.. U really have her resemblance!

    1. Samys

      Ella malayaleesum samvritha Sunil fans aavumallo…. ??she is really awesome…. Nice to hear that u too a malayali…

  9. Superb episode and njanum Malayaliyanu

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      Wow!!! Apo ivide malayalikal orupadundallo…???

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