Hlo guys…. We know u all r eagerly waiting for Swasan meeting… So we thought to take a 2 months leaps. We hope u guys will like it… and also sorry for ge first edit….
The episode starts with Swara telling Khushi abt Arnav’s past. That, he had a gf. They loved each other a lot. Their families were well aware of their relationship. They were a huge support to them. Bt fate was something else. She died in an accident. After that incident, Arnav totally brock down. He hide his pain and acting like rude to others. Actually in his heart he is still a loving person.
After hearing Arnav’s past, Khushi was crying. She understood that she is in love.
Khushi : Shona, we have to make him the old Arnav.
Swara : Will you be with me in this.
Khushi : Yes Shona.

Bcoz of Swara, Arnav nd Khushi became frnds.. Arnav started to love Khushi’s company. He will be very happy, when Khushi is with him. Khushi became close to Anjali also. Finally Arnav understood that he is in love with Khushi. Both of them fell for eachother, bt didn’t confess that. Bt Swara understood that both of them loving eachother. She decided to inform this to the family.
All these are happened in two months.. In these 2 months, Swasan became frnds.. So Swara decided to share this with Sanskar rather than any other in the bhalla family. She called Sanskar to meet her in the restaurant near to his office. Sanskar agreed as Swara said itis urgent. The day came.
Swara was waiting for Sanskar.
Swara : ( To herself ) Arrey, kitni der ho gayi.. Abhi tak nahi aaya yeh…
Just then Sanskar came. He searched for Swara and saw her talking to herself.
Sanskar : What are u talking to urself swara..
Swara : Y u became late.

Sanskar : Sorry yaar.. Acha yeh bolo ki baat kya hai??
Swara : I want to talk u abt Khushi.
Sanskar : What happened to her.
Swara : Woh, actually, she loves someone..
Swara : ( Shocked.. ) What..???? Are u joking…!!!
Swara : No Sanskar.. I am not joking.. I am telling u the fact..
Sanskar was still shocked. He couldn’t believe his ears.
Sanskar : Tum sach kah rahi ho???
Swara : Haan Sanskar.. Y should I tell lie, that too abt Khushi!!! U no na, she is my bestie..
Sanskar : I know Swara, u will not lie abt Khushi.. Bt I cant believe this… btw, who is the guy!!!
Swara : U know him very well.

Sanskar : What!! I know him…. Who is that.
Swara : I will tell. Bt promise me that, u will not take any sudden decision.
Sanskar : I will not Swara. Promise. Just tell me who is that guy.
Swara : He is…. He is Arnav… Arnav Singh Raizada….
Sanskar : What!!!! Arnav… I cant believe this. I never thought that they will….
Swara : Now dnt think too much Sanskar.. Do u trust him??
Sanskar : Yes Swara. I trust him. I am sure that he will not cheat my sis.
Swara : Even I trust him. Bt Sanskar…
Sanskar : Kya hua Swara!!! Any problem??

Swara : Woh, actually Sanskar, they didn’t confess it till now..
Sanskar : What!!! Then how could u know???
Swara : I know Sanskar.. Bcoz I know both of them ver much.. They both are my besties…
Sanskar : Are u sure Swara?? We cant take any risk as it is Khushi’s life.
Swara : I know Sanskar, That is why I decided to share this with u…
Sanskar : Then what will we do now….
Swara : I have a plan. Bt before that, u promise me that, u will be with me in this plan…
Sanskar : If it is good for my sister, I will be with u.

Precap :
Swasan execute the plan…

So guys, we hope that u guys like the leap. We are sad that due to the leap, we couldn’t make the Swasan meeting special. We are soory for that.. Bt we will try to make the upcoming Swasan moments special.. Hope u guys enjoyed the episode.. Plzz do comment….

Credit to: Samys

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