Hlo guys… We know u all r very happy due to Swara’s entry.. We too ( Actually we were delaying her entry… ???, and now we are saying, we too happy.. ??? ). SO guys….. wait for more twists and more……
So lets start the episode….
The episode starts… At Arora house. All are sitting in the hall. Arnav nd Khushi still avoiding each other.

Ragini : ( To sumi ) Maa, we should leave now..
Sumi : Itni jaldi kyoo beta..
Laksh : Actually we didn’t tell anyone in home why we are going. So all will be tensed.
Ragini : Haan maa. We will leave now. Bt will come another day.
Shekhar : Teek hai beta. You go.
Hearing that they are leaving, Khushi nd Swara became sad. Bt at the same tym Arnav became happy. Swashi ( Swara + Khushi ) made a pouting face.
Ragini : I know y u guys are Acting like this. Bt what to do we should leave now.
Swashi again became sad. Seeing this, Laksh too became sad as her sister is sad.
Laksh : Chhoti, dnt be sad. See I have an idea.
Hearing this Swashi became happy. They both together to Laksh, ” What is that BHAIYYA/JIJJU ” ??
Laksh : You stay here with shona. Problem solved.
Ragini : Haan, btw the idea is not bad..
Hearing that Khushi is staying in Arora house Swashi became so much happy. Bt Arnav became, dull.
Khushi : Teek hai, I will stay here.
Raglak left. As Raglak left, Arnav also decided to leave as Khushi is there.
Arnav : Uncle, Aunty nd shona, I am also leaving.
Swara : So fast. Bt why,??

Sumshek ( Sumi + Shekhar ) : Haan beta, stay here for some more tym.
Arnav : Woh.. Actually I have an important meeting today. So I should leave now.
Swara : So if its about ur job, there is no use of saying anything to u.
Khushi : ( in a low voice ) agar kuch aur hai ,toh bhi ki fayata nahi hai.
Arnav hears that. Bt he didn’t say anything. Instead of that he gave Khushi a killing look and left from there. Khushi didn’t mind him.

In night, Swashi were in Swara’s room. They already had their dinner. Khushi was doing something in her phone. Swara came out of the washroom and saw Khushi.
Swara’s POV :
What is the problem between Khushi nd Aru ( Arnav, Swara used to call him Aru ). Since I reach home, I am seeing them fighting. Dnt know why they are fighting. I know both of them very well. Both are good. Bt cant understand why they are fighting. I know Aru cant do anything wrong. Even Khushi too. I should ask Khushi abt this.

Swara went to Khushi . She sat near her. Seeing Swara Khushi nept her phone on the table.
Swara : Khushi , can I ask u something..
Khushi : What happened to u shona. You were not take permission to talk to me. Bt nkw what happened??
Swara : Actually, I want to ask u about Aru..
Khushi : Aru!!!
Swara : I mean , Arnav.
Khushi : I dnt want to say anything abt him..
Swara : Khushi, I know him very well. He is a nice guy. Bt why are u fighting with them always??
Khushi : I dnt think so…
Swara : First u tell me that, from where u met??
Khushi : Actually by an accident..

Swara : What!!! Accident!!!
Khushi : Haan Shona..
She explains everything.. how Arnav helped her. And tgen how he acold her etc….
Swara : So thats why u both are fighting always…
Khushi : Haan yaar.. Even , I like him. Bt his rude behavior make me angry…
Swara : He is not rude Khushi. Actually he cant be rude.
Khushi : What are u saying Shona.. I dnt understand.
Swara : I will tell u that….
Precap :
Khushi get to know abt Arnav’s past….

So hw was the episode guys… Hope u all like it.. We are really sorry.. We know that the episode is too short… Sorry….. Plzz share ur views abt today’s episode….

Credit to: Samys

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  1. yaar plz a request to u – plz don’t make that type of edit again in which u replaced swara and sankys face with karan and divyanka….plz we swasanians are hurt with that type of morphed images….we even discussed it k. India forums smd yaa u cud HV done with ragya too naa but no everytym u make edit in which swara is pretty much away from main frame.. …we have sentiments attached with every swasan pic like u HV with ur fav ….if we edit out completely karan and div from their own pic and jus keel a pic very away jus for name sake then how will u feel?……ur today’s edit is somewhat better as their u HV not replaced swasan with whatever!….is this really a swasan or ragya fff?…..or jus for name sake.. .. …more is arshi n the other one…..if its arshi or ishra then u can clearly tell so that we don’t make a fool of ourselves……we did a request and consider u enough sensible to respect others emotions…..

  2. @miss murthy…….yaar I literally crave for this master piece of urs!
    n the next chapter is gonna be the most anticipated one……
    …..me is really very excited to know her reaction that boss sanskar is ‘her’ own sanskar……
    ….but then my devil brain starts shouting n saying that ‘ I think swara will not be ready to marry boss sanskar that easily’
    then heart says ‘ o come on brain save urself for physics and obviously she will be beyond shocked but then later on will try to accept things so don’t over think’
    ……and me….huh …..stucked between the fight of my brain n heart and only murthy can save me from this plight…….
    ……so deary post the next one soon……n one thing more shat this Avis dad wants man?….he is like forcing avi to think of her …..will u make avi obsessive later on…..n yaa suggest an actor for avi …..it will be helpful to imagine…..but only u can suggest as only u know how his character is going to surface in future……
    ……lady Holmes swara want to solve all the cases yaar but plz be careful as u r going to fight against that cruel politician…..
    …..dunno why I didn’t like that slap that sanky was go give to saara in molestation Waala chapter…..sorry if I said anything wrong …..n sorry for this boring essay but I think I won’t be able to comment in next few parts as I will be very busy…..sorry agsin

    1. Sorry this was meant for murthy writer of ff the kiss that I hate the most….bye mistake got copied and posted here……

    2. Sorry this was meant for murthy and not this ff

  3. nice…..

  4. good……….

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