Hlo guys… Samys here. Sorry for the late update.
So lets start the episode….
The episode starts with Shekhar and Sharmishta are waiting for someone. It seems that they are waiting for a long time.
Sharmishta : Shekhar, plz cone inside, they will come. How long you will stand here!!!
Shekhar : Sumi, I will wait, they will reach soon. Don’t bother abt me.
Sumi : Shekhar, plzz. You have to consider your health also… So plzzz.
Shekhar atlast agreed. They are just leaving to inside. Just then they heares a voice. Hearing that Shekhar became very much happy.
The voice : Aap meri swagat nahi karogi kya…
Shekhar : Kyoo nahi karoongi. Aur kiska swagat karoongi mein. Shona… Come my dear…
Yes… the girl was our lovely SWARA. ( Guys I promised that I will enter Swara within a few episodes… And I did it… ✌✌??)

Swara ran towards Shekhar and gave him a bone crushing hug…
Swara : Papa, I missed you a lot…..
Shekhar : I know , Shona..
Just then Ragini nd Arnav came with Swara’s luggage. Sumi made a pouting face to Swara.
Sumi : ( With a pouting face.. ) Tum sirf tumhari papa ko miss kiya.. Mumma ko nahi.???
Swara : Sorry maaa…. I miss you too…
She then hugged Sumi..
Ragini : Shona, bas bas… When you saw us , u were not imotional like this…
Arnav : Haan, Ragini bilkul sahi kaha.. Which means you didn’t missed us. ( Having a fake angry )
Swara : Bas bas… Itna complaints mat do….
Just then Ragini’s fone rang… It was Laksh. She picked up the phone.
Ragini : Haan Laksh.. bolo..
Laksh : ( on other side ) You left suddenly Without telling anything.. What happened…
Ragini : Do onething… You come here. I am now at home. Bring Khushi too…
Hearing Khushi’s name , Swara became more happy… whereas Arnav became angry.
Laksh : OK. We will come..

Ragini : Come fast…
At Bhalla house..
All were sitting in the hall. Just then Laksh called Ragini and decided to go to her house.
Laksh : Khishi… Come fast.. We have to leave now.
Khushi : Bt where bhaiyya.. Atleast tell me where are we going..
Laksh : Ragini’s house.
Ishita : What happened.. Anything serious.??
Laksh : No bhabhi.. Nothing like that..
Khushi : Then whats the matter??
Laksh : I dnt know chhotti… Come fast.. She said me to bring you also… So just come with me..
Khushi : OK .. Lets go…
Laksh nd Khushi left to Ragini’s house. Now in Bhalla house, there is only Ishra, Sanky nd children… Just then Sanskar got a call.
Sanskar : yes Sanskar here.. OK, I will come…..
Raman : Kya hua Sanskar?? Anything urgent??
Sanskar : Haan bhaiyya.. It was manoj ( Manoj is a staff in their office.. I didn’t get any other names… So I just put this name.. ). There is an urgent work. I will go and just complete it..
Raman : Teek hai.. If you need any help, just call me..

Laksh : OK bhaiyya. I will be back soon.
Sanskar left for office. Adi nd Ruhi went for study. Now Ishra were alone there.
Raman : See .. God is giving me chances more nd more ( in a teasing tone ).
Ishita : I dnt think so…
Raman : Bt why???
Just then Ishita’s phone rang. Ishita picked the call.
Ishita : ( on phone ) OK , I am coming..
Raman : Now where are u going ….. ????

Ishita : I have an emergency in clinic..
Raman : (With a fake sad…) In every house, wife will be there in home more time. bt here it is just reverse… mu fate…???
Ishita gave a smile and left for clinic.
At Arora house…
All were in the dining room. Swara is eating the snacks made by Sumi.
Ragini : Isse dekhe aisa lagta hai ki, char din se kuch nahi khaya hai…????
Swara : ( giving a killing look to Ragini ) Aap nahi smjhogi.. Kitne din hogayi hai, mein apni maa ki hatom se bane hue khana khake… ???
Sumi : Haan Ragini. Now u wont say anything to my shona.
Ragini : Accha, Now u change ur team…
Arnav : Aunty, this is very bad…

Just then Laksh nd Khushi reach there. Khushi saw swara nd being bappy she hugged her. Swara too became happy.
Khushi : I hate u. U didn’t remember me in these days.
Swara : Arrey , nothing like that my dear… Do you think, I can do that… Agar aisa kich hai, toh main mar hota dha.
Khushi : Shut up. Dont repeat this. If you do, then I will kill u..
They have tears in their eyes . Seeing this the whole family became happy. Bt Arnav wasn’t interested in this. Bcoz, it was Khushi with Swara ???
Swara : Y r u being serious!!! This is not ur office..

Khushi : He only knows this. He can’t do any other thing.
Arnav : What did u said!!! ???
Khushi : Agar kan hote to sun te the…???
They started to argue… Swaraglak were confused seeing their act. They tried to stop them, bt Arshi didn’t. Atlast Swaraglak left from there. After sone time, Arshi were tired due to the fight and stopped fighting. They looked around, bt didn’t found anyone. They both left from there in opposite directions.
Precap :
Not yet decided… ( Actually dont have any idea. )

Guys , hw was the episode!!! Sory for being too late.. Actually we both were not in the home and were attending a function… So really sorry guys… Hope u like this…. Plzz cmmnt…

Credit to: Samys

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