Hlo guys… First of all sorry for the late update, actually hum dono bahar dhe.. So we couldn’t update the ep. So again sorry guys….
We are a lottle confused that what to do next… I mean, we will bring Swara, bt before that we want some twists??? So we are a little confused to make it happen. Bt dont wrry, we will make it. After all we are not alone??? So we will make it happen.. And thank u , u guys are encouraging us to write more… Thank you so much ?????
So lets start the episode…

The episode starts. Arnav and Khushi are still angry on each other. Khushi was abt to reach Arnav bt then Ragini calls her. She goes to Ragini with giving a killing look to Arnav. Ragini bring Swara to Anjali. She wants to iintroduce Khushi to her as she is her SIL and also Shona’s bestie.
Ragini : ( To Anjali ) Di, this is my SIL, Khushi. ( Khushi greets her. Anjali too greets her. )
Anjali : What are you doing Khushi??
Khushi : Actually di, I am doing my PG in psychology.
Ragini : Di, Khushi is Shona’s classmate and also her best frnd.
Arnav was there hearing their convo. Actually when Khushi went to Ragini , he too followed her. He is shocked to hear that this pagli is his bestie’s bestie.
Arnav : ( To himself ) What. This pagli is Shona’s bestie. How could be that possible. She nevet told me abt this pagli. If she is her bestie, the Shona would be told me. Bt she didnt. Bt Ragini will not lie. What is going on..???? ( He was confused and also frustrated )
Just then Laksh calls him. So he goes to Laksh.

The party is over. The whole family were tired bcoz of the party. They all went to their respective rooms. Since all were tired, they slept fast. Next day all went to their respective works , Khushi to college and Adi-Ruhi to school. At the evening, everyone reach home as usual. All are sitting in the hall and having their tea. At the moment, Ragini got a call. She answered it and she became happy by hearing something. All look her with a confused face and was waiting eagerly to know the news which makes Ragini this much happy. Bt she didn’t stop the call. All are waiting her to stop the call. At last she stopped it.Everyone was got relieved.
Laksh : What happened Ragini…What is that news which nade u this much happy .
Ishita : Haan Raagu. Bolona….
Ragini : Woh… bhabhi… Laksh …..
Khushi : Arrey, plzz tell us bhabhi, wht happened…
Ragini : Woh…….
Sanskar : Haan bhabhi….. Tell us…..
Ragini : woh.. papa ka call dha.. He was telling……..
Laksh : Kya kaha papa ne….. Batao na….

Ragini : Woh papa was telling that….
Khushi : Kya… Jaldi bolona…
Everyone was asking Ragini without giving her a chance to talk. Whenever she is trying to say the matter , she can’t… Raman and Ishita were smiling seeing this.. Ragini was trying to say, bt they didn’t gave her a chance to talk… Ishra were Seeing this and controlled their laugh… At the moment the calling bell rang. Ishita went to see who is that. She opened the door. It was Arnav.
Ishita : Arnav, aap
Arnav : Hlo Ishita ji.
Ishita : Hlo. Aap is waqth yahan….
Arnav : Woh.. Actually Ishitaji I will tell. Before that can I come in!!!
Ishita : Yaa sure… sorry.
Arnav : Its OK .

Both of they came inside. Still there was the same situation. No one didn’t gave a chance to Ragini. Ragini was trying to say. She saw Arnav. She ran to him.
Ragini : Lets go Arnav..
Arnav : ( With a shocked expression seeing all this. ) Ya. Bt everything is fine , ri8!!!
Ragini : Yes.. everything is fine.
Laksh : Bt Ragini where are u going….
Ragini : I will say that when I am back.
Khushi : ( Becomes angry when she saw Arnav. Bt didn’t express it )Bhabhi, plzz. Tell us, then go.
Ragini : I said ,I will say that when I came back.
Arnav : Come fast Ragini, we are late.
Ragini : Haan Arnav, lets go.
Ragini left with Arnav. All are confused that what is going on.
Laksh : She could say that.
Khushi : Haan bhaiyya. Bt y didn’t she do that.
Sanskar : Dont know what is going on her mind.
Ishita smiles hearing all this. She came to them.

Ishita : She would say that, if u would gave her a chance to talk. Bt u were busy in asking questions. Then how will she answer…
They understood what they did, and made a sorry face.??? Ishita smiled seeing their face. Raman too.
Sanskar : Bt what is that thing, which made bhabhi this much happy.!!!
Ishita : That will know when she come. Now come and have ur tea.
They nodded their head and sat to have tea.
Precap :
??✨? Surprise…. ?
Sorry guys for the late update. We know the ep was too boring. We we didn’t have any idea.. so once again sorry guys…. And wait for the surprise….. Thank you guys for tolerating us… love u alll ??????

Credit to: Samys

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