Hlo guys.. Samys here.. We know that u r waiting for Swara’s entry.. Guys I will bring her after 2 or 3 episodes. We know that, today u all r waiting for that shocking news which we told in the previous episode. So that shoching news, u will get to know today… We hope u will like it…
So lets start the episode…
The party starts. All are enjoying the party. Raman and Laksh saw someone coming and went receive him. It was Arnav.
Raman : Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada … Plzz come…
Arnav : As I told u before, there is no formalities. Its completely personal. So call my name.
Laksh : We will Arnav. Btw, who is this Arnav. ( pointing towards a lady who is with Arnav. )
Arnav : Sry. I forgot to introduce her. She is my elder sis Anjali.
Raman : Plz come..
Just then Ragini comes there. She was surprised to see Arnav and Anjali. They were also surprised seeing Ragini there.
Ragini : ( hugged Anjali. ) Anjali di , aap yahan !!!!
Arnav : First you say Ragini. What are u doing here.
Raman and Laksh were confused seeing their closeness. At some distance, Khushi was also Seeing this. She also shocked seeing Arnav and Ragini’s closeness.
Ragini : Arnav, pehle tum batao , tum yahan kya kar rahe ho..
Arnav : Mein yahan…
Just then Raman and Laksh interrupts….
Raman & Laksh : Pehle tum dono hame batao ki , how do you know eachother???
Ragini : Woh.. Arnav nd Shona are close frnds.
This tym Khushi was supershocked to hear that her bestie was Arnav’s bestie.
Arnav : Now tell me Ragini, what r u doing here nd where is ur husband. Shona told me about ur marriage. Bt sry yaar , I couldn’t attend it.
Laksh : Arnav, do u know her sir name!!!
Arnav : No Laksh. Y??
Laksh : ( Laksh hold Ragini by her shoulder. And then.. ) Actually Arnav, she is now Ragini Bhalla.
Arnav : ( with a smile ) Now I got it y r u here.
They smiled. And start to enjoy the party. During the party, Khushi was thinking about Ragini’s words that Shona is Arnav’s bestie. Suddenly she saw Arnav and Ragini chatting. She hides near them to hear their chat.
Arnav : Ragini, hws my shina?? Is she is fine there…
Ragini : Haan Arnav, tumhari Shona bilkul teek hai. Btw, first she is my Shona. Uske baad hai tumhari.. samjhi ( with a naughty smile )
Now by hearing this Khushi was totally gone.
Khushi’s POV :
OMG!!! My best friend is my crush’s lover .. How can it be possible. She didn’t even tell me abt this. No it can’t be possible. If there is something like that, she would surely told it to me. And btw, she didn’t told me abt her this frnd. And I am sure, he can’t be my Shona’s bf. ( suddenly with a shocked face ) If he is truly her bf..??? No there is no chance. They may be frnds bt he can’t be her bf. I am sure, if there is something like that she will surely share it with me. How can I know about them… Can I ask Ragini bhabhi.. No … She will ask me why I am asking these all. ??? Then what will reply… ( Suddenly she got some idea ) I can ask him, ri8!! He will not ask ne so many questions, if he came to know I am his gf’s bestie.. Chalo Khushi… This ia the ri8 decision…
POV ends…….
Khushi was abt to go to Arnav. Bt before that Arnav saw her. So she went to Sanskar. Arnav was shocked to see her with Sanskar. He didn’t know that bhallas has a sis. He noticed them when Khushi and Sanskar becomes more close. He thought that Khushi is Sanskar’s gf.
Arnav’s POV :
If I am correct, she is the same girl whom I met yesterday. What is she doing here. Wait, she is becoming very close to Sanskar. Which means she is his gf. She is a pagli. Why did Sanskar fell for her. Is Sanskar is pagal, no… then why did he chose her.. Wait if there is nothing like my thoughts. I have to confirm first. Bt I can’t ask Sanskar abt this. Wait, I will ask that pagli abt this.
POV ends…

Just then Sanskar got a call and he went to attend that. And so again Khushi became alone. Arnav came to her.
Arnav : If I am ri8, we met yesterday …
Khushi : Yes we met.
Arnav : You are Sanskar’s gf … ri8!!
Khushi : ( shocked ) gf!!!??? How did u know abt that???
Arnav : I saw u nd Sanskar together.. As much I know, he is a Bachelor.. So I got it that u r his gf…
Khushi : U r very smart.. Now can I ask u something..
Arnav : Ya sure, just ask me..
Khushi : You also have a gf.. ri8…
This tym Arnav was the one who shocked.
Arnav : gf??? tujhe kaise pata!!!
Khushi : Mr.Raizada I am a psychology student. So I understood that.. Simple…???
Arnav wants to laugh. Bt he controlled himself. He thought that she is a psychology student. Bt whatever she said was completely wrong.. He thought that truly she is a pagli…
Arnav : You are ri8. I have a gf…
Khushi was supershocked. She excused herself. She thought that shona hide this. This is not a silly matter. Bt she hide that. She went to Ragini.
Khushi : Bhabhi, shona hide a big thing frm me. Not only shona, u also.
Ragini : Which thing. Tell me detail…
Khushi : Both of u hide that shona had a bf…
Ragini : ( shocked ) bf!! Who told u??
Khushi : Her bf..
Ragini : Bf????…. Who???
Khushi : That Raizada… ( pointing towards Arnav )
Ragini : ( couldn’t control her laugh ) … Chhotti… he is her best frnd.. not bf.
Khushi : Bt he told me that…
Ragini : He made u a fool chhotti….
Khushi became happy hearing this that he had no gfs. At the same tym she was angry as he fooled her…
When Khushi was talking to Ragini, Arnav was talking to Sanskar…
Arnav : Didn’t u get any other girls to make ur gf… U only git that pagli..
Sanskar : ( confused ) Gf ??? Whom abt u r talking!!!!
Arnav : ( pointing towards Khushi ) I am talking abt that pagli…
Sanskar : ( laughing ) Arrey yaar ….. She is my sis…??????
Arnav shocked by hearing that Khushi is his sis .. He became angry that she fooled him. He saw Khushi coming. Both of them were angry. They stared at eachother with a killing look…..
No Precap…
Sorry guys.. This ep was with full of shocking moments. We are really sorry for that… Bt we hope u enjoyed it. We will make the next episodes better…. And plzz guys, plzz share ur views abt the ep…..

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