Hlo guys samys here… We know that u r waiting for swaras entry.. Sorry for delaying her entry.. We hope that, u will surely love her entry.. So wait some more tym… We will bring her.. Now we can enjoy some ishra, raglak and arshi moments.. Bcoz when Swara come, Swasan moments will be more…

So we hope u will wait… And thank u for ur cmmnts…
Today we have a surprise for u guys.. Hope u will like that… Just wait and see…
So lets start the episode….
The episode starts. It is anniversary day of Ishra. The bhalla mansion was decorated like a palace. Guests are coming… Khushi and Sanskar are busy in welcoming them. Ruhi was also excited. At Ishras room…
Raman came out of the washroom and sees Ishita. He was shocked to see her. She was looking gorgeous in her new dress.. She is wearing a white designer saree with a sleeveless blouse. She looks absolutely gorgeous in that look. Raman was admiring her beauty. Ishita saw Raman looking her like she is a monster, through the mirror.

Ishita : Raman.. Why are u looking me like this. Are you Seeing me first tym??
Raman : ( Hearing Ishita’s voice, came back to his senses. ) Vo.. Vo.. actually…. (He came to Ishita and hugged her from behind ) You are looking gorgeous in this dress…
Ishita : ( Blushing ) Really…
Raman : Haan. Ek baat kaho… aise mat jao party mein…
Ishita : Kyooo.. abhi toh apne kaha ki, mein is dress mem acchi lag rahi hoon. To phir…
Raman : kyoonki, agar tum aise party mein jaongi toh sab tujh per nazar lagegi. Aur mein nahi chahti hoon ki mere beevi per kisi aur ka nazar lage…
Ishita : Ohooo.. jealous… Mr.Ravan Kumar…. ( smiling… )
Ishita pushed him back.
Ishita : All guests are here. If we will romance here, then the party will get cancelled. So plzz come.
She was going out of the room. Suddenly Raman pulled her towards him and hugged her. She tried to go but he stopped her and hugged her from back. As she was wearing a saree his hands were on her bare belly and hips.
Raman : If we will not romance today, then when will we romance!!! And btw I can’t control myself as u r looking too hot..

Ishita was blushing hearing Raman’s words.
Ishita : ( Acting like serious ) Where is my gift. If u dnt have a gift for me, then no need to romance.
Raman : I have a gift for you. I am sure that u will be the most happiest person in the world, when u got that gift.
Ishita : Then where is that.
Raman : First, u have to close ur eyes. Then only u will get that.
Ishita : OK. ( And then closed her eyes. )

Raman called Laksh. And he came with someone.
Raman : Now u can open ur eyes…
Ishita slowly opened her eyes. She saw a boy infront of her. Tears are rolled on her cheek. She went to that boy and hugged him. He was also crying. Raman and Laksh were happy seeing them.
Ishita : Adiii.. How r u beta…
Yes…. It was our Adi… ????? He is back from his boarding school. Actually Raman brought him back.
Adi : Maa… I missed you a lot…
Ishita : Me too my little prince….
Just then Ruhi came to there. She saw Adi and ran towards him happily.
Ruhi : Adi bhaiyya… Aap kab aayi ???
Adi : Just now my little princess..
Ishita hugged them both. She kissed them on their forehead.
Raman : Hellooo I am also here… Don’t forget me…

Ruhi and Adi hugged Raman.
Raman : Chalo… . We have to go down. All guests are here…
Adi : Papa, just 10 minutes. I will get ready.
Raman : OK beta. Come fast…
Khushi, Sanskar and Ragini was in hall. As I said before, they are welcoming the guests. Ragini saw someone and became very happy. She ran towards them. They were also happy Seeing her.
Ragini : Maa, Papa.. Aap log kaise ho..
Shekhar : We are fine ladoo. Tum kaise ho beta..

Ragini : Mem bhi bahot khush hoon. Maa what about my shona..
Sharmishta : Woh bhi teek hai. Usne kaha ki woh jald se jald vapas aa raha hai..
Ragini : Its a very good news maa. I am very happy.
Just then Khushi and Sanskar came there.
Khushi : Uncle , aunty , aap log kaise ho ??

Sharmishta : We are fine beta. Why don’t you visit our home as before beta..
Khushi : Aunty, Shona isn’t there na.. Thats why.
Shekhar : Bt we r there na..
Just then Raman and Ishita reach the party with Adi and Ruhi. Ishra wished all of them. And the party begins…..
Precap :
Arnav’s entry on the party. Arshi moments. A shocking news for Khushi.

Sorry guys.. We know u were waiting for Arshi moments and Swara’s entry. We were just about to do that. Bt suddenly we got this idea. We hope u will enjoy the episode. And share ur views plzzz…

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