Hello frnds… Samvrita here.. Today I want to tell you some good news… Today onwards the credits will go to Samys.. Don’t think too hard.. I didn’t change my name… The good news is that, today onwards my bestie will be here to support me in this ff.. Thats why I said that, the credits will go to Samys..
So let me introduce her.. Her name is Samantha… So Samvrita + Samantha = Samys……
Lets starts the episode…


The episode starts with Raman and Laksh were went for office. Ishita went to her clinic and Khushi to her college. After they all went, Ragini was alone and she was boring…
Ragini’s POV:
There is no one at home. What will I do. Feeling bored. (suddenly she got some idea). I will do onething. The house is totally messed up. Poor bhabhi, how will she do all things alone. So I will make the house ready. And by that, I will not get bored and the house also become beautiful…
POV ends……
Ragini starts to rearrange the house. After few hours , she completed her work. The house was looking awesome… Ragini thought to take rest and so she went to her room…
Ragini’s POV:
What a wonderful family I got.. I am thankful to god for giving me such a lovely family.
POV ends…
Ragini was doing something in her mob. Suddenly calling bell rang… “ding… dong…”
She thought who will come in this time. She went down to check who is there.. She saw a servant standing at door .
Ragini : Ramu kaka, who is there..??
Servant : It was a courier. Here it is.
Ragini : Courier? OK, give it to me.
The servant gave the courier to Ragini . She was going to keep it in her room . Suddenly someone jumped infront of her wearing a ghost mask. Ragini was feared and shouted..
Ragini : Bachao.. Bachao…
Mask man : Arrey… bhabhi , plzz stop.. nahi to padosiyam aajayenge..
Ragini : (shoched..) Bhabhi..??Who are you??? what are you doing here??? sach sach batao.. varna mei police ko buladunga…
Mask man : What!!! police!! (he took off his mask) But why??
Ragini : ( super shocked..) Aap…
kaun hoga woh!!! socho socho…
Mask man : Haan mei… What happened??
Ragini : Sanskar…!!!!!
Yup guys, it was Sanskar… I know the entry was not that much good.. Sorry guys.. I didnt get any other idea. really sorry….
Sanskar : ( Having a naughty smile) Yes bhabhi…..
Ragini : You really scared me.. OMG!
Sanskar : Sorry bhabhi… ( Then he obsrved the whole home . And to Ragini.) Wow! Babhi, Aapne yeh sab kiya!! Its really nice. Its the first time that I saw my home like this… Its really nice bhabhi…
Ragini : Thank you Sanskar ji..
Sanskar : ( Hearing the ” ji ” ) Bhabhi, don’t call me Sanskar ji.. call me Sanskar…
Ragini : Teek hai.. Go and get fresh.. Then take rest.. You feel tired because of the journey..
Sanskar : OK bhabhi..
Then both of them went for their respective rooms.. At the evening, all the members returned. They all surprised seeing Sanskar. Raman and Laksh get happy and hugged Sanskar.
Raman : Bhai, Tu aagaya… How r u !!!!!
Sanskar : I am fine bhaiyya.. In fact I am so happy to see you all…
Laksh : Bhai , ab tu kahi mat jaayega.. samjhi??
Sanskar : Haan Laksh baiyya.. Now I will never go anywhere.. Teek hai??
Laksh : Haan teek hai
Everyone smiled except Khishi.. She made a pouting face.. Sanky saw her and went to her
Sanky : Ab tujhe kya hogaya…
Khushi : You didn’t remember me, right??
Sanky : Who said that?? Can I forgot My princess ( einked to Khushi) .
Khushi : Then why didn’t you come to me.. I don’t want to talk to you..
Sanky : OK.. If you don’t want to talk to me, then its OK.. I will give this to one of my frnds ( Holding a packet )
Khushi : ( Seeing that) What is that.. Is ut for me!!
Sanky : You said that you dont want anything.. So I will give this to anyone else..
Khushi grabbed the the packet from Sanky and winked to him. Then she ran to her room…. Everyone smiled seeing this…
Precap :
Arnav’s entry…

So guys… How was the episode??? Hope you all like it…. Plzzz comment…

Credit to: Samys

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  1. the episode was very nice

    1. Thanks Varshini…. Hope you like it..

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  3. Hi samys, superb ur name collaboration..
    I am completed degree, what r u doing both???

    Nice family…. khushi is so naughty….
    Love ur episode yaar…

    Can’t wait for arnav intro…plz update ASAP..

    1. We both are doing B.Tech.. What are u doing???

    2. I mean, what is ur future plan…

  4. Nice

  5. raglak scenes please

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