So guys… Samvrita here. Lets start the episode…


A big mansion is shown. Infront of the mansion BHALLA MANSION is written. A lady is working in the kitchen. She was wearing a saree. She is busy in making breakfast. A girl came to the kitchen rubbing her eyes. It seems like she woke up now.

Girl : Mumma.. Plz make me ready. I have to go to school na.

Yes as you guys guessed the girl was our pyaari Ruhi and the lady was the beautiful Ishita.. (Guys in my ff Ruhi is still small, and Adi also)

Ishita : Ruhi, See, now you are a big girl , right! So plz , get ready by yourself. See I have a lot work here.

Ruhi made a pouting face. At this time another girl came to the kitchen. She was also wearing saree.

Girl : Bhabhi, Do you want any help, Plz tell me what I have to do. I will help you in your work.

Ishita : No no. I will manage. And your married just 2 days before. You don’t need to do any work now.

Girl : But bhabhi, I will feel bad if you are doing all works alone.. And btw, now I am also DIL of this house, right! So let me do some work bhabhi.. Plzzzz…

Ishita : OK. So Ragini, (Yup.. the girl was Ragini Arora… Sorry now Ragini Bhalla…) do one thing, Plzz make ready our cute angel for her school…

Ruhi : Haan chachi.. Today you will make me ready … Plzzzz…

Ragini : Haan my little princess. Today I will make you ready.. OK??

Ruhi : Teek hai…

Ruhi went with Ragini to get ready. Ishita continued her work.

After some time , 2 gents are came to the dining hall. Both of them were handsome. They came and sit. They were searching someone. Ishita and Ragini came with food.

Person 1 : Where is chhotti?

Person 2 : Haan bhabhi, where is she? (To Ragini) Tune dekha kya?

And yes….!!!! That was Raman and Laksh…!!!

Both Ishita and Ragini shook their head as No.

Raman: Then where is she?

Ishita : (Remembering something) Raman, I think she is still on bed..

Laksh : Haan bhaiyya. I think she is still sleeping.

Raman : Then bhai , what are we doing here!!! Chalo….

Laksh : Haan bhaiyya…

Both of them went to upstairs.. Ishita and Ragini smiled at each other..

Raman and Laksh entered into the room. A beautiful girl is sleeping there on bed. Raman and Laksh smiled at each other and winked. They both sat on the bed. And tried to wake up the girl. But she didn’t. Both of them looked at each other and signaled.

Raman and Laksh : (Shouting) Cockroach….. !!!!!!!

The girl jumped from the bed. And the beautiful girl was our cute Khushi…

Khushi : (Being feared) Kah…. Kahaan hai cockroach………?????

Raman and Laksh laughed and did a hifi. Khushi made a pouting face. Raman and Laksh ran out of the room before Khushi tries to beat them.
Raman and Laksh came down and sat for breakfast.

Raman : Ragini, why are you looking sad? Mere bhai ne tujhe pareshaan kiya kya..

Laksh : Bhaiyya !!!! Aap bhi na…

Khushi was coming down. She heared what Raman said.

Khushi : Kyaaa….. ( To Laksh) Aapne meri SIL ko kya kiya???? (Ragini was blushing…)

Ragini : Nothing…

Ishita : I know what is the reason.. (Ragini looks at Ishita with surprise) She still misses her family a lot. Hai na Ragini..

Ragini : Haan bhabhi.

Laksh : ( Surprised seeing all this) Bhabhi, how could you understand the reason? Even I didn’t understand it?

Ishita : Bcoz we are sisters.. Hai na Ragini..(Ragini smiled at her)

Laksh : Dekha bhaiyya.. Now we are out.

They all laugh..


Sanskar’s entry…

So how were the episode guys? Is it good? I should continue or not? Plzz comment…

Credit to: Samvrita

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