Hello guys…… I am Samvrita…. This is my first ff..

My ff is about SwaSan… But don’t worry, RagLak are also there…. And for Ishra fans and Arshi fans, I am also included them….

So here I begin…


So here are the characters…

Sanskar Bhalla : A handsome young. 25 years old. Love his family a lot. Very kind. Always ready to help others.

Swara Arora : A beautiful girl. 21 years old.

Raman Bhalla : Elder brother of Sanskar. He is good at heart. He took the responsibility of the family after their parents death.

Laksh Bhalla : Elder brother of Sanskar but younger than Raman. He loves his family a lot. He is always ready to do anything for his family.

Ishita Bhalla : Wife of Raman Bhalla. She is a dentist. Loves her family a lot. She cares her family as a mother.

Ragini Bhalla : Wife of Laksh Bhalla. Sister of Swara Arora. She loves her family a lot. She is very attached to Swara since childhood. Always care for her.

Khushi Bhalla : The younger sister of Bhalla brothers. Naughty. She is very much pampered by her family since she is the younger in the family. Loves her family a lot. 21 years old. She and Swara were classmates.

Arnav Singh Raizada : A young business man. Handsome. 25 years old. He loves his family. Doesn’t believe in love.

Anjali Raizada : Elder sister of Arnav. Loves her brother a lot.

Aditya Bhalla : Elder son of Raman and Ishita.

Ruhi Bhalla : Younger daughter of Raman and Ishita.

Shekhar Arora : Father of Ragini and Swara

Sharmishta Arora : Mother of Ragini and Swara

So guys ,
Swara is in US doing her post graduation in fashion designing. Laksh and Ragini are newly married couples. Since Swara is in abroad she were not in wedding. And Sanskar and Swara didn’t meet since now. So they don’t know each other.

Guys how was the intro. Plzz comment if I should continue the ff or not. Plzz comment. Your comments are valuable for me.

Credit to: Samvrita

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  1. good dear plz continue and post next one asap

    1. Thank you sriya … i will post the next episode soon.

  2. ?????waiting for the next

    1. will post it soon Crystal…

  3. Nice yr plz continue

    1. thanks meena… i will continue…

  4. Hi samvrita, I am jo from Chennai. Where r u from? What r u doing?

    Interesting intro.. Waiting for ur next episode…

    1. Hi Jo… I am from Plakkad, Kerala. Thank you for ur complement dear…

      1. sorry for the spelling mistake.. I am from Palakkad

  5. awesome…..lovely

  6. Thank you Shan…

    1. thanks praju

  7. wonderful samvrita , it is very nice , please continue dear . update next one soon

    1. thank you varshini… I will surely continue….

  8. Interesting…
    Nice character sketch. Plz continue soon

    1. thanks Jiya…

  9. Nice…..continue

    1. thanks soujanya

  10. Awesome yaar continue soon……

    1. sure purvi.. thank you for ur complement

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