Hlo guys.. Samys here… sorry for delaying Swasan moments.. So dnt worry guys… now onwards there will be Swasan moments also…. And will give some chances to Ishra too… So guys.. just wait…. And thank you all for your comments…
So lets start…..
The episode starts. Sanskar came home. He was really excited. When he entered to the house, Ishita was sitting on the couch in the hall. She saw him.
Ishita : What happened Sanskar?? You are really excited… What is the matter??
Sanskar :Wo bhabhi… ( thinks for a while.. ) Nothing bhabhi.. just like that…
Ishita : Are you sure?
Sanskar : Yes bhabhi.. I am sure..
Ishita : Ok.
Sanskar went to his room. Just then Raman came. He saw Ishita sitting on tye couch and looked arounf. He didn’t find anyone. He went near her and sat beside her.
Raman : Ishu.. What happened to our house??
Ishita : ( surprised ) What… What are you saying?
Raman : I mean, whenever I came back from office, I find you busy with someone in home matters.. And almost the person will be Ragini. Bt today I found you alone…( winks at her ) What all these…
Ishita : Raman plzzz…
Raman : OK leave it… By the way, just tell me, Where is my Laksh and your Ragini??
Ishita : They went for Honeymoon..
Raman : ( Shocked ) What!! When??
Ishita : Just few hours ago.
Raman : Thank god ….
Ishita : Why are you this much happy??? Honeymoon is theirs…
Raman : I am happy bcoz, atleast for this reason that you will be free for some days… ( winking ) ??
Ishita : ( with a you will never change look ) Raman…..
Raman : Come…
Ishita : To where??
Raman : To our room..
Ishita : No Mr.Ravan Kumar… I have a lot of works to do..
So plzz….
Raman : This ia your usual dialogue.. Sorru.. Today I will not leabe you..
Raman hold Ishita’s hand and take her to their room. At the same tym in Sanskar’s room,
Sanskar’s POV :
OMG!! What did I saw today… I can’t believe it.. ( He thinks..)
FB shows…
Sanskar was waiting for someone infront of XYZ Restaurant. He was waiting for a long time. So he observed the whole area ( As usual we all do ) .Just then he saw Arnav and Khushi inside the restaurant. He surprised to see them together. Bcoz he also know that whenever they meet, they will start to fight. He hide and observed them. He saw both of them talking very friendly and Arnav hugging Khushi. He shocked to see this.
FB ends..
(POV continues.. )
What did I saw!! Chhotti and Arnav…. How this happen!!! They both hate eachother…. Then how… May be that hate made them close.. Bit how can I confirm this!! If I directly ask them, they will not accept.. Then what to do… Wait.. wait… I will talk about this to Swara. But how. I don’t like to see her.. And who knows, she will agree to talk with me… Anyway, I am going to give a try…
POV ends…
He went down . He saw Adi and Ruhi in the hall.
Sanskar’s POV :
Ruhi can help me. I know Ruhi and Swara are very close. So through Ruhi, I can reach her. But how. (Suddenly he got an idea). Yes.. This will work.. Mr.Sanskar Bhalla you are not bad… you are really smart… ???
POV ends…
Sanskar went to Ruhi.
Sanskar : My pretty lady, do you want to go out??
Ruhi : Haan Chachu..
Sanskar : Then chalo.. Lets go for a drive..
Adi : Chachu.. This is not fair…
Sanskar : I know … Thats why I am taking you too. I will drop you in your friend’s home… OK??
Adi : Haan chachu.. Nice idea…
Sanskar : Adi , then go and tell to mumma that we are going..
Ruhi : Mumma is not at home. She went with papa.
Sanskar : OK.. Then lets go..
They three left. Sanskar dropped Adi in his friend’s home. Then he went to Arora mansion.
Sanskar : My princess, do know where we are now.??
Ruhi : No chachu.
Sanskar : This is your Swara Aunty’s home..
Ruhi : What!! Love you chachu..
Sanskar : Love you too my princess.. Come lets go.
They entered the house. Sumi welcomes them. Just then Swara came to there. She saw Sanskar.
Ruhi : (hugged Swara) Hi aunty…
Swara : Hello Ruhi beta….
Ruhi : Hello aunty…
Sanskar : Hello Swara…
Swara is now shocked as Sanskar greeys her..
Swara : Hi Sanskar..
Sumi : You both talk.. I will get coffee for you.
Swara : Jee Ma..
They both sat. Ruhi went upstairs to see Swara’s room. Now Swasan were alone in the hall. Sanskar wants to ask her about this.. but some starting trouble.. Swara understood that he want to talk something..

Swara : Sanskar, do you want to say something??
Sanskar : Haan.. Wo actually, can we go for a drive..
Swara : But Ruhi…
Sanskar : Aunty will take care of her… or I will drop her home as Khushi is there… Will you come with me??
Swara : (thinking)… Hmmmm… OK.. I will come with you..
Sanskar : Thanks Swara.. Thank you so much…
Just then Sumi came with coffee. They had coffee. Ruhi came.
Sanskar : Ruhi.. Lets go..
Ruhi : No chachu… I didn’t play with aunty..
Swara : Ruhi, I am also coming with you guys… ( then to Sumi ) Ma.. can I go..
Sumi : Ok.. you go.. But not be late to come back..
Swara : Never Ma… Sanskar lets go..
They three left from there. Sanskar dropped Ruhi home. And then they went to the same XYZ Restaurant.
Swara : So Sanskar tell me.. What you want to share??
Sanskar : I want to share you something about Khushi and Arnav..
Swara : Khushi and Arnav!!
Sanskar : Yes. I saw yesterday both of them together in this Restaurant.
Swara : What!!Aru and Khushi together!!!
Sanskar explains the whole incidents. Swara too felt the same as Sanskar. Both of them came to the conclusion that Arnav and Khushi are in love.
Swara : You are right Sanskar. Aru changed a lot in nowadays.
Sanskar : Hmmm.. We have to plan something..
Swara : Hmm.. But what??
Sanskar : I will say.. But before that, I want one more thing..
Swara : What??
Sanskar hold his hand and then,
Sanskar : Friends!!
Swara : (shaking hand with him ) Ok.. Friends…
They both left to Bhalla house. When they reach bhalla house, Khushi was not there as she went out for some work. They called Raman and Ishita.
At the same time Raglak were in the airport, waiting for their flight. Sanskar called them also.
Sanskar : Hlo Laksh bhaiyya, Ragini bhabhi , I want to share something with the whole family. So plzz stay online. ( Then to all ) Actually I, sorry , we want to share something about Khushi
Raman : What happened to her?? Is everything is ok??
Swara : Actually bhaiyya , she is fine.
Ragini : { on phone (actually the speaker was on)} Shona, then what is the matter??
Sanskar : Wo Khushi, she is in love..
All are shocked Hearing this.
Laksh : (on phone) What!! What are you saying Sanskar!! I can’t believe this..
Raman : Haan Sanskar… Chhotti… No this is not true…
Swara : Plzzz, calm down. Me too doesn’t believe first. But Sanskar saw them yesterday in the restaurant. Both of them behaving like real couples…
Ishita : Is it true Sanskar!!!
Sanskar : Yes bhabhi… But I am happy. He is a good.
Raman : What!! Do you know him??
Sanskar : Yes. He is none another than our Arnav..
Ragini : ( on phone ) What!! Arnav!! Is it true shona??
Swara : Haan di.
Sanskar : Bhaiyya, I think we should move this proposal..
Just then Khushi came. She is shocked as they are fixing her marriage.
Khushi : What!! My marriage!!! With whom??
Raman : With Arnav..
Khushi : Did he know this??
Raman : No. Why??
Khushi : Then plzz. Dnt inform him that I am the girl.. ok??
Sanskar : But why chhotti??
Khushi : I have some reasons.. so plzz..
Raman : OK. As you wish. ( Then to Ishita) we will meet Anjali tomorrow..
Ishita : OK Raman… then all fixed..
Swara : (to Khushi) You idiot. You didn’t even inform me…
Khushi : Soory…
Sanskar : Its Ok. (Then to Swara) Come on Swara. I will drop you.
Khushi : Excuse me, when your fight got solved??
Swara : Why? If you and Arnav can stop fighting and start loving, then we can also be friends…
Khushi blushes and went from there. Swasan left for Arora house. Swasan are in the car.
Sanskar : Thank you..
Swara : For what??
Sanskar : For the support…
Swara : We are friends, ri8!! In friendship, there is no sorry and no thank you..
Sanskar : (with a smile) OK madam…
Sanskar dropped Swara in Arora house and left.
At night, Khushi calls Arnav from that private number.
Arnav : Yes .. tell me…
Khushi : Do you love me??
Arnav shocked in this sudden question.
Arnav : Yes.. No.. Yes…
Khushi : Say ot properly.. Do you love me??
Arnav : Yes I do… Plzz I want to meet you…
Khushi : If I am not looking good, then will you accept me??
Arnav : Yes I do.. Bcoz I love your inner beauty…
Khushi : Are you sure??
Arnav : Yes..
Khushi : My family will come tomorrow with our marriage proposal… They came to know that, I am in love with someone… Really, I love you Arnav…
Arnav : I love you too..
Khushi : But promise me , that you will not meet me and my family until our engagement…
Arnav : How can I…. OK.. If you want so.. then i promise…
Khushi : Thank you …. Love you tooo
Khushi’s eyes were filled with tears… She was so haapy.. and Arnav too…
In this tym.. Raglak reached their destination…

So how was the episode guys… Sorry for the late update… We want to complete this Arshi story as you guys want.. so we thought to add something like this.. and we have busy today with our cousin’s admission.. so really sorry guys for being late… love you all.. plzz share ir views…

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