Hlo guys… We know u guys are enjoying this ff… We have a request… plzz all the readers try cmmnt.. bcoz we want to know how many readers we have… so plzzz… and guys we will accept ur request… we will include raglak moments… so just wait nd watch….
Guys.. just wait… we have some surprise for you guys..?? So just wait….
Guys lets move to the 13th episode…
The episode starts. Arnav is waiting for Khushi in the XYZ Restaurant. Khushi came. Arnav became happy seeing her. Khushi is too happy, bt she hide her feeling to avoid doubts.
Arnav : Hi Khushi…
Khushi : Hlo Mr.Raizada..
Hearing Mr.Raizada, Arnav became dull. Bt he hide it.
Arnav : Khushi, I want to tell u some serious matter..
Khushi : What is it Mr.Raizada??
Khushi knows that Arnav didn’t like that she addressing him as Mr.Raizada. That is why she is using it more nd more…
Arnav : Khushi, whenever we meet, we started to fight.
Khushi : Do u want to fight with me now???
Arnav : No.. Khushi.. I doesn’t meant that…
Khushi : Then what u want to say??
Arnav : Khushi, how long we will fight like this. So I thought to compromise..
Khushi : ( in a teasing tone ) OMG!! The great ASR wants to compromise with me… U r great…
Arnav : Khushi.. Plzz.. I am serious…
Khushi : OK.. OK.. I am ready for the compromise… Now r u happy..??
Arnav : Thanks yaar… Thank u so much… So now I want one more thing..
Khushi : What!!!
Arnav forward his hand for shakehand.. Khushi surprised… She didn’t expect that all will happen soon…
Arnav : Friends!!??
Khushi : ( Thinks for a while.. then,) OK.. Friends….???

Arnav became happy.. and in that excitement, unknowingly he hugged Khushi.. Khushi was super shocked in his sudden action.. After a while, Arnav understood what he did nd he moved back. Both of them felt awkward… But composed themselves..
Arnav : Thanks Khushi… I am really happy today… U can ask me anything today … I will surely get it for u…
Khushi : Wow!! It means u have some benefits in this friendship… Am I ri8??
Arnav : Nothing like that…
Khushi : Dnt lie Arnav.. I know u r hiding something… Just say it… Now we r frnds…. Bt if u r not comfortable in sharing with me.. then its ok..
Arnav : No Khushi … I am comfortable… I will say…
He explains the whole story to Khushi… Khushi acts like, she didn’t knows anything… He also said that the girl is frm her college…
Khushi : What!!! She studies in my college????
Arnav : Yes.. And so I want ur help to find her.. Will u help me??
Khushi : Definitely… I will help u..
Arnav : Thanks…

They spend some more tym there… This tym Laksh calls Ragini to bring some important file. So she came to office with the file. As soon as she reached office she asked Laksh’s Secretary about him. His Secretary said that he has already left from the office. So Ragini calls Laksh. He picked the call.
Ragini : Laksh.. Where r u??
Laksh : Ragini, wo actually I am…
Ragini : I reached ur office with the file which u told me to bring.. U said that u have urgent meeting thats why u said me to bring the file.
Laksh : Yes.. I did… Bcoz…???
Ragini : Bt ur Secretary told me that u dnt have any meetings today… then why did u call me…???
Laksh : Ragini… Plzz.. First u let me say something…???
Ragini : Sorry Laksh??? OK… you say…
Laksh : Thank you my dear wife… So first you come out of tge office…
Ragini : But why Laksh??
Laksh : First u come.
Ragini : OK…
She came out … She saw Laksh’s car. She get into the car..

Laksh : lets go??
Ragini : Where??
Laksh didn’t reply. He starts the car… After some tym..
Ragini : Laksh.. plzz tell… Where are we going??
Laksh : Airport???
Ragini : For what?? Do u have any official trip???
Laksh : No..
Ragini : Then…
Laksh : Ragu, do you know, now its one month tfor our marriage..
Ragini : I know Laksh … Bt what is the connection??
Laksh : We are going to some special place…
Ragini : To where Laksh?? And for What ??
Laksh : Honeymoon??????
Ragini : What??? Bt Laksh, we didn’t inform anyone about the trip???
Laksh : Who said you?? You know all these are their plan..
Ragini : What!!!
Laksh : Yes…
So guys how was our surprise?? We know that u guys never expected this?? This was a huge surprise… right?? So Raglak fans are happy now… right????
Guys plzz share your views… criticisms are also welcome… so plzzz… And as we said before, plzz cmmnt Whoever read this.. plzz… Love you guys…?????

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