The episode starts with Arnav left office as the caller said. He is on the way to home. Suddenly he got some idea and he diverted his car to Arora house. Swara is now back frm Bhalla house. Arnav reach there. When he entered to the house, Swara was sitting in the hall. Swara surprised to see him there.
Swara : (In a teasing tone) OMG!!! What is this!! The great “”Arnav Singh Raizada”” is here at the office tym…
Arnav : ( In a serious tone ) Dnt tease me yaar.. I am not feeling well.. So I thought to spend some tym with u. And u r saying lyk this… This is not fair…
Swara : ( smiling ) OK… I will not….. Then come lets go to my room…
Arnav : OK.. Lets go..
They reach Swara’s room. They talk about many things… After 15 minutes…
Arnav : What is this Shona??
Swara : What happened Aru??
Arnav : Are u treat everyone lyk this??
Swara : What u mean?? I Can’t understand anything Aru…
Arnav : Arrey yaar.. Its now 20 minutes I came here… You didn’t give me even a glass of water… What is this yaar??
Swara : Soory Aru… I will bring coffee for u….
Arnav : No Shona.. I dnt want coffee.. Just give me some water… OK??
Swara : OK. Just 2 minutes… I will bring it now..
Swara went to get water for Arnav. As soon as she went out of the room, Arnav took Swara’s phone. He took Khushi’s number frm Swara’s phone. Then he placed it back. Just then Swara came back with water for him.
Swara : Here it is..
Arnav drinks the water.
Arnav : Shona, I should leave now…
Swara : Why so fast….
Arnav : Wo,actually I told di that I am coming to home early. So she will be waiting for me.
Swara : Then ok..Bye Aru..
Arnav : Bye Shona.
They hugged each other and Arnav left.
Arnav reach Raizada mansion. He came to his room. He sat on his bed.
Arnav’s POV :
Should I call Khushi… No.. If she over reacted, then all plan will fail. What to do… If I will not call her, then I can’t find that girl.. OMG!! What will I do …. Anyways , I am going to call her… Whatever will be the consequences, I will face it… So now I am going to call her.
Arnav dialed Khushi’s number. His heart start to beat fastly. Khushi saw Arnav’s call. She smiled seeing it. She answered the call.
Arnav : Hlo… Is this Khushi Bhalla??
Khushi : Yes.. Khushi speaking…
Arnav : Hi Khushi.. I am Arnav.. Arnav Singh Raizada..
Khushi : What… You Khadoos… How dare u to call me???
Arnav : Khishi… Relax… Relax…
Khushi : OK. What do u want??
Arnav : Actually, Khushi, I want to meet u… Its urgent…
Khushi : What… U want to meet a pagli!! OMG!! The great Arnav Singh Raizada wants to meet this poor pagal Khushi..
Arnav : Dont tease me Khushi… I am serious.. I want to meet u. Its urgent.
Khushi : OK… Then when???
Arnav : Can u meet me today @4’O clock @XYZ Restaurant??
Khushi : OK. I will ..
Arnav : Thanks…
Khushi cuts the call without giving a reply. Arnav became happy as she agrred to come. Khushi is now double happy…
Khushi’s POV :
So at last, he is going to make frndship with… Which means, my plan is working… God plzz support me lyl this.. This game is a huge risk.. If he will get to know that I am behind this, then he will kill me…
POV ends….
So guys.. How was the episode?? Hope u lyk it… Plzz share ur viws….

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  1. Interesting episode yaar… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Samys

      thanks jo… plzz keep encouraging us..??

    1. Samys

      Thanks Soujanya..??

  2. Abirsha

    nice…..but as its swaragini forum pls concentrate on them also…..

    1. Samys

      Thanks Shan for ur complement.. Sure we will concentrate on Swaragini..

  3. Pls show raglak scene.nice episode

    1. Samys

      Thanks vavachi..

  4. Nice but it’s so short.will be waiting for next part.post asap

    1. Samys

      Thanks Teeth I.. Sorry for the short update…

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