Hlo guys… We are really happy, bcoz we know that u guys enjoying our ff..
So lets start…
The episode starts. Raizada mansion is shown. Arnav is sleeping in his room. Just then his phone rings. He checked the phone to know who is calling. The caller id shows it as “Private Number”. He woke up happily and answered the call.
Arnav : ( on phone ) Hi.. How are you ??… who are you.??.. where are u ??… What is ur name??… How do you know me??..
The caller : OMG!! This much questions…. I cant answer all questions at a tymm
Arnav : I am soory…
The caller : Its OK… I will answer all of ur questions except one…. What is my name…. you should find it out..
Arnav : OK… Bt plzz answer the remaining questions …
The caller : OK .. So ur first question was how are u?? I am fine… Then the next question was who am I?? I am a low student. I am now at my home. I know u as u r a famous business man. The most wanted Bachelor. So I hope u got ur answers.. ri8??
Arnav : Yes…
The caller : Then bye. .. Will call u later.
He hang up the phone and after having breakfast left for office.
Bhalla mansion is shown. Swara reach Bhalla mansion to meet Ragini. She entered to the house. It is a holiday. So everyone is there in bhalla house. As she entered to the house, she saw Ruhi there sitting alone. She went near her.
Swara : Hlo Ruhi….
Ruhi didn’t reply..
Swara : What happened Ruhi?
Ruhi : ( with a pouting face ) All are busy. No one is here to play with me..
Swara : Thats all.. I will play with you … OK??
Ruhi : ( smiling ) Really Swara Aunty.. You will play with me??…
Swara : Haan.. Why not.. Surely….
Ruhi : Then lets go…
They went upstairs… They reach infront of Sanskar’s room.
Ruhi : Aunty, come lets take the ball frm Chachu’s room.
Swara : Frm Laksh chachu’s room??
Ruhi : No … frm Sanskar Chachu’s….
Swara : Ruhi, do one thing… you go and take it. I will wait here…
Ruhi : OK Aunty…

She entered to Sanskar’s room.. Sanskar was busy in some jobs… he saw ruhi..
Sanskar : What happened my beautiful lady… what r u doing here?? ( Guys, Sanskar always says that Ruhi is his gf.. So he used to call her beautiful lady..)
Ruhi : Chachu, I came to take my ball..
Sanskar : Really… With whom you are going to play today??
Ruhi : With Swara Aunty…
Sanskar : What!!!! Swara aunty???
Ruhi : Haan. She is here.. Now I am going.. she is waiting for me??
Ruhi went out of the room..
Sanskar : ( to himself ) What is she doing here… Whatever… I dnt care…
Swara and Ruhi started to play.. After some tym, Ishita calls Ruhi. She went down throwing that ball. The ball falled in Sanskar’s room.
Swara : Ruhi….. Your ball…..
Bt Ruhi was already left. Now Swara has no choice other than taking that ball herself frm Sanskar’s room. So she entered to his room. She is searching for the ball. Just then Sanskar came out of Washroom. He saw Swara and became angry..
Sanskar : How dare u to come to my room!!
Swara : ( shocked hearing his voice ) I…. I was searching for Ruhi’s ball.
Sanskar : How it will be here?? I gave it to Ruhi na??
Just then Swara saw the ball lying near his table. She took the ball.
Swara : See the ball is here. And sorry to disturb u.
Swara went out of the room. Sanskar get shocked seeing her behavior.
Sanskar : ( To himself ) This girl is not that much over smart.. ( and smiles ).

Its lunch tym. Raizada office is shown. Arnav done his lunch. As he didn’t sleep well, he was in a half sleep. Just then his phone rings.. It was the private number.
Arnav : ( being happy ) hiii… what are u doing??
The caller : I just completed my lunch.
Arnav : Really…
The caller : This is not right… You always saying yhat, we should do work in office. Not resting… and now u r doing that… This is not fair…
Arnav : Actually, yesterday, I couldn’t sleep well.. thats why..
The caller : No excuses… Do onething…take off and go to ur house. Then takes reat.. you know why mr.Raizada??
Arnav : No..
The caller : Bcoz, if anyone of ur employees saw u sleeping, then they will start to teas u. So it will be better if u go and take rest in home.
Arnav : OK jii … before that, I want to knw thay, where are u studying???
The caller : I will give u a clue.. U know one of my collegemate .
Arnav : What!!! Who is that???
The caller : OK, I will say, Its Khushi…. Khushi bhalla…
Arnav : what!! Khushi is ur collegemate???
The caller : OK… bye..
The caller : bye…
Arnav : ( to himself ) What!! She is that pagli’s collegemate….What the hell… wait.. wait… Which means I can find her through that pagli… so I have make her my frnd….
Hlo guys… so how was the episode…. plzz share ur views…

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  1. Wow now arnav go to khushi for her friendship… so nice….. sanskar n swara scene was nice…..

    1. Samys

      Thank you….

  2. Soujanya


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      THAnks yaar…

  3. Abirsha

    awesome…..loved it

    1. Samys

      Thank you Shan…

    1. Samys

      THank you Shifa…..

  4. Aahna

    Awsm part

    1. Samys

      Thanks dear…..

  5. so nice ….but the private number was not khushi a plz make it kushi

    1. Samys

      Thanks dear… And about ur request… Just wait and watch..??

  6. Alishatani

    Haha I guess khushi no1 trapping arnav to make frndship wid khushi no 2. Hahaha interesting.loves the episode

    1. Samys

      Thanks dear.. And plzz continue to cmmnt yaar….

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