Hlo guys……. Hope u guys enjoyed the Swasan moments… . Thank you for the comments.
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So finally Swasan met. Lets continue…
THe episode starts. Swashi reach the shopping mall. Both of them are really enjoying the shopping. During the shopping, Khushi noticed something.
Khushi : Shona, where is ur earring??
Just now only Swara too noticed that. She surprised where her earring go!!
Swara : I dnt know Khushi. May be it lost on the way. Anyway leave it it is not that much costly.
Khushi : Shona, just come.
Swara : Bt where Khushi??
Khushi : You doesn’t like good without earring. We will buy new one.
Swara : OK my boss… We will..
They brought new earring. After completing shopping they returned to their respective homes. On the other side, Arnav is receiving messages from that private number. He surprised that who is the person. He understood that, the person knows him very well. He didnt find that person.
Arnav’s POV :
Who is this. Who ever will be it, he/she knows me very well. Otherways how he/she knows about my character. I am receiving the messages on the right tym. Whatever he/she wrote in the messages about my mood is perfectly correct.
The number is private. So I can’t trace that person. He/she knows very well, how to make me happy, or how to make me calm and quiet.
Whoever the person is, I am really lucky to have him/her. God plz bring him/her infront of me. I want to thank him/her for make me to feel special.
POV ends…
On the other side, in Bhalla house. Sanskar came from office. He reached his room. He checked his pocket to get his phone. He got something else. It was Swara’s earring. He smiled seeing it. He remembered their moments. How they collided and how Swara fell above him. He smiled thinking that.
Bt suddenly his mood change. He became angry when he thought about how Swara argued with him.
Sanskar’s POV :
How dare she is to fight with me. She is very smart. Not smart, she is over smart. How can I fall for such a girl.. No , Sanskar Bhalla will not fall for that girl. I know she is Ragini bhabhi’s sister. Bt she is not like bhabhi. Ragini bhabhi is alvery nice. She know how to respect others. Bt this girl… She dont have any manners… No I cant fall for her…. I will NOT…
POV ends….
Sanskar kept the earring in his cupboard and went for some other jobs…
At the same tym, on the other side. Arora house is shown. In Swara’s room, Swara changed her dress. She is took the dress which she changed to wash. She found something stuck on the dress. It was a bracelet. She took it.
Swara’s POV :
Bracelet!!! Bt whose???? Its not mine. And Khushi too dont have any bracelet like this. Then from where this bracelet came.!!! ( Just then she remembered something ) Wait… wait… This might be his. ( She too smiled remembering the morning incident. She remembering how they fell down on the ground… she smiled. Bt like Sanskar’s mood changed. She became angry. She remembered how he fought with her. )
How he dare to fight with me.. I know he is jijju’s brother, bt he doesn’t like him. Jijju is so soft.. Bt this idiot is so rough. What the hell, I am falling for him… No it cant happen.. I cant fall for him…..
POV ends…
She kept the bracelet in her cupboard where it will not seen. She hides it bcoz she dnt want to see it.
So how was the episode guys… We hope u guys enjoyed it. And ur thoughts are right. We adopted some moments from the movie “Bodyguard”. The way of loving through phone…
Bcoz both of us love that movie… Amd also we were searching some ideas for Arshi. Thats why we copied this. Hope u guys will like it…
Thank you all for the cmmnts…. . Plzz share ur views about this episode…..

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