DIL SE DIL TAK – Confirmation


Hlo guys….
Samys here…. First of all, really sorry fir the leap…. We know it wasn’t a wise decision to take a leap and that too like a super fast express… So really sorry for that….
Actually, the decision to take a leap was mine ( Samvrita ) and I know it was a bad decision. Samy ( Samantha ) told me that it will not be good. Bt to bring Swasan moments fast, We decided this.. Bt , as we thought, u guys also didn’t like tge leap. ….. Really soery guys…..
I said in the intro, that this is a SWASAN ff. Bt as u know , still now there is no Swasan moments came. We had some plans for Swasan moments, bt to bring it early we skipped all… That is why a leap included..
Actually, after including the leap, I also felt that its bad… Thats why I thought to cancel it. Bt before that, I thought to discuss this with you guys.. Because, you guys are reading / tolerating the ff. So I think, it will be good , If we discuss this with u guys…
So I will wait for your replies…. You guys plzz reply me…
So guys, we want to know something….
You guys can decide that, if we should cancel the leap or we should continue it. The decision is now urs.. so think well and cmmnt….
Guys plzz cmmnt, so that We could know ur decision…. do cmmnt, plzzzz. …..
You can contact me through my profile in telly updates…. that is SAMVRITA…..
Or you can contact me through my Instagram account, @ronita_divek_karankita ….
Plzzz cmmnt….. We are waiting for your response…

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  1. Happieee to know u r Keralite.. Me tooo.. Now abt ff i felt bad with the leap.. Was not interested in reading ur ff any more.. But now bcs u guys are asking for suggestion.. 100% i will support to cancel the leap and restart.. If its Swasan ff need to give importance for swasan.. From their first meet to how they fall in love and how they one.. Hope u guys will reconsider about your decision..

  2. Crazy

    Hai its okay..
    Dear v dint except leap such early but v do trust u
    N ur brains
    So keep d work up n waiting for swsan secnes

  3. Abirsha

    Do as u plan….. Cancel d leap dr…. Its just my opinion

  4. Do as u decided

  5. Cancel the leap

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