Dil Se Dil Tak 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth decides to fast for Shorvari

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Teni decides to think about something. She makes up that she sent a friend behind Parth for his security, she just informed Parth was arrested by Parth. She says Shorvari was a daughter in law of their house, and brought such disgrace to the family. She reached police today, and tomorrow the news would come to media. She didn’t value Parth and their love. She wonders why Parth can’t clearly see her mistakes and always give her a cover. Dadi says if she was aware Shorvari holds such hatred for Parth she shouldn’t have let him leave. Indu pleads Dada ji to get Parth home. Dada ji says he will now return with Parth and leaves. Indu says Shorvari didn’t do well with her child. Dadi forbids Indu to share the matter with Jagruti, she is soon to get married. Mohini thinks she surely got a bad eye

over her demand. Shorvari always bring a bigger blast for the family and was afraid of Sejal.
Sejal gets a call from Rishab and asks if he needs some help. Rishab says his mom left for some important work and asked him to send Jagruti her Sargi. Sejal says only unmarried girls fast. Rishab says in their family a girl can fast for her fiancé, Jagruti decided to fast for him. Sejal says this means she can also fast, for someone she loves dearly. She assures to inform Rishab about Sargi asking her mom. Rishab smiles thinking it’s the nature of fish, it gets trapped in the fisherman’s net leaving all the vastness of the sea. Until Sejal would understand the game, it would be really late.
In the room, Teni asks Shorvari if she has gone insane. Parth must be in much difficulty in the jail. Shorvari says she withdrew her complaint, Parth must be reaching. She hears Indu and Dadi say Parth has returned and hurries downstairs. Parth tells Indu he went to meet his wife. Indu asks if a wife files a complaint against his husband in police. Parth tells Indu Shorvari can never go against him. It’s a testimony of his love only. Shorvari was on the call. Dadi asks Parth if they had decided to marry each other out of love. They all valued his and Shorvari’s wishes and gave up so much for them, but Shorvari doesn’t value any of their wishes or respect. Still Parth is on Shorvari’s side. Parth insists Shorvari takes care of them as much as he does, it’s just the game time is playing with them. They all are unable to believe Shorvari can do this. Indu forbids him being blind in love. Parth says he is well aware of the truth behind their love, he knows there is something for sure which Shorvari is hiding. Indu says there is nothing like this, it’s only his thought. What can it be that Shorvari didn’t think twice before misbehaving with them? The truth is Shorvari could never be connected to them. Teni speaks to Shorvari not to get hurt and listen to all this. Shorvari suggests Teni to be on Indu’s side. Teni feels helpless, then says Indu is right. Shorvari doesn’t love him anymore. Parth asks Teni if she thinks so. Teni says yes, she does. Dada ji says there is no hope between his and Shorvari’s relation. This hope will only get him pain. Parth announces no matter this hope hurts him, he will stick onto it till the last of his breath.
Jagruti comes home with the henna applicator. She reminds them all that it’s Karwachot tomorrow. Dadi sends them to their room. Parth thinks about their Karwachot together. Shorvari had judged Parth fast for her and was excited to hear about it. Later, Parth did the Pooja to break the fast with rituals. Shorvari fed him with her own hands. She was elated as God had selected the best for her. They hugged each other. Parth had forbidden her share this with anyone, even her friends; else they will taunt him for falling for his wife. He doesn’t want to share this happiness with anyone, there must be something about the spouses that no one knows. Parth says he will fast tomorrow like every year, and won’t break it until he has seen Shorvari. Everyone was shocked, including Shorvari, no matter he loses his life in the quest. Parth says he can’t lose his trust over his love and Shorvari. He has complete faith over his love and God. Shorvari would surely come to face him on Karwachot.

PRECAP: Parth and Shorvari fast for each other. Shorvari cries thinking about Parth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

    Finally! A man who fasts for his wife in TV serials! If only Swabhimaan was still on air right now, we would be getting to see the Karva Chauth track, Kunal would have definitely fasted for Meghna!

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Last night’s episode was total crap. Firstly, the complaint against Parth is withdrawn. The police release Parth, but no action is taken against Shorvari by the police, for wasting police time. Then right in front of the whole family, Tenni talks on the telephone, with no one asking her, who is she talking to you at a time of a family crisis. You Indians have strange social etiquette, because such behaviour would not be tolerated in western society.

    1. As if u will ask someone who u re not at all suspecting. All family members will trust teni if u in their place u would the same.what indians are gonna do about that it’s a human behaviour.so stop the blame game dude.

    2. Why watch it when indian behaviours are so ridiculous to u???wat is shown on tv isnt wat india is all about…few things are exaggerated and fre things are not even realistic..so i dont think u shud really judge indian behaviour and culture and values over tv shows…many indians also have put forth their rants about this show..we are equally pissed..tat doesnt mean we are like wat is shown on tv..so please stop concluding things about indians by watching some lame show

    3. Wait a sec what will indians would about that, u re pointing finger on us man if they believe her its not our fault. Its a human nature to believe family members u will do the same man. So stop the blame game.

  3. As if u will ask someone who u re not at all suspecting. All family members will trust teni if u in their place u would the same.what indians are gonna do about that it’s a human behaviour.so stop the blame game dude.

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