Dil Se Dil Tak 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update; Parth decides to keep both wives

Dil Se Dil Tak 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni and Shorvari cook for Parth together in the kitchen. Parth was tensed in the room. Both bring their part of meal. Teni says they have cooked for him by themselves, he must give his consent about the meal. Both presents him with bite and requests him to eat some of it. Parth eats from Shorvari and Teni. Shorvari asks whose was better. Teni asks if hers was. Parth says both are good, it’s difficult for him to differentiate. Teni says this is what they wish. He doesn’t need to take any decision; they have already taken the decision. Teni says they can move on if Parth likes what they have decided. She shares their consent with them.
In the hall, Mohini says Shorvari has no comparison with Teni. Parth’s marriage with Teni was a compromise. Dadi says it’s not very easy to decide about

relations. Dada ji says they are all a part of family, but Parth must take this decision himself. Parth arrives in the hall and says he has already decided. Teni and Shorvari appear from behind. Parth says both Shorvari and Teni have a right to be his wife, the three of them will live together. The family was shocked to hear this decision. Shorvari announces that they have decided that both will get the right to be Parth’s wife. None of them need to leave this place. Teni qualifies that God connects people, the three of them are clear in their mind and heart and took this decision. Mohini questions how is it possible? She asks the family for their consent, they can be disowned from their extended family. Parth says Shorvari and Teni stood with them in trouble, why care about world and society. Mohini says it’s a woman’s nature. She can’t share her mangal sooter with anyone. Shorvari agrees to Mohini but in the present situation, it’s neither her mistake nor Parth and Teni’s. None of them could reach a decision about them. Teni says they work as three wheels of a tri-cycles; it won’t work if a single wheel is missing. Parth convinces the family that their relation is different, it’s connected by heart. The expected such reaction from the family but have made the decision. Ramnik warns Parth that it won’t be easy to face the world, it’s about a lifetime. Teni says society is never contented. She will reply to any question raised by the society. She asks Ramnik for a coin and says no one can part the faces of this coin. Likewise she and Shorvari are part of Parth’s life. It’s not right to separate them from each other. Dadi says a single wrong decision can ruin the respect of their family. Thiers is an exemplary family but what message would it give to the society. Shorvari says they aren’t left with another choice. Its better they proceed in their lives together. Dada ji says it’s good they care about each other, but they must always remember that marriage is like a piece of glass. The changing weathers of society decolorizes it in time no matter how strong the paint is used. He wonders what would be the relation of Teni and Shorvari – Saut? That is the bitter name of their relation.
Dada ji conditions the three of them must prove themselves in the next one month. Meanwhile Shorvari will live as Ipshita’s mother and Teni as Parth’s wife. He will accept their decision only after they have taken their responsibilities well. He says he has enough foresightedness; at the end of the month everyone will get the answer to their relation. Shorvari and Teni accept the condition together.

PRECAP: Dada ji says they have to bear the responsibilities of each other. Teni hands Ipshita to Shorvari. She was sent to the room with Parth. Late at night, Teni turns to go and see Ipshita while Shorvari was coming to Parth’s room. Teni thinks they have reached at the point of losing the challenge in a single night.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what to say? so much wrongly act… i am also a wife.. cant imagine this.. this serial create pain in my heart.. what is the msg of this serial?? pls end this.. dont play with husbend and wife relation.. dont like teni and parth after consumation bcz they know that shorvari is alive.. lshqbaaz illogical story gave more trp to this show.. if they give proper importance and story to all casts then ishqbazz must be on top… anyway i never watch this show again at any cost

  2. What the hell…… better to end the serial,it becomes crappy

  3. Seriously ridiculous

  4. Karine Zakaryan

    I want to understand whether the creators of this project do not know the opinion of the audience. If they do not get our opinion on the work done by them, and besides, they do not take into account the opinion of people, then for whom this show. For mad people. In that case, they do not have the right to a general show, and what the Colors TV management thinks. Bless the Lord that day and the hour when Siddharth Shukla left this shit. We would simply not have carried if he had stayed. I’m very angry at Rashi why she is still in this project, she is a talented actress.How can you spend your talent on this madness.

    1. Speaking Truth

      He was very abusive on the set to the other co-stars… this is Y he left (or was asked to leave)… ?

      1. Karine Zakaryan

        Every actor before appearing in a show or in a series concludes a contract, and according to the contract, he has no right to leave or quit his job. And so, Sid created such an atmosphere that the creators themselves asked him to leave and that was what needed to be done Siddhartha for his departure from the project.

  5. Karine Zakaryan

    In order to keep Jasmine longer in this show, They needed to humiliate Shorwari and make her a fallen woman in Parate’s eyes. And this is for that, to raise the dignity of Teni in front of all the family. What else can these stupid creators do, I just поражена. Comrades creators if you can not write a decent script, then, do not go do it.

  6. As per Indian law,if 1st wife is alive n not yet divorced with,another marriage is null n void.every kid must b knowing these days.does Dil c dil tak crew think Indian audience fool?? B practical n real yrr..

    1. SelflessShorvari

      Exactly! Teni and Parth’s marriage is invalid. Besides, Parth is just attached to Teni since they have been in the same house together for almost a year now, especially after having s*x. It’s wrong of him to mislead her and make excuses such as he needs to keep both of his wives, etc. Shorvari is his first wife and only love and Ipshita’s birth mother, she should be the one staying. Teni should go out and make a living for her selves and find a single man to fall in love with and marry in the future. I’m so done with this show. Good thing Siddharth left the show!

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