Dil Se Dil Tak 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori and Teni are in rickshaw, Shorvori asks driver to move fast, Teni thinks that she is in hurry, there must be sale at some store. Shorvori stops rickshaw and gives 500rupees to driver, she leaves. Teni takes 500rupees from driver and says i will give you money as per fare only. She sees Shorvori has forgotten her phone in rickshaw only, driver says she might catch you, Teni says i am going to return it to her.
In house, Parth calls doctor and asks if there is any treatment that can help her conceive? doctor says i am sorry but no, Parth says i talked to all foreign doctors but there is no hope. He sees Shorvori’s dupatta and finds knot in it, he open knot and finds some mud and beads inside, he thinks that Shorvori is trapped in some magician stuff, he recalls

Shorvori’s weird behaviour and goes to search her.
Shorvori is in some isolated godown, magician is chanting mantras and says to Shorvori that its time for you to pass your test. Shorvori gets up with knife in her hand. Teni enters godown. Ambika calls Shorvori but phone is with Teni, Teni takes call and asks who? Ambika says its not Shorvori on call, she says to Teni that you might be Nisha, who is Shorvori’s friend, ask Shorvori to eat on time, she is pregnant, Teni ends call and says people come at weird places to meet friends. Magician says to Shorvori that if you cut this object in half in one go then you will become pregnant. Teni hear it and says caller said she is pregnant then why magician is saying that she will become pregnant meaning she is not pregnant now, what weird stuff is this girl doing? how to return her phone? She sees Shorvori’s bag lying on ground, she runs towards it, puts phone in bag and goes away from there before anyone could see her. Shorvori is about to cut the object but magician stops her and says you wont be able to cut it in one go with this magic, take saw and cut it. Shorvori is stunned and imagines Parth’s family blaming for losing child, dada accusing her that she is useless, Indu demanding her for grandchild, she gets anxious hearing all that. She takes saw. Parth comes out godown, he sees magician’s sign board there and goes inside. Inside godown, Shorvori holds saw and her hands are bleeding holding it, Shorvori is about to cut object, but Parth comes there and drags her away from there. Shorvori says let me finish pooja. Parth says shut up, he puts tissue on her hand and says why you lied to me? Shorvori says you wouldnt have allowed me to do this pooja, Parth says i would never be with you in this madness, Shorvori says this is not about us but family, they want baby from us, Parth says this is not the right path for it, this will just give you fake hopes, even if i was asked by God to choose you or baby then i would choose you because i love you, if you get this choice, if you have to choose between me or baby then who will you choose? shorvori just stares at him.
Teni meets her friend Parul and says rich people fool a lot, i saw my visa’s wife, i recognized her as i saw her photo in newspaper, she is fooling her family that she is pregnant but there is nothing in her stomach other than gas, Parul says you must be mistaken, Teni says i saw her with magician, trying to some object to get baby, lets leave it, Parul says we can use this, you know Bhanushali’s wife’s secret, you can get money out of it, Teni says why would he give me money for such small thing? if i was in her place then i would tell my family that i am not pregnant but i wont give money to anyone, Parul says you would care about money but rich people care about show-off respect, Teni says you are right thats why she is lying to her family.

Scene 2
Parth is sleeping in room. Shorvori packs her bag and looks at sleeping Parth, she thinks i cant come close to you else i will become weak and wont be able to go away. Shorvori comes out of room with luggage, she recalls their romantic moments together, her accident, dil se dil tak plays. Shorvori comes in house mandir, she prays to God, she thinks that i am going away because either i can stay in Parth’s life or his happiness, i am not selfish to keep him away from his happiness, if your duty to take care of Parth and his family. She opens house gate and sees Parth standing there, she is stunned to see him, Parth says if you have guts to leave me then you should have guts to inform me, Shorvori looks down and says i had only two options, you didnt allow for first one and second one is to let me go, she tries to move away from him but he blocks her way, Shorvori says i know you love me a lot and i will die without you but we cant live together, pain of not giving you baby, guilt of keeping you away from family will kill me, i know you will be hurt after today so its better that i leave from here, start your life afresh after i leave, choose someone that will reunite you with family and give you beautiful daughter and chubby son too, she cries and starts leaving but Parth holds her hand and pulls her closer, he ties her dupatta with his jacket and says go as far as you want but knots between us will become more stronger, Shorvori says this is not practical, Parth says i was not practical when i started loving so how can i be practical now, Shorvori breakdowns and hugs him, she says i try so much but i cant.. Parth hugs her, Shorvori says we will truth to Maa tomorrow and then tell truth to family too, Parth says dont worry, i will tell truth to Maa, Shorvori says no i promised Maa so i will break her promise and heart too, she hugs Parth tightly.
Its morning, Shorvori’s knocks Indu’s door and asks Ramnik where is Indu? he says she must be in garden, he asks what happened to your hand? i will call doctor, Shorvori says its small injury, it will be fine, Ramnik says remain happy and jolly always, it will be better for you and baby, Shorvori nods, he leaves. Shorvori thinks that i will have to prepare to tell truth to whole family, not only Maa.
Shorvori comes in garden and sees some shadow, she thinks its Maa, she doesnt see person’s face and thinks that i wont be able to face her and tell truth, she turns around and says Maa i wanted to talk to you, Dadaji comes to her and asks what happened? Shorvori is shocked and says you? Dada says you can tell me anything, say it, Shorvori nods and looks down.
Indu asks Ambika that pregnant woman wants peace and happiness, Ambika says it affects baby, Indu says i am thinking to send Parth and Shorvori to farmhouse, she will have peace there. Mohini hears it and thinks that she was dying to be with her son and when she got her son back, she wants to send them away? i dont understand this. Ramnik comes there and says to Indu that Shorvori is finding you in garden, Ambika says dada is in garden too, Mohini thinks that i should see Shorvori and Dada’s faceoff. Indu says to Ambika that something might happen, Ambika says dada has forgiven her, lets see what they are doing. Mohini is on terrace and sees Shorvori and dada sitting in gazebo and sharing tea, Mohini says i am just waiting when fireworks will start. Indu and Ambika comes on terrace too, Mohini says i was just talking about diwali’s fireworks. Ambika says my kids should be blessed always. Mohini says dada seem angry on Shorvori, what she might have said? Indu sees Dada scolding Shorvori and gets tensed.
Parth is in office and thinks that Shorvori might have talked to Indu till now, she was going to call me, Parth gets call from someone and says what?
In house, Dada gets heart-attack and falls down, Shorvori runs to his side and screams for everyone.

PRECAP- Teni calls Parth and Shorvori and says my information is right, your wife had miscarriage and i have report of it too, Parth asks what you want? Teni says just keep money ready Parth Bhanushali. Parth says to Shorvori that i dont greed about money but someone cant take advantage of me like that. Teni is dressed as priest and comes to site to take money from Parth, Parth puts foot in her way, Teni falls down, she turns to see Parth standing there. Teni says to Parth that i accept my crime but will you accept your crime? Parth looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Angelk1

    I love teni dialogue in today eps, she might seem hungry for money, but shes good at heart. Parth dialogue to shorvori is good too. He knows her more then she knows him. When he asked if she was to choose between him an the baby, she staid quiet..why?

    But Dada fainting will continue this lie an drama.

    1. Nitee

      yeah I too think so coz dada they not going to say truth..

      1. Angelk1

        I agree

  2. Presha

    Hey awesome update just loved it

  3. aww Jasmine u always rocksss.after seeing this epi now I just miss u sid very very very much.come back plzzz.

  4. aww Jasmine u always rocksss.after seeing this epi now I just miss u sidhant very very very much.come back plzzz.

  5. Nivu99

    Naz, twinj, angel1k, adeeba, presha, nitee, diya, shantics, chitu, shradda,
    comming 2 epi, we can agree that shorvori is very sad of loosing baby but beliving sch tantrics nd offering blood….not fair..
    The way parth consoled her when she decided 2 go away was sooo good. Teni as usual rocked the epi… her part was funny…lol..

  6. Shour u always rocks with ur excellent acting skills n ur chemistry with parth is amazing tennis dialouge delivery is too good n RD nJAS are simply superb inthe DSDK . DSDK rocks

  7. This story is same chopke chopke movie story,and very body had seen movie complete know about end of this drama…….so sad teni out????

    1. Nitee

      No Jasmine is one of the lead in this show.. so her character won’t end just like that… Don’t worry 🙂

  8. Shanitics

    The epi was damn gud.. Parth and shovori scene were also good.. Happy that part saved the shovori from the blck magic.. Lookin forward!!

  9. HEY my frnds how r u all hope nice…
    and today’s episode was a emotional when shorvori was leaving parth nd their past memories where coming in her mind…nd loved parth dialogues that was awsm….

  10. Nitee

    Wow..Parth such a lovely husband…
    Good episode…
    Hi everyone, hope u r all fn..

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