Dil Se Dil Tak 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Teni Parth decide to live as Friends

Dil Se Dil Tak 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth announces that Teni will be called a mother to his child. Mohini asks if he is ready to marry Teni. Parth says no. Dada ji asks what he means. Parth says we only marry whom we are connected to by heart. He can’t lend Shorvari’s place to anyone. He says he promises to take care of Teni and stand with her, not as a husband but a true friend. They will be called the parents to the child.
The family shows their disagreement to stay with Teni unmarried. Indu asks them to let Parth explain himself. Parth says when Teni took the decision of surrogacy she didn’t care about people. Right now he wants to stand with Teni, and this way his child will get the love of both parents. Teni says she is more than happy being Parth’s friend and baby’s mother. Indu insists they can explain to

the society about the purity of their relation. This is time to think about the child who will need a mother. Dadi agrees only for the sake of brought up, she knows a child get the love of both mother and father. Mohini says it’s very difficult to bear the brunt of society’s taunts. Parth says he doesn’t care about society. He only cares what his family think, not the people in the world. This relation might be difficult for them, but he wants their consent first. Dada ji says he won’t lie, he has always been with the right thinking. He would matter if people consider Teni as wrong. She is his family, and he can’t bear any blames over his family. He asks Parth to marry Teni, its not only about the child but getting justice to Teni as well. He says he doesn’t even want to pressurize Parth for anything, he would be happy if Parth agrees. He would even be happy otherwise, thinking his grandson took his decision himself.
Teni holds Parth’s arm and says she is happy with Parth’s decision. Mohini taunts Teni always take the strange decisions, she questions if they have decided what they will call each other? Teni says they will call each other as ‘Tunnu’s mother/father’.
The next morning Indu brings tea for Ramnik. She discuss with Ramnik she is happy Parth reached a decision. Mohini comes there and says now there would only be happiness in their family now. But celebrations would only come to the house if they consider Sejal’s happiness. Ramnik says Jagruti has gone to speak already. Mohini was worried if she will speak to Dada ji? She warns Ramnik and Indu that if there is some trouble this time, their property will be divided. Ramnik was furious, and says everything will be as her wish.
Teni comes to the room happily, she promises Shorvari to be with Parth forever. She must let things happen the way they are. Shorvari says she must now leave Teni and go where she belongs to, she is relieved her husband and child are no more alone. She vanishes. Teni sits upset about a way.

PRECAP: Parth hear Indu and Teni. Indu says Teni must have some dreams about getting married. She will have to sacrifice all her life for Parth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Indian families as portrayed by this serial, leads me to believe that they consist of selfish individuals that are willing to sacrifice the happiness of their children just to save their own outdated honour. No wonder honour killing is rife, thank goodness the western culture is free from such narrow minded and blinkered beliefs.

    1. Salam
      I’m an Indian yet I don’t completely disagree with you. It’s like how you said, Indian culture can be sometimes outdated but blame it on whole; that’s too much of a say,…don’t you agree?
      I said to a foreign lady once, “I had a very bad experience bec of western culture, it’s just not my cup of tea.” The lady smiled at me and said, “but I have a quiet a bad experience bec of Indian culture and its customs on times, but on that basis I can’t point on the whole of the Indian culture. Can I? Neither can you?” She said to me and she added. “Without knowing the roots, don’t start estimating its length, it’s won’t be fair to either of us.” I was speechless, narrow thinking was in my head I knew that time.
      Yes I agree, honour killing or hurting another’s honor to save your own; that’s despicable and tormenting. But its individual doing don’t add it to culture, please. What people sow they reap, mostly in this life…Inshallah. So, don’t get hurt. There’s no escape for any of us either way. I belief our actions are our own reward and nightmares and I like it that way.
      P.s: “Not all the families are same? Behind the screen there’s another world, so please don’t led the serial be your only guide.”
      Allah hafiz. (Bye!)

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