Dil Se Dil Tak 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sejal was speaking to someone on call about her likings for Rishab. Teni meets her in the corridor, Sejals asks Teni about some suggestions, Teni advices her to be Mastani. Sejal leaves uninterested.
In the room, Parth and Shorvari shared some intimate moments with each other. Teni comes at the door and envisions the three being together. She smiles and runs to hug Parth and Shorvari. Shorvari was irritated and shouts what is this way. Teni becomes innocent and says she was having nightmares. Shorvari was concerned that night mares aren’t good for their child. Shorvari tells her to sleep here, Parth can sleep outside. Teni says she was getting nightmares only because she had seen a horror movie. Teni insists Parth must sleep here, else she will continue being afraid. Parth agrees and says it’s

their responsibility to look after Teni. They sit beside Teni. Teni forces them to sleep. Shorvari was about to leave the bed, Teni drags her back on the bed. Parth smiles she is just like a child, they must take care of her as she is carrying their child in her womb. After Teni is asleep, Parth goes to sleep on the couch.
The next morning, Aman stops Teni in the corridor and asks why she was in the room last night. Teni says she slept in Parth and Shorvari’s room. Aman asks why she didn’t come to his room. Teni was irritated and pushes Aman aside, she apologizes that they must not spend time together. Shorvari hears this. Teni says she is going through mood swings these days. Aman leaves. Shorvari hears Teni murmur that this Aman is always sticking to her, that that Parth and Shorvari have to be repeatedly reminded about her existence.
There, Rishab comes to meet Jagruti with a rose. Both fell over the couch as Jagruti slips. They stand up at once, Rishab says he wants to win the quiz and take her to the coffee shop. He says he would come to pick her up at 2 am, and before leaving compliments this color suits her. Outside in the garden, Parth hears Jagruti asking Shorvari to select a pink dress for her. Shorvari tells Jagruti to use the lipstick and tikka on her dressing table. Jagruti leaves happily. Parth comes to ask Shorvari about Rishab, Shorvari says Rishab is a nice guy and very suitable for Jagruti; they must spend some time with each other. Parth hugs Shorvari thankful for what she is doing for Jagruti. Shorvari speaks to Parth about going to couple dance class, Teni comes there and insists to go there. Shorvari was reluctant, she says she needs sometime for themselves as well. Shorvari must come there with Aman. Teni was angry and calls them liars, firstly they offered her chocolates and now wants personal time from her. Jalpa hears this all. Teni breaks the pot on the wall. Parth shouts at Teni who leaves. Jalpa asks Parth if this is the way to handle situations, Teni is going through so much. She is about to marry Aman in a few days, it’s her fourth month and she is facing much in her life; its natural she is behaving odd. It’s better for the health and growth of their child to keep her happy. Parth agrees that he must have taken care of Teni. Shorvari wonders why she feels there is more than what Jalpa is saying, she can sense something wrong.
Teni comes to her room crying and says Parth shouted at her. Parth and Shorvari come to her room. Parth says sorry. Teni throws cushions over them and tells him to leave, she breaks a vase near her saying she only wanted to come along and he scolded her so high. Parth apologizes. Teni complains that she disliked him shouting at her. Parth was even ready to do sit-stands for her. Teni says if he wants her to forgive him they must take her along as well. Parth says they came to take her, Teni cheers and gets a vision about the three dancing together. Shorvari watches her, lost in some thoughts. She wonders what’s going on in Teni’s mind.

PRECAP: Teni watches Parth giving a spoonful to Shorvari. She demands Parth to give a spoon to her as well. Shorvari dislikes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Teni the b*t*h

    Can this b*t*h go die somewhere
    I have had enuf of her tantrums in the name of her so called innocence surrogacy ka tyag and her mastani nautanki….now she wants parth to do everything he doesnfor his wife to be done for her too!!!! And parth shorvari are simply obliging coz of that damned child this b*t*h is carrying…neither is she innocent nor immature nor someone to be sympathised with…she blo*dy barged into a couple’s room when they are having a private time and did natak of having nightmares…dirty sl*t…

  2. Oops so irritating. I really can’t watch this crap…Really want to slap this teni…she want to sleep wit parth and want to do romance wit him…Their weakness is She has their baby so they can’t do anything,Parth control his anger also but she shudn’t take advantages…She have no right to do such things…

  3. Love PaRi. Teni you go die

    How disgusting this show and Teni rogue can get? Sleeping with a married couple in their room is pathetic. Intruding a couple’s privacy is a sin. Where are this nasty woman’s morals and values? Nasty b*tch. Shorvari and Parth should realize her nasty intentions soon and send her out of their house. She can die with the baby in the womb. PaRi don’t need a baby at the cost of losing each other in the bargain with this street woman

  4. Teni the sl*t

    Teni is a sl*t who wants to run behind a married man such a b*t*h

  5. By the name of mood swings Teni is taking advantage. Aman or shorvori should get to know Tenis’ intentions. Shorvori doesnt have to do this much for others happiness. The character shorvori in dsdt says alot about a woman who cares of the family happiness. Writers Plz understand that Parth shorvori and Aman teni makes a good pair give a good story line. But dont make a love trio please and let the culture and tradition go somewhwere

  6. What’s wrong with you all people,why are you all abusing teni.Parth is such a nice and caring guy and the way he takes care of her she is bound to fall in love with him.Its not her fault

    1. Pinkpearl

      it is her fault coz parth is a married man and his wife is alive,, teni dreaming bout parth is rong…she is such a cheap woman who is taking so much advantage of being surrogate to child..hadd a cheapness ki..

    2. Teni please go die

      No one is tellinh she is at fault for falling in love…but she trying to become his second wife..fantasizing over him..and sharing the same bed as parth shorvari(which was indeed lusting) is all cheap…how do u expect people to appreciate stuff as these? That aggressiveness she showed today to parth shorvari over tat couple dance is a clear indication tat she will even harm shorvari in future if she tries to keep teni away from parth..tat wont be a big deal for u guys..but teni shud be happy tats all matter huh

    3. Angelk1

      Ria I agree, her mood swings mix with her feelings is making her react negative. Baby’s tend to crave attention in their mom stomach. Since ten I isn’t married I
      And its parth baby, I guess its craving parth attention.

      Also I read somewhere that babies react with their mothers feelings. Meaning they can feel whatever their mother feels an react to it.

      I wish makers would focus on the baby and the trio interaction than the marriage track. They brought it up too soon, and now to spice it up they want to turn ten I negative. I personally dont like that route. I never did like the marriage track its dragging to much.

      I prefer ten I falling for parth, getting attached to the baby and dreaming her fantasy than her reacting to it. Than later on give them the baby an walk away with the love she has For parth. That would be the only thing of parth she would have, instead of letting it go of that feeling.

      I will say again I love parni interaction, but turning ten I negative because of her feelings is mest up, I won’t watch this further if she really turn negative because ten I character was great.

  7. In d starting episodes ten I was more dan sathisavitri now she b’cmd an arrogant and cheap gal with no manners at all.
    If she really loves parth and she had trust on her so called pure love she might have straight forwardly discussed about with part and shorvori openly but no……. She knows she is dng wrong bt also cntnuing.
    It vil be much better that not have child dan Satan to shorvari. She always reached gud things to teni but no yar it’s much better to go off air…. Dan showing teni as selfish human.

  8. Che stop this serial .. no one wil go for surrogancy after seeing this serial

  9. teni teni teni ..every1 is jus busy blaming teni for everything..Parth is so innocent right ? he is one who started all this drama..spending much time with teni..holding her hand and stopping her to get trio in one frame..he always talk about himself never spoke anything about aman.. He consider aman as his brother but never spoke anything to teni about him..taking teni out for lunch without letting shorvary know..He is an Idiol husband correct? It not teni who is falling for parth..its the baby in her womb making her closer to parth and teni feels she loves parth but actually is does’nt..im sure very soon in the upcoming episode it will be cleared..please dont make such statements about teni which cant be taken back…lets just wait and watch wats gonna happen next

    1. Shut up ! This is a fiction show do don’t get hyper. We are not liking this that is why criticizing her character OK? The last line written by you is so illogical, we are taking about teni not Jasmin OK??. And let me tell you parth takes care for teni as a brother and because she has shorvori baby in her blo*dy womb.

      1. Angelk1

        Technically its parth sperm so its parth baby not shovoris. An kalinga why are you using foul language, its her opinion I would have thought one of the spokesman speaking against foreigners would have more manners an class than that.

    2. Agree with you parth is an important poin in this issue . maybe he cares about Teni but he is the one who started this nonsense of love . Teni does not know anything about love and he is so innocent that he is affected on what he sees and what he hears. He actually lost but what do parth he seemed to enjoy what was happening i think he needs to bee slapped for it .. I love parth teni but not like this if parth must together Teni then he must leave sorvori ..

      1. Stupid teni and parth shipper … blo*dy FOREIGNERS!!! did you see what teni was visualizing…that was pure ADULTERY…..I mean soo DISGUSTING…..Parth is taking care of his and shorvori’s baby which is unfortunately in blo*dy Teni’s womb….why will he give divorce to her??? Just for that b*t*h teni..All of you are ASSHOLES including ACTORS

  10. Ohhhh god if Shorvari and Parth have suhaagraat then teni will also be with them????? I think yes. Her character is really a worst one now. She is poking her nose everywhere. In the name of mood swings she is fooling parth and shorvori. Mood swings hai toh tomorrow she would kill someone and say -” paaaarath Mare dil ni watt!!! Yeh toh Maine mar dala ….Mood swings!!!”
    Why doesn’t she understand, she is not mastani and neither parth is bajirao. Mood swings are not always so stupid that make you disturb someone’s quality time. Here she is like a villain seriously teni has become worst..Today she has to go to dance with them , tomorrow she would bath with them???????

  11. Teni is innocent, she has the right to love. The culprit was parth, and he had just found a surrogate, but then he had lost the principles and limits on some of the behavior of teni.
    Parth must bear serious consequences for his mistakes. Lost children and wives, teni will also leave.

  12. Seriously she might even kill shorvori if she tries keep her away from Parth?Parth what a funny show this has become.

    Yes like one of you said no one will opt for surrogacy watching this stupid drama. The bond with shorvori and parth is amazing if Teni comes between them it will get worse than ever.

  13. Too many people are self-righteous, discriminate against women, especially the poor, expect them to have compassion and identity with teni is impossible, their identity determines their dirty minds. Does anyone see parth must take responsibility. His evil thoughts are hidden behind the screen, but the body movements have been shown.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, I love parth but you can’t tell me he doesn’t have the will to refuse some of ten I request an actions. The titanic pose was cute, but come on a married man if he truly loves his wife would have refused. To even get that close or romantic with another, what about when he thought she died, what an emotion.

      Theirs an American movie I watch long ago where the man kept repeating he loves his wife, but he ended up liking the temptress. Parth looks like the type that loves excitement, but he doesn’t know it yet. But what I do know is parth likes ten I presence.

      1. Angelk1

        Both ten I n parth have flaws, parth makes a move ten I reacts an vi’s versa. Both girls controls him but in reality he controls them both ?

      2. Teni sucks and PaTe suck more

        Woman…he doesnt love teni???he looks after her as a baby..do u even watch the episodes properly before concluding that he will fall for his temptress teni? Keep dreaming about ur american wala dreams..parth isnt gonna give a shit to teni’s so called lusty love..technically logically its parth and shorvari’a baby…not teni’s in any angle..deal with it..indians hate parth teni together as a couple…even now they watch it in the belief tat teni will try destroying pari and eventulaly get destroyed herslef..as long as pari remain together with teni with her one sided feelings..indians will love it..once pate happens the show will be tagged worst(which it already has)???this is indian show..not ur american show..go watch american shows to satisfy ur cravings for adultery woman
        In all teni’s fantasies also pari chemistry was more intense?????teni looked like a dirt tagging along them

      3. Teni sucks and PaTe suck more

        Parth is never gonna fall for teni darling…he had opportunities thrice and all the three times he showed wat teni means for him and what shorvari means for him..i wonder how all of u foreigners look for excitement in married life lacking which u guys land up sleeping with multiple partners??? i wonder how mych willing u will be when ur hubby falls for a temptress coz she is more exciting and prettier than u…nasty woman..keep ur nasty fantasies of parth teni union to urself…suck up the fact parth teni is never gonna happen..and ur teni is turning into a b*t*h in the name of having mood swings…blo*dy homebreaking lusty ass…i hope she dies in the end…

      4. Hey ms. blo*dy foreigner .when you dont know anything then do not open your blo*dy mouth. OK??? Baby cannot be made without shorvori’s fluid…can they ??? Stupid girl you have half knowledge… Stupid parth lover blo*dy jerk!!! Such a b*t*hy mind you have blo*dy teni lover…. Baby is made of PARTH’S SPERM AND SHORVORI’S EGG….get that??? Don’t open your blo*dy mouth and reply to me OK????

      5. Angelk1

        Kalinga your ignorance is of the chart. And your mouth have no manners, I guess that’s a difference between us. Second, tení sucks, where in my paragraph did i say he loves tení. Didnt i say he loves her presence before advicing me please read carefully.

        Second, once again your mixing reality to fiction. But i can understand since over their there to shy to show the reality of things. Try watching the indian web series on Youtube, they are way better. Its more realistic especially a show call twisted since you want to talk about us foreigners love adultery. You will love this show which will Make your words fe el like shit. An its an elder indian guy who directed it.

  14. So parth spending time with teni is wrong but teni trying to imagine herself as his second wife and sleeping in between the couple in their iwn bed is right…if u go and see all the scenes parth never had any other intentions except that of brotherly bonding and a frienndlh
    Gestures..do we hold our friends hands or give them hug? Every action of his was to make her happy and feel comfortable in his house..he does this so that his baby is fine..and if u carefully observe he does it all to make shorvari happy..every action of his is only because he doesnt want shorvari to get upset and worry her wrt the baby..but its the timing and situations and those stupid dialogues of the bhanusali house at wrong timings which made teni think that way..teni isnt at fault for having fallen in love or watever it is with parth..but wat she is doing now is wrong on all levels..i am Very sure she will harm shorvari pretty soon to get all the rights on parth..and baby is going to be her ultimate weapon…
    One thing m sure..no one will go for surrogacy after watching this show..and no will ever respect surrogate mothers ever
    Just to remind u..parth has always been very clear since the beginning..he will never give shor’s place to anyone in his life..teni has seen tat thrice..once in his office..second tume when he refused to sleep with her..and third when he was asked to fill her maang and he refused..even then teni dint learn her lesson..whose fault is this then
    If parth is cunning..when was teni ever soo saintly? Her greed for money and dismond necklace is all forgotten already? Dont even get me started on wat she is doing with aman?

  15. Love PaRi and Teni shud die

    Angelk @ The baby in Teni’s womb is created out of Parth’s Sperm and Shorvari’s egg. So it’s biologically PaRi’s. If you don’t know what’s the exact thing, stop commenting, woman. Parth doesn’t love Teni’s presence, he loves his baby in her womb, which this b*tch Teni is taking advantage. Sleeping between a married couple??? Lusty w**re. She has their kid but she isn’t a kid herself. Disgusting cheapo?

  16. Miss angelk1,don’t u have any male close friend…Won’t u cry when ur male best friend die?When parth thought that she died,he was shocked and cry,it doesn’t mean that he love her as a gf…Friendship love is different from that partnership one.Parth love teni as his close friend only.Thats y he can’t refuse.Boys and girls can b a bestfriend,parth still have his self-respect, he refuse to sleep wit teni,he never cross his limit,u can do that titanic pose wit ur little bro also for having fun time

  17. First of all, I would say again, please stop the Mastani crap.
    The only silver lining that I see here is that Teni isn’t negartive yet, as in she isn’t trying to separate Shorvori from Parth.
    But what I think is, once her delusions clear that Parth and Shorvori won’t accept anyone in their life, she is going to back off. and she won’t even marry Aman. Just what I think.
    But she needs to know soon enough that what she thinks about Parth and Shorvori wanting her in their life is false, and what Shorvori said while watching the movie was just a spur of the moment comment.

  18. yes parth bonding is like a brotherly affection, teni will realize it soon, but what about aman yar.. wasting him and missing his romance scenes with teni, seems teni going to be a villain
    to shorvori, she will demand for parth against her child..

  19. But anon,Can i ask question, if she don’t marry wit aman, then how can she go to USA alone? Shorvori can hide by putting baby bump but wat about teni? How will she hide her pregnancy? I hope that she shud realize soon nd marry wit aman then family will think that she is pregnant wit Aman’s baby… Problem solved….

    1. Yeah I agree with u..family shud know bout teni’s pregnancy…to hide the truth they can lie its aman’s baby and she marry aman problem solved..hoping by solving sejal jagruti and rishabs love triangle teni will realize wat she is trying to do is wrong

  20. Hate you jasmin teni

    Here we are boiling our blood and thr on insta and twitter ppl are liking teni parths bajirao mastani scenes…i seriously feel that jasmin is posting her picture with siddharth to seek ppl attention..she very well know that ppl like parth and shorvary’s chemistry the most.. Poor soul she is trying too hard be loved by ppl for her oscreen chemistry with sid..i wonder she have never posted ny pics with rashmi and kunal…maybe she is craving for fame… I don’t think she share any good bond with the actors on set accept sid..I hate her bigtime..she that one sl*t who can go any extent to be famous..no wonder they have sidelined rashmi.. sid and rashmi’s fight on set and jasmin posting pic with sid,,i feel this situation has some connection…i just hope bcoz of thr offscreen bond the storyline is not getting effected..Jasmin just go get a life and stop playing such cheap tricks..

    1. no-one have sidelined rashmi..so pls dont make such comment..and pls dont talk bout her personal life…i understand people out here have a problem with the current track..trust even im not liking the current track..only ppl here to be blamed is the makers so, i request dont make such comment…its might hurt few ppl…no point in getting angry..lets have Peace here..
      God bless.

      1. Shut up you pinki chinki…they have sidelined Rashmi.. Jasmin​ has deliberately posted her picture on demand of colours TV. How do I know that?? Well , in her previous show , she clicked a lot of selfies with her coactors but never tagged the channel. As everyone is bashing her character so to promote her character she has posted a b*t*hHY PHOTO with her father … seriously!! Parth looks like her father????

  21. kaligna..i guess ur very angry now..everyone is coz of the current track.but lets not get into anyone’s personal life..they are actors that doesnt mean they dont have a personal life…i dont think der is anything rong in sharing der personal bond in der personal space..teni is to be blamed..not jasmin okay..

    Be Good and njoy ur weekend

    1. Person bond personal space???????? We know how the three actors bond together. Rashmi clearly doesn’t bond well with Jasmin and it’s evident. As far the picture is concerned it is posted for promotion… By colors itself???????and yaa first learn how to type on English and then give your non-existent piece of mind.

      1. First learn how to type in English * ; Why dont you do the same yourself loool

      2. Rosie25

        Kaligna I can understand ur emotions but using foul language won’t work so pls don’t get a upset over a drama which is not real because the CVS ruin every drama they have so far show

  22. All the b*t*hes that hate Teni and want her to die can go and die along with their hatred. Teni has every right to love who ever she wants. Get over yourselves

    1. Teni please go die somewhere

      U do tat..she has every right to love anyone she wants..but she has no rights to interfere or break another couple’s life for her so called love…one b*t*h supporting another..badi aayi..teni ki support karne wali aur hume go to hell bolne wali..teni is more or less a wh*re in the current track…u may enjoy the great threesome which comes in teni’s fantasies not us…so u go get a life first…

    2. Rosie25

      Aisha I 100% agree with u it’s a drama and everyone is taking it way 2 far

  23. I’m surprised more like shocked with such comments, no matter how much a person upsets you..how can one say horrible things about the innocent child, who is yet to be born. You hate him only because you don’t like the mother; you can’t be serious?! I’m disgusted with such kind of thoughts which are thrown carelessly without any justification/care.

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